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Twinflame Reverie

Where did you go?

I finally let my control go!

Where did you disappear?

I know not.

For my memories have dissolved.

They have dissipated from my mind.

Like clouds in the bright blue sky.

The resonance is an initiation.

To a new birth.

The ray will return to the Source.

The rain will melt into the sea.

Where did your form vanish?

Your solid 3D physical body.

It is like you never existed!

I am aware of your origin.

You are of 5D light- activate it.

That memory of us in union.

Like the frozen Tundra of my mind.

That memory of oneness.

Nothing can take that away.

You were buried in the womb.

My companion as you held my hand.

There through the Great Void we journeyed.

Falling down to 3D denseness.

Where our physical forms took shape.

I touched you and you touched me.

So different were we.

As we touched each other.

Beloved we have been lovers.

Forever in the darkness.

But our love is not of flesh and blood.

So how can we hold each other?

How can we join in passionate copulation?

How can our hearts bleed?

The ray has solidified into form.

I has divided and is now you and me.

We are individuals.

We are One Ray.

Our love has now felt itself take shape.

Our love has loved in a new way.

It has fallen in love with itself.

Can love fall in love with itself?

Can spirit fall to matter?

Can Ardhanarishwara become male female polarities?

For are you not my Twinflame?

For are you not light consciousness?

You and me in 5D.

Have we not birthed a new love story?

Where we feel every emotion.

Where every feeling is intensified.

Have we not experienced something.

We never could.

As we slumbered in the Great Voidness.




Spring Equinox: The Astrological New Year begins

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” – Solomon

Can we agree with dear Solomon? You see there is nothing new. Not you, not me, not our ideas and thoughts, not the sunshine or the Moon light, the galaxies, the nebulae…nothing is new. Not even the hurt buried deep within or the smile that could light up a million galaxies!

Everything is cyclical and follows a patter. It is a fractal in an infinite arrangement of fractal realities. This New Year begins now. For us in Bengal it is actually the 14th of April when we celebrate our new years.

Spring is here…Boshonto eshe geche…

Spring scatters the petals of flowers
that are not for the fruits of the future,
but for the moment’s whim.

Joy freed from the bond of earth’s slumber
rushes into numberless leaves,
and dances in the air for a day….Tagore

The beauty of pastoral Bengal inspired many a poet, painter and philosopher. There is a sense of the newness coming in to our lives, our hearts, our souls…we feel enlivened. The bird sings of a new tomorrow, even though we may have lived that tomorrow a million times. Does it  make sense?

There is a certain element of nostalgia that is playing in my mind. That eclipse energy burst into my life as a supernovae and changed my reality completely. I knew it was the year of transformation for me. So many of my planets are in Virgo, my Moon in Pisces.

The way I look and feel changed(I managed to lose all my baby weight), the believe system that I was operating from got crushed. Believe me, it showed me that everything is inside. There is no need to hanker for spiritual growth or material progress. It will all happen in its time.

The Spring Equinox brings in a pile of fresh energy. And before I go into philosophy about the astro and give you modules to work with during this time, let me discuss the planetary alignment.

  • The ruler of the Equinox, Mars, is in Taurus
  • Sun is at the mid-point between Venus and Chiron
  • Moon exactly conjuncts Saturn at27° in Sagittarius and both conjunct the Galactic Center
  • Jupiter square Pluto
  • Jupiter opposite Uranus…What does all this mean?

I see that this is definitely going to be a huge maturing influence for us collectively. It is finally time to grow the fuck up. No more adhering to your redundant belief systems. As that meme states, If your religion requires you to kill someone, start with yourself.

That may be slightly severe. But it is important to understand the message behind this. So many wars, so much destruction, little children being bombed; animals cut, hacked, eaten. Look around us. There is no dearth of violence, is there? We are getting caught in a dense 3D awareness.

This emotional maturity that the Moon and Saturn conjunction gives is phenomenal. We know Saturn(KARMA/authority) will teach the Moon(emotions) a few things about handling the dance of existence with higher awareness. And they are conjuncting the Galactic Centre!

Saturn is conjunct the Galactic Center within a 2 degree orb of exactness between mid February and early June of 2017. Saturn turns retrograde on April 6, 2017 at 27 degrees and 47 minutes of Sagittarius while conjunct within less than a degree to the Galactic Center. This conjunction of Saturn to the Galactic center repeats after Saturn turns direct between November 6 and December 13, 2017.

This alignment is very karmic and the galactic energies are going to shed light on how humanity will survive and thrive on this planet. How will mankind adapt? Watch with bated breath as individual and collective karmic dramas play out. We are all characters in this drama of life! And soon our part will be over. But will everyone remember our performance? Or will we just fade out? Or worse…will be be known as the bad actor!

The Jup, Ura, Chi and Plu square will push us to drop the societal conditioning that is toxic and is harming our soul evolution. We will begin to question wars, famine, drone bombing and other such atrocities. Most of us will not be okay with the status quo. Yet we will function from a place of Saturnian maturity.

Sham Shanischaraya namaha will help you invoke Saturn’s positive aspects. Chant this in 108 mala japas whenever you can. Black tourmaline is a very good grounder and work with it if possible.

When we as a collective and as individual refuse to swallow the crap they give us, we will be able to shine a light on our true self. That is so important in these turbulent times. People please wake up!!! Gaia needs you. Mother Earth needs you. So for the sake of everything you hold sacred, join in this resistance to uphold human values and dignity. Let us preserve the Earth for our children. For the Native Americans were correct when they said…we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our progeny!

Now what is the Spring Equinox all about? A time of celebration! New life is stirring beneath the ground. The Worm Full Moon happened a few days ago and we are still feeling the lunar vibe and chaotic energies. Please visit my article on the Virgo Full Moon for greater clarity.

Fear not for death, as life is happening. It is difficult to put into words but we feel it. Life is awakening. Run away into the forest and hug a tree. It is the perfect time. Install the hydroponic drip system you had thought of and grow your own food. Grow micro greens. Involve yourself with the soil. Organise a community dance around the bonfire.

In fact just hold a bit of the soil in your hands and close your eyes. Feel the cool energy in your hand. Feel it spread all through your body and mix with your consciousness. You will be aware of how Gaia’s spirit has mingled with yours. And if you keep up the breathwork, you will see that you have become one with that spirit. This is a very powerful short model. I call it, “Hold Gaia”. Hold a part of her in your hands. Oh and did you know that all your body parts are present in the palm of your hands! The soil is merging with every part of your physical body, your mental and supra consciousness as well.

