Ittadakimasu! Veganism!

The Japanese clap their hand three times and repeat ITADAKIMASU to bless their food. It is an ancient practise and an essential phrase in your Japanese vocabulary. It’s often translated as “I humbly receive,” but in a mealtime setting, it’s compared to “Let’s eat,” “Bon appétit,” or “Thanks for the food.” … And though its roots are ancient, saying the phrase before meals is a fairly recent Japanese custom.


Receive what? Receive sustenance! Receive energy to survive and maintain the physical body. The food is giving us what kind of energies we need to receive from the Universe. And what does that mean?

You are deciding, by the food you eat to receive those similar vibratory energies that are being fuelled by your diet. You are what you eat. Quite literally huns! Your entire body is made up of the food you eat…


This phrase has come to us via quite a tortuous route. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, in Physiologie du Gout, ou Meditations de Gastronomie Transcendante, 1826:

“Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.” [Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are].

In an essay titled Concerning Spiritualism and Materialism, 1863/4, Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach wrote:

“Der Mensch ist, was er ißt.”

That translates into English as ‘man is what he eats’.

What happens when you decide to feed yourself violence and pain? Trust me we are already on a stable diet of psychological and spiritual violence from media and the political arenas and other socio-economic platforms.

But this is direct violence. Killing sentient life for food. When you really don’t need to!

You know that you are actually healing and rebuilding your body every second of your life! You are not even aware of it. But some of us are not letting that healing take place! Because we are feeding our systems with animal food laden with grief and suffering.

You don’t need to go very far to find documentaries that will highlight the Vegan ideology for you. Just google best vegan documentaries- FORKS OVER KNIVES, EARTHLINGS, COWSPIRACY, VEGUCATED…I could go on and on. Just look this up. They will provide you with the whole gamut of information you need to embark on this lifestyle.

What I want to address here is that how can you eat meat after you know the amount of pain and suffering that that being has gone through? How can you justify this to your own self? For hunger you can sacrifice your life? Would you be okay of some stronger species ate humanity? Famed us and ate us, like we do?

And the dairy industry? What of that? It is a sickening saga of exploitation of females and babies. Please how can you support this if you are a feminist? You cannot! The taste of that burger will mean nothing to your soul. The soul will be afflicted of the pain after devouring that animal. The soul in theta will know and experience that pain. Look around us- DIS-EASE!!! DISEASE EVERYWHERE…cancer, diabetes, BP issues…the list goes on…

I have felt this you know when I have worked with non vegetarian people. Even vegetarian people. Especially in India where we believe that a child must be brought up heavily on dairy. And how wrong are they? They have no respect for the GOUMATA or the cow if they are consuming dairy. You should see the rings they put on the baby calves so they cannot suckle. It hurts the mother every time they suckle so she keeps all her milk.

The baby is then killed or sold into sexual slavery if she is a female. Is this in any way touching your soul? Does this bother you even a little bit? Does it????

I will tell you from experience ok. No hearsay shit. Listen huns, I suffered from migraines pretty much from the time I became aware. Yes and bad, bad migraines. I was raised non vegetarian in a Bengali family where it was normal to eat mutton every night. Believe me, that was my diet and the headaches kept getting worse.

I was doing yoga already. In fact these headaches had made me take up yoga at a very young age. That was the best thing that came out of this. But then listen…I moved away from home and by the time I was twenty, I turned completely vegetarian.

Just like that and I have never ever craved for or even looked back at non veg food. How did I do it? It was the most organic thing that happened to me. I have pretty much tried to force most of the shit that took place in my life. But for once…there was no need to push. It was perfect. I turned VEGETARIAN.

I sensed my aura change immediately. I lost weight and felt so very fit. My yoga abhyas or practise just got better and better…and all because of vegetarianism and then I finally went full on vegan around six years ago.

I have never looked back. In fact I was more worried about this move….but nope. It was again organic and natural. I did not need to regret or force myself….it just happened. VEGANISM JUST HAPPENED…NATURALLY…

I urge you to look into this and try veganism for a while. I could be your vegan buddy and guide if you so choose. All I am saying is, take the first baby step…try it…even if for a day.

