Intimacy in sex

All my feelings have the colour you desire to paint. ~Rumi

What do you think is intimacy? Lying in bed, naked, making out? What is the exact connotation of intimacy? I looked up the Thesaurus, but nothing did justice to the concept I am carrying around in my mind.

Intimacy is not nakedness. Intimacy is not sex. Intimacy is not making out in the rain. I agree, all of those could become perfectly intimate moments, but most often they are not allowed to reach their full potential.

I know I have experienced this intimacy. I know I have a very intimate relationship with my man. But even with some my other lovers, I have felt intimacy.

Intimacy comes from a place of total surrender and I don’t mean the S&M way where one becomes a sub or a Dom. No, I mean a space that is created with energetic vibrations that allows for two individuals to renounce their singular selves and become united as ONE.

ONENESS is where everything is headed. Which is why sex is so magical. It can show you a glimpse of that UNITY. And wow, is that beautiful!

Intimacy can only come if you are connected on a soul level. Even though you might have had sex with that hunky guy, but felt hollow afterwards..why? The sex was amazing, but it was still not intimate. The sparks were flying, but it was not of the higher frequency.

But some lovers feel like “home”. Yes when you make love to them, it is like fucking coming home. Everything makes sense in that moment of passionate embrace. The intensity, the excitement, the soul connection…it drives you crazy and it feels just right.

Like its meant to be. What heights of sexual intensity! What exciting new experimentation in bed! The chemistry is sizzling and all the time there is this feeling of knowing him/her, being in this position with him/her, loving him/her with every atom of your body! Have you not felt this?

I was never up for marriage. The fact that I am going to fuck one man for the rest of my life while he gives me home, security and food is not up my alley. But it happened and I don’t regret it. I never take sex as an obligation.

I don’t think I have to fuck him just because he is my husband. I want to do it and experience intimate moments with him which is why I do it. You have to first understand how you approach sex to correct any imbalances in your sex life.

If you want to explore sex as a deeper journey of the human consciousness, then see that person as a soul. Not just a soul, but a part of that ONE SOUL from which we have all emanated. Yes we are ONE! So once you set this parameter, then no sex can be cheap. No encounter becomes humiliating!

You are uniting in divine sexual energy exchange with another soul to experience the beauty of the yin/yang! How fucking sublime is that!

Sweety, change your perspective. If a woman is somehow lessened because she slept with you, then seriously dude, it is you who needs much soul searching. You cock cannot debase a woman. No in fact it energises her. Just like her pussy energises you when you allow divine sexual bliss to happen.

Being conscious is everything. In the moment. Looking into his eyes, feeling his breath, smelling him…you need to be aware! Fucking Zen master style! As your awareness is concentrated, you will begin to see and feel so much!

Feelings you have never felt. Sensations you have never enjoyed. Put it in the backseat. Your pleasure that is! Stop being selfish in love. It can never work. Think of giving him/her the most pleasure and then you will see that you have become ONE with the pleasure. You have become the pleasure and the pleaser and in all of this, you will become the pleased.

Surrender my Beloved! Dance with him- naked. Feel the wind on your skin, the sun rays kissing your naked body while you twirl in the most delicious dance of existence. Kiss him like it is the last thing you will do. Even if it is some dude you met a week ago and things are not going that great.

If you have kept up your relationship with him, then invest this time and effort because this not only makes the moment divine, but it helps you tremendously in your psychological/spiritual and physical journey. If you treat the experience as sacred, my sweets, it becomes sacred.

There can be no guilt, no shame, no judgement…it is just sacred. With each divine lovemaking experience, you are opening yourself up to finally become the COSMIC LOVER of all. Not to love and be loved in return…but just to LOVE.

For being in LOVE is our natural state. Like JUST BEING. Breathing, loving…it is the same. Take sex to become the tool for your metamorphosis into becoming a DIVINE LOVER OF ALL. In fact, after a certain point of expressing this love…you will have become that love. That love is samadhi. That love is God, Christos, Krishna, Sunyata, Allah!!!

Accept your lover as an expression of the INTELLIGENT DESIGN that birthed the galaxies, the nebulae, the ginormous space structures that we humans can only gawk at. Look at him like he is the only man on Earth. Stop thinking of other people. That not only insults his soul, but is very damaging to yours.