I am so restive and on edge. Do you feel like that too? A friend I am working with is constantly hearing a hum. A humming sound that is driving her crazy. I believe she is facing symptoms of ascension. Actually I have been feeling this hum too. In meditation yesterday, I heard AUM. The hum had become AUM before it disappeared. So there are subtle signs everywhere of the transitioning times we are facing.

When it gets too much, please take time off. If meditating is not your thing(IT SHOULD BE NO MATTER WHAT), then BEDITATE! Lying in bed ponder the existential questions. Again no judging. Flow with the Spring. Stay still for creative life to bloom from within you. Study all the great artwork. Watch Tarkovsky. Read Blavatsky. Do something profound! Yes, in bed! 😉

What I am facing is the dichotomy between my dreamtime and the waking space. I am drifting off into visions and seeing things a lot more. My dream journal is filling up and as I traverse through the archetypes that are coming alive in my dreams, I realise how everything is so INTERCONNECTED.

All those faces I see on the streets, they occupy my dreamtime. So many people from other places,other timelines have begun to make contact with the conscious part of my brain. The unconscious is a storehouse of such information, but my conscious mind often does not understand a vision in totality. Much work needs to be done to access and evaluate a certain mind projection.

I want to stay in meditation and in my dreamtime, but Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Libra squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus is not going to let us shrink away from the human drama playing out in the world. We have to be punched into awareness as we drift of into dreamtime. This week has that quality.

Let us work towards integrating the contradictory energies of Pisces and Aries and of Neptune and Uranus, we can successfully activate the potential for renewal.

We cannot avoid action- March is the month of Mars. Aha! Aries is the host to the planets who are aligning here and channelling some of the anxious, apprehensive and angry energies of Aries. Just be mindful of this and stay away from kerfuffles. Uranus is going to urge us to be freedom loving and to shed the calcified mask or persona to uncover our authentic selves. About time!

Pisces is not weak, she is NOT dangerous. You see when patriarchy came to power, they destroyed the sacred feminine archetypes and turned them to Lilith, Eve(she was the reason Adam ate the fucking apple). Fuck yes. The apple is symbolic of knowledge and the feminine imparts divine knowledge to the masculine. Like mothers, sisters, lovers and wives.

Pisces is behind Aries. She is imparting to him all the sacred wisdom so he can rise to his fullest potential. Pisces is the mother of the seas. Like Yemaya of the Afr0-Caribbean myth. Yemaya is a mother goddess, the goddess of home, fertility, love and family. Like water she represents both change and constancy–bringing forth life, protecting it, and changing it as is necessary. If possible, listen to Deva Premal’s track- Yemaya Assessu on Youtube and escape into the embrace of the mother goddess just like I do…


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Virgo, the Wild One

She is misunderstood to be weak.

Forget not, she is the carrier of the torch of humanity!

To be coy and unsure…the Virgin!

But a Warrior is she! So unique in her ferocity!

So benevolent in her love!

Carrying the torch of enlightenment!

The wise and wild woman,

Unique and rare, Raw and sensual,

The freedom loving feminine.

An awakened lover and mother,

A medicine woman,

A Moon howler!

A symbol of the hoary feminine spirit!

The Mother is she,

The Maiden and the Crone,

A wild one, unrestrained with her feelings,

In love with her dreams,

She is the daughter of Gaia,

Connected to the Vulva of the Earth.

Courage in her breasts,

Resilience in her mind,

Determination to make better this dystopia.

She celebrates the woman.

Sacred is her touch,

Untamable is her spirit,

The High Priestess in the temples of the Goddesses,

Restoring our emotional health.

Showing us our soul’s journey,

Is her commitment.

She has walked on the face of the Earth,

For eternities.

In charge of the task of reconnecting humanity,

To her sacred bosom.

She dances with the wind,

She is awakened to life’s intricate mysteries.

You can see her supple youthfulness,

In dialogue with the Divine.

She creates fertility in the barren soils of our souls.

The Kundalini spirals through her spine,

To converse with the Great Cosmos.

Fluid are her movements, so alluring.

Lithe and sinewy are her limbs.

She is every man’s fantasy.

She is the Virgin!

A naive girl she is not.

For she is a wild one unto herself.

Awakened to her full potential.

Feeling the pulsations of life in her Yoni.

The Cosmic codes dance in her eyes,

As do colours unknown.

Her hair open and her body stark naked,

She has shed away all the illusions.

And is now ready for the Tandav!

See the radiance of her third eye!

Unashamed is she,

For being Feminine.

Unafraid is she of any injustice.

For she shines forth in her power.

She is not here to please you.

She is not here for your entertainment.

She is the lover of Earth.

She is here to make love to the wounds that you have given her.

She is here to heal the soul of Gaia.

She is here to become ONE with Gaia

She knows where she came from…

She knows of the Great Void!

Listen she says not she is your Savior!

She is committed to her mission.

All she says is,

Do not suppress the Goddess-consciousness within.

Let her speak to you.

She will show you the wounds the feminine carries.

She will show you how utterly you have destroyed her.

Are you ready to face her?

She is an alchemy,

Of spirit, mind and body.

Awaken the Sacred Whore, awaken Virgo!



The Human: Channelled Poetry

Art by Alex Grey

Karma makes this world real, the experiences real and the separation evident.

Truth emphasises only on Unity where our experiences are as unreal as the world we inhabit.

Oneness where there is no scope for duality or separation.

Integrated and whole, where bliss or violence fail to express their meanings and action.

How can I reach this sublime expression of the Self?

Is there any way for an ordinary mortal like me to ever fathom the depths of existence for I am blind and deaf?

The waves of questioning that undulate in the turbulence of my mind,

They do not show themselves for they exist not. Their birth is to happen much later in karmic bondage.

The heart is not corrupt you see, it knows, the child like wonder and awe at everything, mundane or special.

It knows love and fear instinctually and has learnt to experience all the shades of grey that come with it.

But love is its natural expression. It is its nascent state.

The heart has acquired the knowledge of every experience, but love is its constant experience.

Even in hate there is love, even in anger, there is love and even in genocide there is love.

Love for the chosen people. Love of the hunger rumbling in the tummy ready to devour a baby animal.

There is love in every expression of existence, in every saga of life.

Soul finds its highest purpose in love and can only be aligned with the Universal Self through love.