I managed to drop so much weight every time I adhered to a raw vegan diet. And the body also takes form so much easier during yogasanas. It is sublime. Meditating on a stomach full of greens and fruits, you will see how much more activated your inner energy feels. It is instant. In a few days you will fell this change as your dress size will drop.

Your skin, hair and all parts of your body will flourish. You can finally receive from FOOD as you are not harming it. Yes plants also feel pain, but my friend, they don’t have a central nervous system and blood which is red like ours. They scream, they cry…they die…is this worth it?

The pain? The suffering? The tragedy?

Can we bring peace if we continue violence on the weak. In that equation, someone is always the weaker. Right?

Please….for the sake of animals and for the sake of mother Earth…consider veganism! Consider LIFE!images

Dattatreya and the sacred Sahyadris

The powerful and intense vibrations of the Western Ghats has always mesmerised me, since I took my first trip from Bombay to Pune a few years ago. Nestled in the lap of the Sahyadri mountain range, lies the twin cities of Khandala and Lonavla. Like the usual routine of a tourist I did my bit of buying Chiki and fudge from Lonavala, little did I know that this would be my home in a few years and herein you get the best chocolate fudge in the whole wide world. Now looking back at that day, it seems to me that there was a premonition, a little thought flying through my brain, a little sigh escaped my lips to see the sheer beauty of this landscape surrounded by the majestic Sahyadri.

I am crazy for mountains. As a child my father would ask me, “What do you prefer, the sea or the mountains?” I never faltered, no matter how much the caress of the waves lured me, the silent solitude of the mountain inescapably sounded a chord in my heart and in my being which I could not ignore.

No the mountains it had to be. My father smiled, I think the mountains may also be his favourite, he seems that type of a man.

So after the crazy lifestyle of Bombay, I escape to Khandala! I love Bombay, make no mistake about that. I found Myself in that city. I stared at the abyss, the abyss stared back, as promised! I returned to civilization a changed person.

I found the man I love in Bombay, I found my interests in that city. Being rocked to death in the buses or being squeezed like a lemon in the locals, all in all it was a tremendous time of learning and developing. I did my best to adapt as I moved around, whether as an Instructor of Drama for children for Rael Padamsee, or to work as Concept Developer in Miditech in Sakinaka(at that time I was living in Colaba)!

Walking on Marine Drive, seeing the tempestuous sea, I felt strangely at home. I have seen the sea in many places, but never have I seen such bipolar behaviour as the sea face in Bombay.

One day the sea will be all bright, the skies all blue, the Sun is up, that very afternoon, thunder, lighting and rain clouds will gather- the sky will be a slate grey or pitch black, the rain thunders down, but only for a brief moment. You run helter skelter to guard against it(especially people like me who do not carry umbrellas), but then as suddenly as it came, the rain stops. The sky is clear again, I step out into the wet road, the only proof that it did in fact rain and I did not imagine it and I look up. No clouds, none at all! Just clear blue skies!

The Bombay sea and the Bombay skies are bipolar!

Aghori Vimalananda, the Guru of Author Robert Svoboda, had said that Bombay is cursed, the very islands are CURSED, its water is CURSED, the food is cursed! I read all three books hoping some proof will be provided in support of this statement, but found no more elaboration. But something rings true to my ears- Bombay has a curse, what it is, I do not know! I seek to discover more on this, so if I do, I will keep you posted, as of now, nothing else can be said.

I may in fact have managed to escape this curse. I have been allowed to leave Bombay. I live about a couple of hours away, in this once-quaint hill-station, now destroyed by construction sites, but still it is nothing like the vast abyss of Bombay. It is still small, still quiet and the villages still drink country liquor and pass out by 9.30. Everything is quiet from about 7 in the evening. For us nightbirds from Bombay, it is perfect!

