Black New Moon in Leo, 31st July 2019: Can you picture it, babe the life we could’ve lived…


“Needless to say, one more time, deconstruction, if there is such a thing, takes place as the experience of the impossible.” Jacques Derrida

Today we seek to deconstruct the complex vibe of the black new moon in Leo in the second decan of this fixed fire sign and under the poignant dark we taste a sense of sadness and regret but wait a minute, there is that impossible Leo artistry and dynamism floating about. There is immense optimism, drama and a sense of childlike wonder as learn that the Leo energy is not quite as simply masculine as it is made out to be. It has overtures of the yoni energy. It is the Goddess pouring forth her bosom of love for all of creation as we are fructified and revitalized.

There is a need to unite with our lovers as this is the sign of romance and sensuality and…

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A Plutonic Full Moon and Eclipse in Capricorn, 16th July 2019~ You say that we’re just friends, but friends don’t know the way you taste, lalala~


Love is the burning point of life, and since all life is sorrowful, so is love. The stronger the love, the more the pain. Love itself is pain, you might say -the pain of being truly alive. ~Joseph Campbell

This Decan 3 Capricorn lunation is definitely about the pain of truly being alive, but there is a softness to that pain. There is an unaffected preciousness that goes with the authenticity of heartfelt pain and deep loss.

There is loss in this vibe, but you can expect nothing else from a FM/eclipse that is conjunct the South Node or Ketu. Ketu speaks of untold incarnations in flesh, it reminds us of ancestral dreams and mystical whispering, it takes us back to ancient soul contracts we remember nothing of.

But suddenly we are reminded, like vivid LSD flashbacks. Were those phantoms real? Were they just a part of our imagination? Well…

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