This tireless journey will never cease where realities warp into each other, screaming and shouting in ignorance.

Consciousness needs to become aware of itself, its glorious self.

Whether through Ishta sadhana, namaz, masses or prayers you decide to call the Divine…

It doesn’t matter for the blood coursing through our veins will appear red no matter what you call it.

Your heart will beat whether you notice each beat or not. Your eyes will see whether you think about seeing or not.

It is ceaseless, this infinite seas of creation and destruction.

We loathe the human body, we objectify, vilify it, degrade it and sexualise it,

But do we know how important the human body is?

The human body is the very vehicle to take you through your ascension.

This body is the reason you can accomplish certain human karmas to see Truth.

After eighty-four lakh births do you get a human body!

Is there any logical reason to humiliate and desecrate this body so?

Your soul has played and learnt endlessly through cycles of birth and death to be worthy of a human body!

Do you see how important it is- the body made of star dust?

Unconscious, we scurry around like zombies, seeking only gratification and pleasure.

We seek to devour existence, we seek to consume existence in our fetishistic points of views.

Even Devas and Angels seek the human vehicle, for a lot of karma can only be done through it.

Your consciousness can ride through and rise up the mires of illusion using the human body.

Equally you can degenerate to the level of a brute if you decide so.

The choice is yours, it has always been.

Free Will is not a choice, it is the TRUTH.

As KARMA is the truth, so is FREEWILL.

You create your reality as your are the Shiva/Shakti in reality.

You are the truth, you are the lie.

You are the very ocean in a droplet and the droplet in the ocean.

Infinite realities, multiple parallel Universes, your body can take you everywhere.

We seek to create time machines, but humans, your body is the time machine.

This time machine can take you to FULL AWARENESS OF THE ONE-NESS.

From the Cosmic Yoni arises creation as from the mother’s yoni arrives her child.

The child is not only the father of man but is an AWARE UNIVERSE in herself.

We are all Universes, but perception shifts as we lose our innocence.

Reality imprints our minds with pain and fear, we forget our true roots.

The man is a corrupt, perverted version of the SELF AWARE CHILD.

The body arises from the conscious and unconscious states of Awareness of Unity.

The Cosmic Yoni and lingam create friction, the electricity or Fohatic forces that awaken the laya layers to the call of Creation.

Man is built on the image of God, we are Gods and we create.

We create our Gods and we create us. We create the future and the past.

In waking, sleeping and dreaming states, we experience existence through different lenses.

Remember that this body is comprised of dualistic forces of both conscious and unconscious elements.

The Ego driven woman is a lower vibration and dropping this fake sense of importance is what brings her closer to Spirit.

Like a primal song, heard through eternities in the very heart centre of creation,

This desire to see more of what could be, leads to awareness.

Meditation is not thoughtlessness, meditation is being aware of what you are doing.

The Merkaba is the Chariot to “Heaven”, it opens up all the chakras.

The DNA has all the secrets of life but our perceptiveness has not quite got there yet.

We separate the husk and the grain to attain Self, the husk falls away.

Costumes are not worn by the actors after a performance, no matter how brilliant it might have been.

The Actor has stopped playing the part, but will that role ever disappear truly from his Essence?

For Essence precedes existence.10959765_941780839179917_6201144241326613304_n


Shiva, you are in me and I in You.

There is no separation my Beloved.

For if you do not exist, then how do I?

And if I don’t Observe, then how do you Play?

Who is this Shiva and who the Observer/Pilgrim?

Shiva, exhausted I wait for atonement!

Is there possibility of me merging in your third eye?

The fire of my Union with you smoulders in me.

Do not ridicule me for I am unworthy!

Do not keep me waiting forever!

My being is distraught without you.

No calm, no serenity, no peace.

The dark of the night is my companion.

As I wait for you to arrive today.

I waited yesterday and day before.

I waited through aeons and eternities.

I waited for you only to know…

You were never gone.

You were right beside me my Shiva.

Lost and bewildered in this illusory reality,

I hunt tireless for Truth.

Truth? What truth? The truth of existence?

But what is that concept?

Trust is not a concept, it is a state of being.

For if everything else fails,

It will guide me back to you.

For Truth is You.

The banlingam glistens in my hands,

As I twirl it in my hands, I can see the deep space.

The Universe and its galaxies visible.

I know that you can never be confined in a stone,

Or be depicted in an anthropomorphic form.

I know human words can never be adequate enough to express You.

For how can a word encompass all EXPERIENCE?

How can we describe everything that is and is not?

Everything that can be and has ever been?

Stuck in this human body, frustration and disappointments become key elements.

This body feels heavy Shiva and the pain of the world bogs me down.


In a moment things can change!

Great awareness seeps into my consciousness.

Awareness that You and I are ONE.

Awareness that everything living and non living is ONE.

Your narrative is this Manvantara Shiva,

Express yourself through your creations.

Us, animals, plants, galaxies, nebula and everything.

Shiva, you are the dance of death.

Shiva you are Krishna’s flute.

Shiva you are a true feminist and lover.

You are Kali’s active principle bringing existence into being through sacred sex.

Dualistic minds chatter, depression, anxiety and banter.

Shiva you still this disturbance.

Shiva you throw caution to the winds and dance.

Dance the tandav…

A saga of self expression and torment.

A saga of doing away with the old and let the new take shape.

Shiva you are the voice of revolution and the axe of oppression.

Shiva you are WHOLE and so am I.

I am whole…to love, to HEAL.

With your love, I feel charged.

My whole being vibrates as if I have ingested some psychedelic substance.

But it is your energy that brings me to this ecstatic awareness.

Of love and union. Of bliss and surrender.

You are the breath in me and I sense you the most by my breathing.

You caress me and soothe the pain away.

Karmic baggage that I have been carrying.

Scared to let go Shiva. But I lay them down at your feet.

You are the atonement. You are the punishment.

There is no end to this love and no answer to existence

BUT LOVE!baba-bhole-nath-shiv-sankar-mahadev-smoking-chillam-of-weeds-bhang-or-ganja-hd-wallpapers


Bigger than the mountains am I,

The Empress of the gods am I

The Queen of heaven am I

The earth’s mistress am I.

(translation of an old Babylonian text)

This is a special channelling session for I am summoning Ishtar as I do my Ishta Devi. I am integrating Ishtar’s energy into the Dasamahavidya. Kali, Tara, Shodoshi, Bhubaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Balaga, Matangi, Kamala, the ten energies of the Mulaprakriti.

