The Cosmic Gypsy~

What the soul has been seeking for eternity,

I think I finally found that,

In your eyes and in your heartbeats,

Finally the soul is at rest,

Emotions and feelings for a new love

Awakens in the depth of my being,

I live again..

A new me,

A new life…

I now know what has caused the flitting of my heart,

Drowning in the ocean of my tears,

I finally found home when you lifted me up,

In your arms and we looked towards a new life.

Who are you?

Are you the rhymes of a poet?

Are you the song of a songstress?

Are you the early morning dew?

An essence that pleasures the soul,

Finally I stood eye to eye,

And it felt like the cosmic gypsy had found her home…

For she never belonged anywhere else,

But with you in your arms.

After all these years the spring of my existence

Has blossomed again,

I feel like a teenager, full of laughs and giggles..

When you play with my hair,

Finally the wayward half-sunken ship of my life

Has found an anchor.

An anchor that stops me from being swayed away

By currents of despair and agony,

He came as the Sun of my solar system

The numbness melted away

His warmth radiated in my soul

His voice a balm to my aching heart

Finally the cosmic gypsy found her home…

Her elusive home…

With you.

In the Universe of our creation.

Why does it pain me when you get hurt?

Why do my eyes water when you feel sad?

Why do I need to stare into your eyes always..

What will happen to me when the dream ends

And I wake up?

Will you still be here.

Like right now.

In my arms…

Will you be home when I return?

The heart can hope.

The mind doubts it.

But you tell me that you are my home…

You tell me the cosmic gypsy has found her home…

In you…


New Moon in Pisces, 6th March 2019~ Your face Is like a melody, it won’t leave my head~


“I have always preferred the reflection of the life to life itself.” ~Francois Truffaut

Because life can be painful, devastating…horrific. Sometimes it becomes impossible to acknowledge the truth of human suffering. Sometimes it feels safe to run away. Sometimes we drown in despair and alcohol or cocaine to avoid the impending cycle of doom that keeps following us. Sometimes all we can do is cry naked, under the shower, blasting music so no one can hear us drown our sorrows in violent sobs.

You know, this acceptance and acknowledgement of the samsaric pain is the greatest challenge of Pisces. The Christ overcame death and became the world saviour during the Age of Pisces/Fish!

Pisces takes from all the signs.”   (EA, 333) and that can be fatiguing energetically.

So take a deep breath, close your eyes and acknowledge the pain. Acknowledge the hurt.

Invoke Archangel Sandalphon, who directs the music…

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