Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Full SNOW Moon and a Comet in the action? Can there be more transformational energy available!!

Change in all things is sweet… Aristotle

Mystical rectangle in the air people! The astro for this one is so remarkable that I had to jot down these thoughts. I for one am on a HUGE, LIFE CHANGING Transformational path.

I cannot tell you how my life path has changed dramatically from 2014. 2015 and 2016 were whacked out and I am still making sense of what is going on. Leaving behind so much of what was not authentic ME, I was forced to leave everything behind. I was put on the path of the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. I survived.

Somehow, I survived…

But what of the sweet astro? The mystical sacred geometry beckons us to a soace/time of MAGIC! Yes this is very favourable for any MIND-BENDING MANIFESTATIONS you need to get done. Maybe something you’ve been planning. Something you have always dreamt of.

If you have felt like your dream could never see light of day, it is time to change that POV. I am also getting my dreams going…FULL SNOW MOON and ECLIPSE TIME!!!

There is something about the full moon’s gravitational pull that affects the human chemistry in such a sway as to cause many of us to experience varied levels of anxiety and other uncomfortable mental related issues.

As we are made up of approximately 77% water it seems safe to say that the cycles of the moon may indeed have some very critical role to play in the tides of our minds as well. The term loony and the words lunatic and lunacy all come from the moon’s association with mental behaviour. In short, the MOON SENDS ELECTRICAL ENERGIES down below.

Okay I know you guys have heard this a million times- Full Moons are all about CULMINATION! So whatever energies have been set in motion during the last NEW MOON, will in some way find completion. But friends- this is no NORMAL FULL MOON. No, it is an ECLIPSE PORTAL. We have already delved into the importance of the eclipse energy.

Manifestation energy is available to us right now and in huge proportions. Do you have something that is coming full circle in your life? Depending on your planetary positions, and where personal planets are placed, you will fell this intense eclipse energy. But even if you do not have personal planets in the degrees of the eclipse that is in Leo, you will still feel it.

In fact collectively, we have been gearing up for these eclipses all through 2015 and 2016.

Emotions are very intense- for most of us. I have been feeling so very antsy these last few days. I got my natal chart tattooed on my back and am in convalescence. But still, I cannot ignore the intensity that we are building up to. Yes there may be extra drama, conflicts and family misunderstandings.

I am feeling that this eclipse energy will centre around RELATIONSHIPS…this will put a spotlight on our relationships with ourselves, family, friends and the Earth and sentient lives at large. I have been facing lots of conflicting energies and I know how hard it has been for some of you.

It will be worth your while to investigate all your relationships…thoroughly…

I know a lot of you will be changing LIFE PATHS. This is inevitable. With technology, life as we know it is changing. Work and office jobs are too. We, with Uranian energy and Pluto in Cap, are creating a new life for us. A new way to look at reality.

Do we need mundane jobs that technology can replace? No we don’t. We need more creativity and healing. Less competition. More inclusion if we are to survive. So what will we do? Restructure our lives to fit into our soul goal.

Okay I know this sounds all wishy-washy, but if you seriously ask me to tell you the truth- here it is…IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

I am doing it. Manifesting each thought and dream. And I can show you how. It is not that complicated. And if you seriously look, everything is energy. I have recently begun to work with Past Life Regression therapy and I can tell you, it has changed my life. I will share more on that later.

Don’t be scared if your path is completely changed. Know this is for your soul growth. And why should you be scared of the new? A new direction might be just what you need! Maybe you are being unable to face it.

I was contemplating changing my whole life for a bit. I had gained so much weight after my pregnancy, felt unfit and demotivated. I have managed to shed most of that weight and each day I keep at it. It felt so good to fit back into my old denims. It was sublime. And you know how it happened? Not with exercise, not with diet…but with acceptance.

Yes accepting myself and integrating polarities within, I saw that the weight dropped off. Yes a deeper love for yourself will bring you closer to your self image. So there…and this eclipse portal can make things crystal clear. You can now see the change you want to be.

Grab a pen and paper. Light your sage incense and candle. Sit with your spine straight and spend time journaling. Write down your thoughts…what is working for you? What is not? How can you become FREER AND BOLDER, more confident in your approach? You can chant RELEASE-RESISTANCE while journaling. This will really help you release and heal.