The solitary ray dropping into the mother deep may be taken as meaning Divine Thought or Intelligence, impregnating chaos. This, however, occurs on the plane of metaphysical abstraction, or rather the plane whereon that which we call a metaphysical abstraction is a reality. The Virgin-egg being in one sense abstract Egg-ness, or the power of becoming developed through fecundation, is eternal and for ever the same. And just as the fecundation of an egg takes place before it is dropped; so the non-eternal periodical germ which becomes later in symbolism the mundane egg, contains in itself, when it emerges from the said symbol, “the promise and potency” of all the Universe. Though the idea per se is, of course, an abstraction, a symbolical mode of expression, it is a symbol truly, as it suggests the idea of infinity as an endless circle. It brings before the mind’s eye the picture of Kosmos emerging from and in boundless space, a Universe as shoreless in magnitude if not as endless in its objective manifestation…HPB

The Cosmic Yoni is the concretisation of these Mahavidyas. My tantric diksha took place a few years ago as I was given my mantras by my tantric guru. Great man who helped shape my spiritual journey along with a few other SPIRITUAL GUIDES I have like MAHAVATAR BABAJI and the sages of GYANGANJ.

I am calling upon Ishtar, today through the Kali yantra. I have solar motifs. Crystals, incense and the works.

Let me begin by telling you about my attraction to Ishtar. The books of Zachariah Sitchin popped into my hands before I hit my teens. Those theories fascinated me and got me looking into most of the truther stuff of the later years. Ishtar was introduced to me.

My tireless, never-ending research began…and as I delved more into her, I felt like I was being pulled into whirlpool of energy. Something familiar. Something known and loved. Her affiliation to the animal kingdom and her being who she is and what she stands for makes me want to know her. The wisdom in her COSMIC YONI!! And I totally believed Ishtar/Innana to be one of the aliens who created and ruled over humanity.

Okay I was troubled about the fact that we humans needed to be ruled over and that they created hybrids who would be the masters of the human populace, the veil was lifted and I smelled colonialism and its toxicity all over again. But that did not keep me from Ishtar. In fact my interest in her got deeper.

By the time I was completing my college, I had written a play on Ishtar with mixed media. I was thinking AR/VR prototypes then! Funny how the cosmic MIND imprints you with ideas, thoughts, suggestions…

This play was called THE JOURNEY OF ISHTAR and it charted her descent into the Netherworld. Her journey through the netherworld became an allegory for my life. I began to see patterns unfold. Of the same pain and shame Ishtar went through. Her nakedness became a metaphor for the ABSTRACT DARK SPACE or ULTIMATE REALITY I was calling out to Ishtar, the light bringer. The fact that her reign was not characterised by that of a consort attracted me. DUMUZI, her man literally lost his life and penis after she fixed with death’s gaze…hahahaha! What’s with men and their cocks?4585746524_328x443

All through HIS-STORY we see women little more than objects or trophies. But it is her and her kin like Hatshepsut, Cleopatra that we have seen the Queen portrayed as something more than just a mannequin.

Yet while I watch the show CROWN on Netflix, I cannot help by see how Elizabeth has always been a puppet. Yes they do try to show her coming up against the system as a feminine role model, yet, I do not see her as such a role model. In fact, she appears as an ENABLER OF PATRIARCHY. So not much to talk about there.

My Lady abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld.
Inanna abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld.
She abandoned her office of holy priestess to descend to the underworld….

This is what her slave writes about Ishtar and this descent to the UNDERWORLD has been a sort of lingering trope in my life. Saturn in the Eighth house. Yes a macabre obsession with DEATH  and REBIRTH. Complete bad-ass Pluto energy which makes me go to the proverbial UNDERWORLD repeatedly to seek myself.

This obsessive fantasy about facing death head on and surviving is a very Plutonian energy that I challenge and of course Saturn beaming my EIGHTH.

Anyway, Ishtar/Innana took me through this psychological journey of archetypes many times. Through the play, through channelled poetry, through meditation…I have invoked Innana.

Today I call upon Ishtar through the Kali Yantra. Is that possible?

I know of her animal shamanism. She channelled animal spirits. Protected the animal world. She also shows us the power they have. Yes this stuff is dangerous, but hey what is not “dangerous”? We have to investigate to get at the crux of the matter.

I know Ishtar’s energies are active in me. My love of animals, facing death and devastation during my tenure as an animal activist with AWA. I still work with street animals. Regularly visit shelters and sanctuaries. And of course I have my own family of rescues.

The Lion! I am a Leo Sun and Ascendant. Vedic Kundli says my Lagna is Simha or LION! And I have four planets in Leo! Including my Mercury. So there all that fifth house related stuff gets a full energetic makeover. Ishtar is associated with SHAMASH, the SOLAR GOD. The Sun is the ruler of LEO!

I am not much of a ritualist. I perform a lot of rituals mentally, like my Shiva Puja and a few homas. Yes I do mental homas. Manas puja. You can try it too. Watch a homa on Youtube. For me its very easy as my Guru in Calcutta does Dasamahavidya homas, Mahamrityunjaya homas, kala sarpa dasa homas in our ashram.

Being blessed, I have performed several important homas there like Chinnamasta, Dhumavati and Kalabhairav and Bagala homa. So I have them in my mind, the whole scene, the mantras, the collective chanting it, the warmth from the flames coming alive by my Guru pouring sacred ghee in it, the smell of incense, the bhakti of the hundreds gathered. It is mystical. The faith. The belief. All of it. And then on all that my Guru’s voice reciting the mantra….I have all of it, in my mind. It’s there stored away in my MIND PALACE.

Ready to be accessed and used anytime. So you find your ideal homa and you can do it too. Manas puja is very sacred. In fact our progenitors created MANAS PUTRAS or the MIND BORN.

In the Mandukya (Mundaka) Upanishad it is written, “As a spider throws out and retracts its web, as herbs spring up in the ground . . . so is the Universe derived from the undecaying one” (I. 1. 7). Brahma, as “the germ of unknown Darkness,” is the material from which all evolves and develops “as the web from the spider, as foam from the water,” etc. This is only graphic and true, if Brahma the “Creator” is, as a term, derived from the root brih, to increase or expand. Brahma “expands” and becomes the Universe woven out of his own substance. The Pitris are lunar deities and our ancestors, because they created the physical man…HPB

So literally Brahma made himself from himself, or his mind, because everything is spiritual and has no dense body. Thoughts create you. So never underestimate the power of your MIND- conscious and more so, the UNCONSCIOUS for therein lies the greatest mysteries.