Guys I suggest you do this too. Make her feel like she is the ONLY WOMAN ALIVE at that point when you are making love to her. Bare yourself to her. Cry, sing, dance…basically don’t let societal norms and mores hold your divine masculine in. Don’t box him him.

The DIVINE MASCULINE is wounded. The DIVINE FEMININE has to save him for he is here to save her. We are here with each other, for each other and we are in each other.

All the polarities are within. The Universe is within. BARE YOUR SOUL people!! Lay it out there and feel the catharsis when you make love. It is sublime. Let the CHI flow as it wants to. Observe it and you will see how energy bonds with energy to create something magical, sometimes it births a whole new reality!

Your body is the vessel of the COSMIC SOUL. It speaks through the rhythms of our bodies, the pulsations. Let the waves of cosmic desire surface in your consciousness, feel them ride through your groins and express that potency as a powerful orgasm to return divine love and ecstasy back to the Universe. It will change your whole POV(point of view).

Guys, enter your woman with your soul energy. And women, accept his cock inside you with your soul energy. The heart chakra is to be operational here. Do not expect him to play into standard patriarchal roles and do not restrict yourself to typical female roles that society has shoved on us. Do not label or play roles. 

JUST BE! He is in your life to create a sacred vibrational space for your soul growth, as you are going to do for him. These feelings are so sublime and profound that human comprehension is dwarfed in front of them. No words can adequately describe what a conscious sexual relationship can do.

You’ve just got to feel it. Feel it…It is the most magical thing you can do for yourself! Love and honour the sacredness of sex. Hold each other- tightly. So tight that both your breaths become one. Breathe together and stay in the moment. 

No thinking of tomorrow. No thoughts of where this is going. Nothing. If those thoughts come, smile at them and watch them without passion. Without you provoking, thoughts are powerless. Just use all your concentration of the five senses to be AWARE. 

Watch how you feel. If at any point you feel cheapened in any way, respectfully say no. Make sure you are always in the position to say no. Never go through the sexual act if your soul says no. In such cases, you may attract entities with lower vibrations who can feed on your energy. 

Give each other strength! Strength to express themselves to become who they are meant to be. To be aligned with their soul purpose. Work on each other with your touch, kisses and your tongue. Make sure you have set aside enough time to let her become fully aroused before intercourse.

Set aside at least twenty minutes for that! Do not rush sex. Do not cheat yourself or her/him!

With Venus going retrograde many issues on love and intimacy will surface and this time you should make sure you have ticked everything off the list to move on to the next level. When Venus goes retro, we usually tend to experience love and sex pretty intensely and the journey is mostly internal.

To work through these issues, Venus challenges us to understand INTIMACY. That one word can change everything in your life…but you have to allow the magic of intimacy to wash over your you. 

You can do meditations on intimacy…become intimate with everything…how? Say you love the North Star! Stare at it every night. Begin to talk to it. Tell it all your secrets and feel, truly feel intimate with it. You can do this with all things.

Your personal things will be easier to make intimate. But try this with the world around you…

If you have any questions about sacred sexuality, feel free to email me –

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Red hot passion- EROS IN ARIES

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

This man couldn’t be more correct- SEX RULES THE WORLD, not money. SEX RULES. Considering the progress we’ve had over the years, Sex is now ALL ABOUT POWER. In fact it is all about CONTROL. Yet what we fail to grasp is that losing that control during wild sex is what gives us GOD-REALISATION!

Yesterday night I experienced this powerful EROS energy- MY WHOLE BEING WAS OVERPOWERED BY SEXUAL LONGINGS! Yesterday night my body was on fire and every kiss, every touch just drove me wild. Sitting in the YABYUM yesterday with my partner, I cannot tell you how much my being was consumed by a divine longing. To join in kamamudra. Without going into much detail I can tell you that it ended kinda unconventionally. We were both so open to passionate, eager exploration and we managed to witness a true COSMIC ORGASM! There was just so much desire to copulate in me that I was pretty taken by that feeling. I love the turned-on feeling! I mean, who doesn’t?