Meditating is a great activity this eclipse. Dancing will work just as fine. Listen and study all the hidden signs and messages from your unconscious. They will answer a lot. You can even do a rock salt foot bath while meditating. Soak yourself in a tub of essential oils if you can. This will super charge your batteries. Activate water energy whenever possible.

Tell me what do you remember of September 2016? That eclipse cycle happened in the Pisces sign. Those energies could very well culminate and you could be shoved on your destined path. But the Pisces confusion should clear up. The Leo vibrations will be more impactual.

Remember Leo’s keywords- ORIGINALITY, CREATIVITY. Leo moons, Sun and ascendants will fell this very heavily. My Mercury is in Leo, in the degrees of the eclipse and I am already fired up intellectually.

Whatever dies out- let it be. Even relationships. But whatever stays, nurture it. This lunar eclipse occurs at 22 degrees Leo. Loads of drama. Full Moon in Leo opposite an Aquarian Sun. Fire fuelled by air. This energy portal will close with the Solar eclipse at the next New Moon on Feb 26th.

Leo also rules children, or our own ‘inner child’, or early childhood so the eclipse can also influence these fields of experience, and can manifest as an action, a revelation or a big decision. This Leo energy can also influence creative pursuits or passion projects, or a manifestation of coming into one’s own and expressing oneself authentically.  

PREDESTINATION is a good film to watch during this time. The plot line is so rife with “uncommon intelligence” and teases the brain while touching the heart. My pick this eclipse season is this mind bending time travel saga.

Music recommendations would be FOLK MUSIC. From wherever. Google and search folk music and make it come alive in your heart and soul. Instrumental pieces would work well. Sarod’s vibrations would be perfect. Let me put on some Ustad Amzad Ali Khan.

Keep it simple when it comes to food. Avoid alcohol and non vegetarian food items. Eat leafy greens and juices. Have loads of coconut in your diet. Oil, milk, water. Shredded coconut in salads and curries. Anyway you like it.

Tratak is also very effective during such times and you can do one better by pairing it with pranayam. Consult me if you need to know how to get started. Discipline is of utmost importance and the ability to face truths. No matter what it is, face it headlong. No more avoiding. PURIFY!

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to tap into the hidden feminine mysteries and energies that society has tried to suppress. Even if you are a man. Accept that feminine in you, embrace it and GROW. Integrate the feminine and masculine, within you and then you will see how sublime life is.

You know most astrologers are pushing ahead with the theme of BOLDNESS. I can feel it too. This sense of FREEDOM and AUTHENTIC BOLD SELF EXPRESSION that is stemming from all of us. We are learning INDIVIDUALITY in a COLLECTIVE. Leo/Aquarius polarity will teach us that. We need to feel this BOLDNESS. Experiment and evolve. Even if you are not feeling particularly bold, fear not…

Just let go…of fears, inhibitions, complexes, feeling dejected…it is time to bury all this shit. If you  manage to do this, you can tap into this COSMIC BOLDNESS that the astro is providing. REBOOT YOUR SYSTEM!!!

Last week January 6-11 the Sun in Capricorn has triggered the T-square of Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. What does this mean? FULL ON MANIFESTATION MOJO. Tap into it. Capricorn’s ruler Saturn gives us stability and surety in our manifestations.

Where is Pluto in this mix? Sitting with the Sun in Aquarius. Pluto will bring transformation like nothing else and it is ready to do so. Venus and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter is in shadow period and Mars in Aries, Merc is direct in Capricorn…what a mix we have ladies and gentlemen!

Chinese New Year begins January 28 and is the Year of the Fire Rooster.  Eclipse season begins early this year on February 10-11 with the first lunar eclipse in Leo and February 26 for the first solar eclipse in Pisces.  August will be our other eclipse period. Pretty intense astro if you ask me!

February packs a heavy punch by triggering all these eclipses and a new beginning for all of us…LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH…may they shine!!!


Glowing orb of red-yellow LED

Whispers of changing times

A lost journey suddenly found!