For Ishtar, I have kept her image, you know the full length shot doing the rounds on the internet. I have kept the Kali yantra in front and am concentrating on it. After meditating on Ishtar and her life, I shall start writing…just channelling her energy. No editing. Oh of course there is LAPIZ LAZULI that I have placed inside the yantra. It is Ishtar’s favourite.

Then, after three days and three nights, Inanna had not returned,
Ninshubur set up a lament for her by the ruins.
She beat the drum for her in the assembly places.

Neither Enlil nor Inanna’s father Nannar, the Moon God of Ur, will help her because she has craved the below, and because those who choose the underworld do not return. Ninshubur succeeds in getting Enki to secure her release:

The story of Ushtar was inscribed on clay tablets at around 1750 BCE and what do we see?

Nothing changes. Patriarchy was as disinterested as it is today. As oppressive and  couldn’t-give-a-fuck as today. Lovely! Nothing changes.

But Ishtar still decides to go there…wonder what her chart looked like? Also the whole stripping away of her clothing and jewellery are signs that she is having to give up power and control. Allegorically it could mean she is shedding veils of ignorance and getting closer to wisdom. Nakedness signifies DEEP WISDOM and is used very much with regards to the feminine. Even the Dakinis, the naked sky dancers exhibit the feminine WISDOM. Like Kali who symbolises just that. Stripping away of all ignorance and falsities.

I love doing rituals for Kali, such intensity in her depths. Ishtar/Innana is ready to shed all her power. For what? I feel like her in so many ways. Ishtar’s journey is all about exploration and acceptance. She stares at the skeletons in her cupboard. She harmonises them and is triumphant! What a woman! I meant she is a woman like us all right? And we?? A goddess too…WE ARE ALL GODDESSES and that is a lesson.

There is very important documentation referring to the description of the constellation VIRGO, which has its origin in the ancient Assyrian-Babylonian culture. This constellation has always been female and has been especially associated with the tension between fertility and beauty. The BABYLONIANS associated this constellation with the goddess Ishtar, also well-known under the name of Ashtoreth or Astarte…This bit is just magic to my ears. MY VENUS IS IN VIRGO. So your Venus placement is important to check out. Sublime!

Ishtar is the Goddess of sex too. Now having Saturn in the Eight is quite an intense lesson. To be learnt in the arena of sex, death, rebirth, shared resources. Can sex and Saturn be even spoken of in the same sentence? Well, ask us…the SATURN IN THE 8TH people. We are a special breed.

Through us a lot of sexual information will be passed to the collective. The eighth house is one of such hardcore lessons- how do you share resources? Who are you in the deepest dark? What are your fears, anxieties, worries? Lastly how do you deal with them. Saturn teaches you…he is a strict task master. In India we say SHAM SHANISHCHARAYA NAMAHA to appease Saturn. You can try it too. And wear black, eat black rice. You can get in touch for more details as it is imperative to know where Shani is positioned in your chart.

Back to the scary EIGHTH HOUSE stuff- this is not some wishy-washy, light and frivolous house. These energies are intense. Now let Saturn decide to be there when you were born, then stuff gets really heavy and deep- murky, briny…but Saturn wants you to know how to swim out of that quagmire of your psyche full of fears, repression and anxiety. Somehow Saturn in the eight usually means that ideas that sex is dirty can be passed down from elders. This is your battle AND YOUR metamorphosis. You have to prove to yourself that SEX IS NOT UNHEALTHY.

We take INTIMACY seriously, like ISHTAR did and I see nothing wrong with that. I am on the quest of TRANSFORMING(SCORPIO) my FEARS(SATURN- LOW VIBRATION). This house is the gateway to my deepest psychological secrets and like Ishtar I am on a journey to understand the archetypes, tropes and imagery of the deep UNCONSCIOUS.

In fact this is why Tarot, Astrology and other divination modalities are so helping to me. They help me explore the PSYCHE. I love it. And having an occult leaning, I see how as above so below and nothing is real. A HOLOGRAM. That’s what this is…a 3D Hologram.

Where are we? We are a part of that UNIVERSAL BRAIN…all of us, including ISHTAR.

Did you know that all sexual activities ceased when Innana entered the NETHERWORLD. ALL SEX STOPPED!!! There is so much importance given to describing her body that it obviously points to her enjoying her femininity and sexuality.

She put the whole gender thing into flux. See she was supposed to attract Tammuz/DUMUZI like any other Goddess, via sexy clothing, jewellery, makeup, flirtation and a whole lot of other shit. But what does she do? Returning from the underworld, accompanied by demons who must have a mortal in compensation, she fixes the eye of death on her absent-minded partner who is engrossed in affairs of state, and he is chased by the demons of hell, losing his possessions, his genitals and his life. There you have it!

This losing his genitalia is symbolic of his manhood. Did Ishtar take away his manhood by being a full blown woman? Is it true that when a WOMAN/SACRED FEMININE finds her true power, no man can subdue her. In the world of patriarchy that means a man has lost his manhood. There is no BALANCE you see. IN PATRIARCHY THERE IS NO EQUALITY!

Innana challenged that concept and I think that is super cool. And of course, she is the GODDESS OF HEALING….So she is an archetypal energy I seek to invoke. She never minced her words. Surely not a diplomat. We see this when she speaks to the Gatekeeper of the Netherworld. She is deciding to go where no one is permitted, yet, she speaks with so much authority. I mean that could be misconstrued as a bad thing, but it may not be so.

Patriarchy has oppressed us women for so long, that some of us have become inherently REBELLIOUS. Turning Camus on his head- if patriarchy is ABSURD, then how do we react to it? With rebellion of course. Now more than even we need to collect all the broken female hearts and make them into ART.

Which of your lovers have you loved forever? Which of your Little Shepherds has continued to please you? Come, let me name your lovers for you! … (col. 2:) … for TAMMUZ, the lover of your youth. Year after year you set up a wailing for him. You loved the mauve-colored `shepherd bird’: but you seized him and broke his wing …. So you would love me in my turn, and, as with them, set my fate….” This is from the epic of Gilgamesh. Here we see how Gilgamesh is actually afraid of Ishtar’s advances for he FEARS THE INTENSITY OF HER LOVE. He is worried that ISHTAR will emasculate him and erase his name from History.