We can go out investigating, we can identify interesting spots, watch the stars above and breathe the clean, oxygenated air. Yes for once the skies are clean, not over cloudy like Bombay. You can actually see the familiar celestial objects.

We climb to the top of hillocks and listen to the sounds of the night. It’s a meditation- I see the sounds come to life, yes, the sounds of the night become entities that take on an anthropomorphized Persona. My imagination begins to run rampant.

Did I tell you that I always got in trouble at school because of my imagination! My parents had to hear the same thing- She has a very vivid imagination and it was implied to be pejorative. Little did my teachers know that this imagination will come in handy when you gaze at the stars in the sky and visualize the sounds of the Night coming to life lying in the bosom of the wild Sahyadri mountain range.

The air emanates different smells which take me back to different stored memories in the hard-disk of my mind! Sometimes when I walk on the dew at dawn, I am transported to my childhood standing in front of my grandfather, two dogs- one black and one white with reddish patches were running near me and I was smiling. My grandfather, holding his ears does situps as punishment from me, for not being able to answer some silly question of mine, which I presume, he purposely did not answer to as he knew how important it made me feel to punish him. It was just a shift of power I enjoyed. Yes human is indeed motivated by will to power unless they have ascertained the Higher Truths. Don’t judge me as a sadist, let’s move on!

So yes Khandala bathed in mist is a little magical kingdom. It is my home and place of rest. It resonates with very sacred vibrations- of Bhagawan Dattatreya, Sant Tukaram and Maharaj Swami Samarth.

I share my home with many cats and a dog, so I do not fail to pay obeisance to Lord Dattatreya whose home is the Sahyadri, just like mine. Growing up in Bengal I did not know Lord Datta. His presence is stronger this side of the country. I love him and I love the mountains that surround me.

When I return from Bombay, the sight of the silent, dependable Sahyadri fills my being with peace, bliss and tranquillity. I just want to run into the darkness and lose myself, my ego, my personality, the masks I wear, my entire being! I want to rediscover my true identity and the Sahyadri helps me, a little every day.


This is an interesting day- the last repetitive date we will ever see. The next such repetitive date will only occur on January 1, 2101, when the date will be 01/01/01. That’s a good 88 years away!!

So I am pretty sure I will not be around for that day. An astrologer told me that I will live a healthy and interesting life which will last only four more decades, give or take.

My husband was deeply upset and like an eccentric Billionaire he told, “We’ve got to figure out how to keep you around.” He firmly believes he will die in his 90’s. With enhanced technological advancements I am sure human life can be lengthened.

But honestly, I have no problem. Four decades of writing, making films, going for long walks to the Sahyadri, watching exotic, rare birds, working in conservation, loving my husband and my furry babies is good enough for me. It will be a life well lived if I can manage to just exist and pursue my interests which bring me happiness.

I have understood one thing- flow like water. In fact now I expect nothing, not good, not bad. I am not an avid follower of Murphy’s Law, neither am I expecting great rewards and accolades. I just want to BE.

I do not wish to consciously observe my life anymore, like the wave. It floats around and is present in all places, in all time. I desire not to be like the particle and have a fixed point. You may argue that I am a fixed point, but then am I?

Sometimes I muse to myself- who am I? What is the proof that I exist?

The ego spurts out so many premises to logically argue of my ontological state. I hear it, the ego. It conveys to me an image of what I think I look like, what I behave like, what my values are. That, it tells me, constitutes my character, my identity- ME.

But sometimes I feel my flesh, it begins to feel viscous- solid becomes non-solid. It’s the state of being a wave, of flowing, of not assigning a fixed point of existence. I have been told that I think of bizarre things, but then again I could never stop cogitating.

I think of gaseous thoughts, which disappear as soon as they bear form. They are not dependable. Thoughts are like waves, crashing down the shore of my mind.

I always wished for thoughts to be more concrete. With my dense state of perception, concretization has its own charm and abstraction alarmingly raises the hair on my neck. How do you perceive the abstract. Charm or no charm, concrete must work. But nothing takes the permanency of concretization! Nothing is ever concrete!