This Snow Full Moon…images-3





Astroupdate by Tinaheals

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself…George Bernard Shaw

Full Moon Aftermath

Cardinal T-square: Jupiter 22 oppose Uranus 20/Eris 22 Aries square Sun 23/Pluto 17 Capricorn
Sun/Pluto Capricorn sextile Mars 19/Chiron 21 Pisces
Moon Leo quincunx Venus/Neptune 10 Pisces
Saturn 22/Juno 23 Sagittarius trine Uranus 20/Eris 22 Aries, square Mars 19/Chiron 21 Pisces
Mercury Capricorn trine NN Virgo, sextile SN Pisces

Today is a very potent day for magick and healing. In India we are celebrating Lohri, Pongal, makar sankranti…basically the passing of the Winter Solstice.

The Merc retro is over and all the planets are MOVING DIRECT.

Seriously this is some hardcore mojo. Are you making use of this energy? Did you try the Full Moon meditation I suggested. Look at my previous posts, you will see a lot of info on moons- full and new. I just love the Moon. I am a full-on LUNATIC! Lol!

What is your modus operandi for this astroyoga? Are you anxiously biting your nails, in frustration or guilt? Are you denying the truth with every bit of energy? Well, you are in for a RUDE AWAKENING.

I have been telling you my honeybuns that this is the time of complete and total TRANSFORMATION. No hiding away, come out and meet all your problems headon.

The Universe is supporting us don’t you see, by making all the planets direct. At least this energy will make things go forward. People are feeling very bogged down. The markets are unstable. Prices are going up and demonitisation! What else can hit us?

But as already explained, the financial institutes will be totally changed…Pluto in Capricorn. Will smash all boundaries.

How does Mars in Pisces feel for you? A bit slimy? And Venus in her surreal dance with Neptune is lighting many hearts on fire I am sure…explore these relationships. Not all romantic, but now you can find partners for business and also friends. Yes you can find your soul tribe.

That healing is so immense—finding people of your same frequency. Fuck is that even possible. So much rhetoric, but where is the friendship?

But do you deserve that friendship? Have you accepted yourself? Do you love yourself? Only then will you find love for your friend or lover. Accept yourself. Do not keep the demons caged up in your psyche for they will fester and your mind will be convoluted.

There is no shame, no wallowing in self pity…open your hair and go out in the Sun or moon wherever you are and soak up the energies. You can invoke Sangya Menla or Medicine Buddha to assist you.

Ah yes…work with water. Do a spiritual salt foot bath or soak yourself in the tub. But energise the water. How? Talk to it. Water responds.

Feel the magic and be energised.images-2

Heal the MOTHER-WOUNDS this Cancer Full Moon

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
― Anton Chekhov

There is a huge possibility, with the help of the astro in the sky that you could heal all your mommy issues. Yes this Cancerian moon is sending us abundant motherly energies to morph negativity into positivity. I woke up remembering that I was dreaming about my mother. Immediately I felt so connected to that space we inhabited together in dreamland.

She was right there with me. Sometimes life goes by and you don’t get to say what you need to. My mom and me have had our issues, but finally when I became a mother, all those issues were put to death. By my own mother-hood. I felt horrible for judging my mother. So, so terrible for saying all those nasty things to her.

As soon as I hit puberty, I sort of lost it. My mom became the most irritating person ever. There have been moments when I wished I never see her again. How foolish was I? Seeing my daughter grow up and my mom getting older, I have finally understood my own mortality. Life is too shot. To fight. To crib. Life is too complex and too simple all at once. Life is a piece of magick.

TODAY YOU WILL FIND THE COSMIC ENERGIES TO HEAL THE MOTHER WOUND. Ask for forgiveness and you shall receive it. Forgive yourself and her. She may be your mother, but she is a human, a WOMAN. You can write a note to her that you ask her for forgiveness and you forgive her or you can just call her up. SPEAK TO YOUR MOTHER. HEAL HER. HEAL YOUR SOUL. RECONNECT TO THE MOTHER. RECONNECT TO THE EARTH AND ALL THINGS FEMININE. Use your sensitivity. This is profound and beautiful…this re connection to the WOMB.amazing-nature-moon-wallpapers-hd-pictures

Vulnerability is okay. We are so busy trying to be invincible that we forget we are only human. I think this full moon should be about COMPASSION. I feel it. Don’t you? There are definitely polarity in the air. There is conflict. But stare at the pale moon. Staring at us. Smiling at us. Giving us the possibility of life. Giving us women our sacred menstruation cycle.