This trope is also common in the patriarchal discourse…a woman’s love! DANGEROUS. FICKLE. “Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.”  This quote by Shakespeare elucidates the MALE GAZE perfectly well. Has it changed? Men will love with their eyes. So girls look good. It’s not in their hearts. Men are of course heartless jerks(sarcasm, I know the EVOLVED MAN archetype very well).

Maya Angelou rings true to my mind…A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim. Will be bringing to you channelled writings…later on in the day if possible…


The North Star of my Soul

Will you be surprised if I told you,

You are the North Star of my existence.

This Ego is the death of us,

Obsessed with fetishistic nuances,

The path is now dark,

The clouds of the mind have blocked off all the light,

The sky is now a stiffing blanket,

Of your conscious and unconscious mind.

The leaves lie like paper skeletons,

They fly away with the wind,

Intend there be rainbows,

Intend there will be sunshine.

The storm of the mind makes its ominous presence.

But then, just like that, you appear.

The anchor in this sea of existence.

You taught me to embrace Mara’s daughters.

You taught me that I am to make friends with my demons.

Confused, I did not know how to even acknowledge their existence.

They did not exist. For how shall I retain my sanity?

How shall I find peace in this turbulence?

Will the aircraft of my life take a nosedive?

Your existence is the smile in my tears.

They drop like nectar from the honey pot of creation.

For everything that I can conceive is real.

For  me it is as real as you out there,

Reading this and wondering what the fuss is all about?

This is a part of my soul and it lies expressed.

In this moment of abstraction.


Of nothingness and yet it is pregnant with everything.

Will my tears create the fractals of infinity?

You are those tears as much as the laughter.

The North star of my soul.

There is heartache in our separation.

I know how numb I feel without you.

You are the lighthouse that keeps beaming to me.

A dream of a distant past? A future  unlived?

A parallel reality?

Those waves of time are making a ruckus in my brain.

The time has come to reconnect.

You are forever present in the fact that you are me.

This is no shock surely.

This is about you being the anchor on which I can rest.

Yes this you I experience in moments of meditation.

For in real life you have no existence.

But isn’t this true that this reality where I am typing away

Is also as unreal as the virtual world.

The internet has brought on a new timelessness.

If you must understand, time now officially is dead.

The people are now logged on and that is real.

So reality is just perception.

The other day when I fell asleep and you came to watch.

The song was playing, I don’t remember it.

I never remember it,

The mind is hollow and does not react to anything.

It laughs. It laughs. It laughs.

The rays are multicoloured,

Colours I cannot even explain.

They occur and I see the North Star.

So fixed. Always there. A yearning for the familiar?

Why do I seek you out North star?

When I can seek out any heavenly body?

Is it because I like the comfort of something known?

The North Star, you are me.

The fixed part of my mind. That needs to stay anchored.

Can sadness erase sadness?

Can there be too much of happiness?

Human emotions are so frivolous.

Here one minute, gone the next.

There is no peace without war.

I bathe in the psyche of pain everyday.

Of people. As an empath I am the sponge.

Protection and you  tread slowly.

The North star of my soul.15940815_1774805082841738_4508867395791242878_n




Prayer or Meditation

ॐ सह नाववतु।

सह नौ भुनक्तु।

सह वीर्यं करवावहै।

तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु

मा विद्विषावहै।

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥


In this article I shall seek to investigate both prayer and meditation; the relevance of them, the importance of each and finally we will go on to discussing whether we should pray or meditate? Which has greater importance in this day and age?

Let’s begin with PRAYER.

A prayer has many implications- serenity, tranquillity, peace, bliss; it starts a dialogue with the Godhead, it helps us in speaking to our ishta. Through prayer we learn to control the functioning of our body at a cellular level, it promotes harmony, synchronicity and a deep restfulness.

As we go through our day, we expend enormous amounts of energy on our professions, ambitions, negativity, excitement, etc, etc. These drain us and we lose massive amounts of prana due to these activities; a prayer aids in accumulation of positivity and spiritual energy.

In fact, every second of prayer purifies millions and millions of cells in our body and within one-eighty-six days which is within two blood renewal cycles, our internal metabolism transforms and then if prayer is continued, the complete vital change takes place in seven years.

Prayer can also inspire an individual to philanthropy, as good thoughts become good actions.

Discipline is the key to prayer; to acquire a peaceful mind, one must pray every day, at the same time. The Muslim world makes use of this strategy with their five times namaz and their azans which always happen at exactly the same time. Imagine the energy they create when so many people are focussed towards Mecca at specific times. It can account for the fact that Islam is the largest growing religion.

I always begin my prayers at a fixed time, and amazingly no matter how disturbed I am, my mind becomes calm and tranquil. I light the diya and the agarbattis, the air is almost immediately transformed. The smell of the ghee in the lamp triggers my mind to become still(as still as it can get), the smoke from the agarbatti wafts in the air, sometimes I see patterns and faces in them.

When I was younger, I almost always had a request for Maa Kali, my ishtadevi. But slowly as the years rolled on and with my parent’s advise, I stopped asking. I prayed with gratitude and did not ask anything of the almighty.

Desire is the root of all evil; reading up on Buddhist philosophy and the Bhagavadgita, I tried to erase desires from my mind.

Action without hope, says Lord Krishna. I tried to understand and put this to practise. Desires can never be obliterated from the mind of someone living in this consumerist hellhole.

Just to function at a very basic level, my wants and needs were quite substantial. And I mean just BASICS!

When you seek to initiate a dialogue with the divine, remember that essentially it’s a monologue; chances are heavy that it will never graduate to a dialogue at all. So here we are all buzzing away like busy bees, carrying on our individual monologue, hoping to be heard.

Everyone wants something, a new car, a five figure salary, a plush condo; I agree some want more basics like food on their plate, but still these are all wants. We want it all, the cacophony of billions of thoughts always demanding, cajoling, requesting something from a God, whether he be called Krishna or God, the father, whether she be called Kali or Tara is enough to drive him/her mad!!!

Who is GOD???

The Vedas say Avangmanasagochara, which translated means, “You are beyond the comprehension of my mind and expression.”

From a theistic point of view, ‘God’ is pure ‘Spirit’, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Principle, the originating essence of all ‘being’ and ‘consciousness’.

‘God’ is ‘One’ and ‘All’, being omnipresent, so includes both ‘personal’ and ‘non-personal’ aspects of thought, energy and matter. Of course we can say more, according to various schools and their ‘terms’, but the ‘absolute’ itself is beyond description, name and form, and from the formless, all forms arise.