Abstraction makes itself my friend, my foe, a challenge! ABSTRACT! I have found that my life is random and abstract, ABSTRACT!

I stopped running from the unfamiliar world of abstractions. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at it right in the eye. If I was a realized individual I may have seen much more than what my limited consciousness experienced.

Brahman, Sunyata, Ain-Soph- all are abstractions. Can our finite minds grasp infinity? I feel something deep when I watch Youtube videos of deep space that Hubble has taken. It thrills me. Space the mother of all abstractions. Space is Kali, my Ishtadevi. I have given that deep abstraction a form, a name, I have gone ahead and anthropomorphized the abstract. I have made her particle. I am the observer, she is the observed.

Yes she is all over the place, yet confined in my heart. How do you bring yourself to grasp that an atom is 99.999999999999% empty?

What happened there? Sunyata- emptiness, the VOID from where ALL springs.

So our bodies and everything around us, it’s all DARKNESS, EMPTINESS, VOIDNESS. Yet, we are petrified of the dark.

Darkness and silence is our first nature, our most primordial form of being; which is why Kali is black.

So as 12/12/12 is already here, we must understand Voidness, stillness and silence. Being and Nothingness!

Some say the world will end, but the Christian world runs on such an eschatological understanding- it’s all about the Armageddon, but what about Karmageddon?

The world will not end, but a new era will begin, of deeper resonance with spiritual energy.

I see every day in social networking sites that a huge number of people are trying to explore Compassion and ONE IS ALL concept. They may think they are a part of a Galactic Federation, some may be from Sirius, some Pleidians, Theosophists, Freemasons, Advaitis, Tantrics it does not matter.

You may be a rainbow warrior, an indigo kid, an E.T, it does not matter. You may be an average human like me, still 12/12/12 is not just a date, it’s a switch, once its flicked open you may experience a journey to your third eye. So awaken to this possibility.

Let’s dance with the Sun-rays, swim with the wind and hug the Earth- its time to rejoice 12/12/12 is here.


544905_910501692303094_1464329496598474093_nNon-ego, void and darkness,

Each one perfect and each self existent.

Yet non-ego must awaken from its deep slumber,

To question Who am I?

This is the birth of ego,

Not necessarily of tragedy.

From this questioning of one’s identity,

Is born likings and aversions,

And a sense of I-ness.

I am this body,

This is my family,

And my possessions,

Funnily it is through this very question,


That our very true identity is revealed.

It’s all a necessity really.

The void is perfect,

Yet, there is Matter,

Luminous, celestial objects

Of such magnitude and grandeur

That it adorns the void.

Can the void be perceived?

No it needs the effulgence to be known.

How else will the void communicate with us?

How else will it be translatable for our feeble minds?

We can never grasp this cloak of voidness,

As nothing in its purest essence can exist

In our mind’s eye tainted.

Yet, there is a craving, a yearning in our depths,

For something pure- beauty, truth.

Do we have any place in this cosmic pantomime?

In the improvisation of the real reality?

Maybe we’re here to witness the glory unfold before us?

The essence of darkness is absolute light.

It’s the state of absolute rest.

Dark is the womb,

Dark is the state of anything in creation,

Tranquillity, nothingness, Sunyata, emptiness, the dark beings.

Dark is a soothing potion for our minds,

But light must appear in it,

Just like a flower which must die to become a fruit.

Darkness must obliterate itself to be born as light.

Abstract space is dark and aye, is not its beauty inexplicable?

My Kali is black, the very epitome of the dark.




29512_390018132935_7876311_nI am a reflection,

A 3D projection,

In a hologram.

I am here and there,

I’m everywhere.

From the quark to the mightiest space-time clusters,

I am the causeless cause.

Also the veil of matter.

Isn’t life fantastic?

I am a fractal,

Immortal and eternal.

Infinity in infinity.

I perish not,

Reabsorbed I am,

Into me.

As I dream this dream,

This world it would seem is just my thoughts,

My visions and my dreams.