I feel such a deep connection to the moon. While I lived in Goa, I remember how I soaked up every bit of the lunar energies, as much as the Cosmos permitted. Kissing her with my eyes. Writing about her. Writing to her. There was something about the pale silvery hue of the moonlight that made me feel so charged. In every way.

The moon when aligned with the Sun, gives us this magical sight- the full moon. It is as if hope is reborn. So why don’t you try to go out tonight. Somewhere alone or with your partner or an intimate group of friends. Drive away, to a tranquil place. Find a nice spot and sit under the moonlight.

Yes you can do whatever you want, but just be AWARE. Aware of the pale moon in the sky. Look at it. Feel its rays penetrating you. Penetrating every molecule, every atom of your body and  your etheric field. Feel those shards of moonlight destroying negativity and accumulated karma. Feel them burn away.

If there is a special issue you want to address, then think about it. You may or may not concise it and make it smaller. You can make it as small as a grain of sand. Compress all that emotions of hurt, pain and misery and squeeze it till it is a tiny grain. In your hands.

When I have meditated with people and we have used this technique, some of them do not like to make it small. They like to look at the whole problem in a bubble. They want to be able to see it. Then invoke the sacred rays of the moon to burn that bubble or grain into oblivion. Now actually visualise this pale light burning your misery. Hear the sound of it burning and then what have you? Blow away all the shit.

Sit under the moon. I suggest journaling, but you may just SIT. DO NOTHING. JUST SIT AND BREATHE. If you’re in a group, just be aware of what is happening. Feel the vibes, the wind, the conversation. Feel the whole experience INTENSELY.

SOAK UP THE MOONLIGHT- Literally yes. Also ask it to give healing to your internal organs, most importantly your heart. Ask the moonlight to slowly probe your heart centre. This will energise it fully. If you want fertility, then concentrate  on your womb. If you want education, then focus on the brain. You get the drift. You can always soak yourself in a bath and then explore self pleasure while you watch your breath.

And let those feelings out…feel vulnerable, feel exposed, feel out of control. RELEASE THEM TO THE MOON. Whenever I am upset and it is a full moon, all I need is just to go outside, sit and stare, do my thing under it and get back to being normal. That is how effective the moon energies are.

There is a huge reservoir of feminine wisdom available to us through this portal. Men and women can access this energy equally. It is the primordial feminine wisdom- VACH or SARASWATI, SOPHIYA of the Jews…the mother matrix. So she is opening herself up for us- this MOTHER of us all. Heal. Enjoy. Celebrate. Don’t let the crab’s claws and shells stop you. INTUITIVE Cancer can be so whiny sometimes and if tap into the lower frequencies of this gig, you’re really up shit’s creek.

Stay safe if you feel too pessimistic. Be home with a bunch of friends, or even alone. You could watch a thought provoking film, like something from World Cinema. Watch a film from a far away country you don’t know much about. Be open.

Honey buns, in case you feel that you’re a werewolf about to rip open the skin of the human you’re living inside, then its time to visit your local medical cannabis centre. Lol! There will be mood swings. Hardcore. One moment you could be hot and heavy and the next you could be ripping each other’s hair. As long it ends well…right? But seriously couples, take a breather tonight! Don’t start a fight.

Cancer, the first WATER SIGN and represents water in its BASIC FORM, can be insecure, so don’t let the thought of your partner with someone else ruin your full moon. Why don’t you make a special ritual you both can share on full moons. It will deepen your relationship for sure.

There is a lot of water energy happening and it may create steam when mixed with fire. With air, water becomes more energised. Bubbly. It can be refreshing. Think of clear babbling brooks. But it can be equally scary. Like the deep sea. When water is confined it can be controlled, like a pool but when water goes out of control it is dangerous. Have you seen the viral posts of Tsunamis? Scares me.

Remember you can tailor make your intentions and manifest what works best for you. Do it in this full moon. Like water can be steam, ice or H2O, you can also be whatever you want. YOU CAN BE YOU…

To me water energies are all about paradoxical and intuitive time portals opening that tell me intense stories about the human condition. We are mostly water. Imagine how much the moon affects us. So cut aggression out totally this full moon and stop the need to feel like you’re defending something. Most of the times, you are just looping yourself to misery for NO ONE OR NOTHING NEEDS DEFENDING ALL THE TIME.

Under the full moon, know this, that all is perfect, all is love and all is ONE.