But most of us request things from God with good intentions; yes, the path to hell is also paved with “GOOD INTENTIONS”.

I hope my son gets above 80% in his entrance exam, then goes on to study medicine, and then moves on to a successful practise making pots and pots of money from sick people and of course what good is this all if he does not care for me when I am old.

You see how “good intentions” which drive us are not always good.

It is an egregious illusion, a myth, a mirage!!!

In fact in trying to get kids to do better in school, we are witnessing a time of utter ruin for them, with kids as small as five committing suicide. For some kids self harm has become a way of life, and all for unrealistic expectations from their parents and teachers. This is simply self delusion on our part; who else but ourselves are we deceiving???

Let’s scrutinize child education in the world today.

Small children lug huge bags to school, like some sort of beast of burden; it’s a miracle their backs don’t give up!

Then they arrive in school, where they are treated as cattle, children view one another with a competitive spirit which fosters resentment and hatred. They are taught from the beginning the policy of no-tolerance, nil respect and hatred, suspicion and xenophobia, be it deliberately or in a subtle context.

We are knowingly and unknowingly waging a war on our children!! Accept it and let’s move on.

I have bifurcated from the topic of prayer, but the subject of children and their position in society today really “grinds my nuts”, it takes me to the point when I just want to scream out at all the perpetrators and rip my hair off. Not a pretty picture I assure you!

So I have spoken of prayer and how it inadvertently leads to us asking, demanding and wanting things from God.

Now let us turn to meditation. When we meditate we are not looking to start a dialogue which will evidently become a monologue, but we are just looking at listening to what the Universe has to say and trust me it has a lot to say.

When we meditate, in the beginning, thoughts are endless; non-stop chattering makes it almost impossible to calm our minds, so how can we hope to listen to anything the Universe has to say.

Our minds will not shut up; the sounds drown our very being.

But we must persevere. Sit down to meditate every day at the same time. Sit facing the same direction and if possible sit on a cloth which will be your asana. Just sit still, if not in padmasana or siddhasana, and then sit quietly in any position comfortable. Sit in a chair if you cannot sit on the floor.

Let the thoughts assail you, let them come, watch them come, but do not welcome them, nor must you judge them. Let them come as people in a carnival, all dressed up, ready to play out their respective roles. Watch as you would a crowded street, but watch passively, do not judge, do not fall into the trap of associating yourself or disassociating from them.

They are not your friends, nor your foes, they are what they are- just thoughts, and thoughts come and go!!! They are not here to stay; it is their impermanence you study.

How one minute a solid thought enters your brain, let it soak there, let it fester, let it ferment in there.

Slowly you will realize that it too dissipates, the thought which was soaking, dries up, it begins to lose its shape, just like clouds in the sky, which take up various shapes, sometimes a goat, sometimes a falcon, sometimes they become the staircase to heaven. Look up at the sky and observe the clouds, and similarly log into your mind during meditation and watch your thoughts. Do you get angry or upset if the cloud takes a certain shape? Then why must your thoughts arouse such feeling?

During meditation keep remembering that thoughts are clouds, they take various shapes, they also disappear, and they sometimes bring rain- but that is their job, so sit back and watch.

Notice how you breathe, watch how you exhale, how you inhale! Observe this cycle- again and again!

So in doing this for days and months and finally years, you will see the Universe has started talking to you.

The great SILENCE is finally speaking to you!

The timeless quality in meditation is highly addictive. Yes meditation is highly addictive.

Prayer is externalized, meditation is internalized.

Meditation is looking in, prayer is seeking out.

While meditating you find the Godhead within, and while praying you seek to pay obeisance to God in some external form, be it Jesus, Allah or Shiva.

In meditation do you realize SHIVOHAM, no amount of Shiv-puja can show you that; yes, it can create a fertile ground to get into meditation, but it can never help you experience SHIVOHAM.

So will you choose to talk to the Universe, or will you choose to listen??

I have been meditating now for years, yet, I am just a novice. But sometimes, even if for a brief moment, my mind stills during dhyana and for a split second the Universe talks to me.

Yes I still pray, I do my Shiv puja and mantra chanting every day, but I do not ask for anything from the Godhead, except SARVAMANGALAM!

But my number one addiction remains meditation which changes our DNA, where I truly find truth, bliss and unadulterated peace, even if for a micro second.

I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is. 
~ A. W. Watts




Mahashivaratri 2014


Om Shivayo shantayo karanatrayo hetave,

Nivedayami chatmanag, tang gating Parameshwar,

Vishweshwarayo, nara karnava taranaya, gyan pradaya, karunamaya sagaraya,

Karpura dhavalendhu jatodharaye,

Daridre dukhya dahanaya,

Namah Shivaya, Nama Shivaya.

This Shivaratri has been like none other, I am a mother now, yes, a mother. My child has done something absolutely awesome; she has given birth to the mother who sits and types away. A new woman, an awakened woman, a poem composed of love!

Shivoham! Shivoham! Shivoham!

I am Shiva- sadchidananda- pure consciousness, unbridled bliss and absolute truth!

I have been toying with this idea forever, it seems like an eternity, yet, my punitive intellect cannot grasp it. Then again, it is not for the intellect to grasp, one must experience it for oneself. I have no way (it looks that way as of now) to get a cohesive understanding of this subject matter and intellectually analyzing it will not do it.

The mind is a futile tool indeed, it knows nothing. Thoughts like waves coming crashing on the mind-shore, these thoughts they crash and lose form. The idea held in them gets all merged with Nothingness. The mind is a loud cacophony of noises and one like me cannot hope to quieten it. Sadhana is the key and understanding the concept that this body is not me is the key. I can only mindlessly chant- SHIVOHAM!!!!

It’s not that repeating Shivoham does me no good.  According to Physiology, 125 million cells are regenerated every second and regularly chanting Shivoham aids in directing the turbulent mind to stillness, to quietude!!! The mind is pacified; it stops to ponder useless thoughts

ADI SHANKARACHARYA, in his interpretation of the name Shiva, interprets it to have multiple meanings: “The Pure One”, or “the One who is not affected by three Gunas of Prakrti (SattvaRajas, and Tamas)” or “the One who purifies everyone by the very utterance of His name. So no matter how clouded we are by ignorance, even if we feel that we are not adhyatmic or spiritual, still the mere utterance of this holy name will do the needful.