“We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Eros. The sign position of the Asteroid, Eros, can reveal some of our erotic turn-ons, as well as the level of our erotic nature…CAFE ASTROLOGY. So if you’re looking to discover your sexual nature then look for Mars, Venus, Moon and this asteroid.

Often this energy is what  makes us seek out different types of sexual experiences like BDSM, Femdom, she-males, orgies…such sexual desires are considered abhorrent by most and are frowned upon by the mainstream.

However I read somewhere that the AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIST ASSOCIATION is trying to label paedophilia as a sexual orientation!!! That is JUST WRONG. There is no excuse for rape, paedophilia, torture and killings, abuse of minors, bestiality and all such shit.

The Asteroid Eros can shed some light on some of our erotic turn-ons. In mythology, Eros was the god of sexual love and desire. He was considered irresistible. In Roman mythology, Eros was known as Cupid. “In Greek art Eros was depicted as a winged youth, slight but beautiful, often with eyes covered to symbolise the blindness of love. Sometimes he carried a flower, but more commonly the silver bow and arrows, with which he shot darts of desire into the bosoms of gods and men.” (Encarta Encyclopedia)

Why do we fight this sexual drive? I am done ignoring it, suppressing it or running away from it. After I became sexually active, I think post pregnancy, for about two years my libido was the lowest. I was breastfeeding 24/7. I still breastfeed my three year old and will do so and am not blaming that for my libido, but there was no passion, nothing. In fact a previous transit of 2015 made my sexuality come alive. And this time, I am not ashamed of it. I will not run away from it. Researching and educating myself about SEX is the only way I can consider my sexual journey as a part of my spiritual journey.

Yes they can be married. SEXUALITY and SPIRITUALITY. That sexual death was also a sexual rebirth. I echo Bukowski “Sex is kicking death in the ass while singing.” Why can’t we contextualise sex this. Only when we bring sex into context can we see how society is OBSESSED with sex and is also SUFFERING TREMENDOUSLY for it. Homosexuals, women’s contraceptive rights, planned parenthood…all of this shit we have created is hitting us in the face.

How can sex be bad? When you kiss someone the whole night or lie in each other’s arms, no matter even if it is for that one night, its beautiful. There is nothing cheap about it. Sexual exploration and adventure must be a part of the curriculum for life.

And EROS ENERGY gives your LIBIDO a swift kick. It reminds you of the insatiable sexual longings  you feel. It reminds you of how he felt when you held him so tight in your arms, the way he moved inside. It makes me weak to just write about it. lol

This transit looks GOOD.  Eros is Aries is going to make us seem sexy.  It’s going to propel the powers of whatever house you have Aries in, and it is extremely positive for attracting sexual partners.  For those of you who are already sexually active, this transit is going to add some hot bloodedness to your interactions.  Expect the unexpected from your lovers, because during this transit they are going to be seeing you with new eyes.  You are going to look like just the thing that hits the spot.  Love making under this transit is raw, sexy, enchanting and life giving.  Please, please, please take advantage of this gift….says ARTEMIS from HERETICAL ORACLES.

Are you feeling it? Are you attracting more sexual adventures? Or interest from potential partners? Channel the energy and make it count. Make your PERSONAL UNION A PART OF THE COSMIC UNION and you shall experience the best orgasms of your life. Sex is finite yes…but the yearning is INFINITE. Do you agree?

Do not feel pressured though, because Eros in Aries also rules being single, and basking in all of the freedom that offers…says HELIOS fro HERETICAL ORACLES

Then if you’re single, just DISCOVER HOW TO PLEASE  YOURSELF. Yes it is the BEST OPTION. I know this whole cosmic orgasm thing can sound like quite a challenge, so I implore you to not feel anxious if you don’t have such an experience. Ask yourself. Do you want it? How badly do  you want it? That cosmic intense coupling. Unabashed, open and free lovemaking…a meditation. If you want it, then take BABY STEPS towards it.

Speak to your partner or better still GET A PARTNER! Lol. There are so many amazing things you can do to get this Eros energy activated. Ping me for more.

No matter what stage of sexual exploration you are in, this Eros transit could definitely benefit. Take a dip in the erotic waters of Eros! And feel that longing…hold on to that longing like a meditative practise. Who knows what that LONGING MIGHT BECOME? Who knows what it can metamorphose into?