Shiva was always my favourite deity. My father told me that no matter who you were, what you did or had done, Shiva would accept you as his devotee. You just have to open your heart and seek him out,; one reason he is referred to as Bholenath or simple God.

The other Gods are selective and dismissive, very specific rituals and ablutions are required and I was never one for routine.  But, but, but I have been doing Shiv-puja now for years, since my childhood. My mother has shown me the way to perform the puja according to the parampara of Gyanganj, shown to her by her pujya Gurudeva Tunubaba who was the grandson of Paramhamsa Vishuddhananda.

As a child I was told all sorts of Pauranic stories; hours were spent contemplating these stupendous adventures, my imagination ran riot. Shiva forms the trinity of Hinduism with Vishnu and Bramha as the other two aspects. He is the destroyer, his dumaroo signals the end, also he is the patron deity of Arts and Yoga. As a writer, filmmaker, photographer he is the one I must anyway pay obeisance to, but trust me, the process has been effortless and organic. I have always loved Bholenath.

Shiva Linga is the symbol of Lord Shiva who is actually formless. He is Arupa, he is without definition and no words can describe him so we worship the lingam.

Shiva is the language of silence and if you pay heed, he speaks to you and in a profound state of awareness you realize that he is your in-dweller, your innermost self or ‘Atman,’ and who is identical with the supreme ‘Parabrahman.’

It was the story of the Amrit that absolutely fascinated me. Shiva in a totally new avatar! The episode of Dakshayagna infuriated me, how could all the Gods watch Shiva get insulted this way and then the dance of the Nataraj! Must confess, it did scare me to think of Shiva’s penultimate dance. No I did not understand that Shiva is the destroyer of time, his dance is a signal of Mahapralaya; the end of a cycle. Shiva, heralded the new.

On a personal note, Shiva has destroyed many an idea, some relationships, certain dreams from my life, yes, I know it is insignificant in the greater picture, but on very close inspection with a spiritual eye reveals- No, it is significant. I am not a mere drop in the ocean I am the ocean!! And every time he destroyed something, it pointed me to another direction. So destruction eventually led to creation and slowly, slowly my life took shape. At a point I was like a river, one bank had been destroyed, the other one crumbled too. The waters rushed out and took new shape, not defined again by two banks. Shiva crushed my whole life to create a new me and I am ever so grateful!

I am not a tiny atom, I am the Universe and Shiva is the Universe- he is everything!! I am everything- SHIVOHAM!!!

But, but, but….and the words just drain my consciousness, how can I grasp such infinitude??

It scares me; will I forever be this horse with blinkers, this frog in a well??

Will I ever experience Shivoham???

Now when I read the anecdotes on Shiva, I see a fathomless gamut of symbology, of buried inner meaning. Sanatan Dharma is to be taken literally only till a certain stage, once you look beyond the humanization that the rishis perpetrated on us, you begin to see a whole new world emerge, a world of truth, a world where every symbol begins to take on certain meaning. It is an amazing experience.

To know what Shiva is, to feel what Shiva is, to think like Shiva- is a very complex process.

It begins with renunciation- give up your ego, your self-identity. This body is not you, the house you live in is not your home, and you are an infinite being.

Science is now hinting that reality os holographic, so this 3D world of sensory experiences is not real. Some say, this Unity that Ancient cultures talk about is literal, they say that one person could be dreaming this whole darn thing up!

I would not disagree- that person is Ardhanarishwara- SHIVA AND SHAKTI- the two poles of duality, in a perpetual dance of creation!!!

We are just dreams in his mind, in her mind.

Do you know that the term SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM is not really from our texts- the real words are SHANTAM SHIVAM ADWAITYAM, but Maharshi Devendranath Tagore(Rabindranath Tagore’s father) popularized them from a French Philosopher Cousin Victor who wrote Le uvai, Le beau, Le bien and ever since it has become a popular way to describe Lord Shiva.

However for many, an unclad picture of a half naked Zeenat Aman comes to mind and that simply goes on to show that this is ghor kalyug.

Anyway that does not take away the fact that Shiva is unalloyed joy, pristine beauty and very auspicious.

In fact, Shiva was worshipped prior to the Vedic period. Excavations at Mohenjodaro and Harappa show a deity, similar to Shiva, riding a bull. It is unmistakably Shiva.

Many Indus valley seals show animals. One seal that has attracted attention shows a figure, either horned or wearing a horned headdress and possibly ithyphallic figure seated in a posture reminiscent of the Lotus position and surrounded by animals was named by early excavators of Mohenjo-daroPashupati (lord of cattle), an epithet of the later Hindu gods Shiva and Rudra.

While speaking to the Sanskrit scholar, Mr. Kazanas, I discovered that the academic community definitely consider that deity to be a proto Shiva, although some scholars like Gavin Flood and John Keay think it is unfounded.

The worship of Shiva in the tantric form is age old and has continued in India, China, Nepal, Srilanka and Tibet for centuries. Areas notable for the practice of Shaivism include parts of Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Shiva has existed from the time that time existed, from the very beginning of it all. Shaivism (Sanskrit: शैव पंथ, śaiva patha) (Tamilசைவ சமயம்) is the oldest of the four major sects of Hinduism, the others being VaishnavismShaktism and Smartism.

Another controversial fact I have discovered from my research is that the stone at Mecca, called the Kaba is actually a Shiva Lingam.

If you read the life story of Baba Loknath, you will see that during the 19th and 20th century Sadhus and Yogis would regularly visit the Kaba and pray there, why??? Because it is a Shiv Ling. Which is why the Sultan pours milk on that stone and prays, devotees circumambulate it, just like we perform pradakshina in temples. This has popped up in so many stories. This subject deserves a whole article and I will try to work on it.

All of divinity is Shiva. If you read Norse mythology, you will see the parallels between Odin and Shiva. He is everywhere, yet, nowhere!!!

The hearts of the devotees are black, they are in abject poverty, a kind of spiritual limbo, a materialistic plague overwhelms us. So how will Shiva find his way into our hearts???

Shivoham, Shivoham…..

Remember, Shiva is very forgiving. Just call out for his guidance and you will feel him in your life. It is simply that easy. Keep saying Shivoham and you will get calm, peaceful and things will appear in a new light, you will gain a different perspective.

So let’s gather today in unison and shout out to the world, let the Universe hear us, let Shiva hear us- SHIVOHAM.