15697358_1176001585853930_5372495484055262964_nI cannot quite explain this tug of polarity in me as we draw closer to the year end and the new moon. Then I look at the astrology and boy is it tense!

In fact when I sit down to meditate and channel energies, I feel quite wonky these days. Like a million zillion thoughts racing through the akashic records. It’s not even that I am thinking those thoughts. If you know what I mean…I am just channelling and tuning into the collective consciousness as a psychic and medium.

Being an empath, I can soak up emotions like a sponge. Then I have to squeeze my conscious and unconscious mind to rid myself of those emotions. And this time I am channelling a hardcore dance of duality. Polarities clashing with one another. Male/female. Rich/poor. Godhead/Devilhead…I could go on…

I can sense equal activity from the positive as well as the negative. It’s like there is a formation taking place- of POLARITIES…

Where are you standing? Are you conscious or are you just going about your life like a zombie? Do  you feel? Do you cry? Do you laugh like there is no pain. Do you fuck like it is the ultimate meet with the Godhead. What is your essence?

Capricorn is practical and I sense this energy at this time is manifesting like some concrete object that these two polarities are trying to merge into. Capricorn…ahhh…such an archetype- the FATHER…

Okay I don’t know why, but I sense that some of you have managed to recreate your identities this year. It’s been a total metamorphosis. something you should be proud of. I have personally managed to transform my own self as well. Managed to sort out quite a bit. More than most years actually. So have you….you have successfully pushed your persona closer towards your true identity. Bravo!

We all have so much UNPROCESSED SHADOWS…SO MANY THINGS TO PROCESS and some of us have looked into all that and found creative solutions for many complex problems. If you’re still swimming against the tide, know you are the BUTTERFLY in the cocoon. YOUR TIME TO FLY WILL BE HERE.

If it gets too dark, think of the seed that will sprout into the sapling which in turn would one day become a tree…I suggest INVITE THE DARKNESS…DO NOT BE AFRAID. Transform that darkness into AWARENESS.

We’ve had to deal with so many of our demons with all the eclipses and retrogrades. We’ve had to face our fears. We’re now standing naked. If you’re at the stage when you’ve been consciously facing your fears and fighting your demons, then you’re pretty sorted my dear. Even though it seems like nothing to you. You have made great progress.

If you’re still standing after the battle, proudly displaying your battle scars, you’re on the right track. You are on your path and the shadows shall dispel soon. Why not do a sage ceremony for new moon and ask AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH…CLEANSE, DISMISS, DISPEL…Keep chanting..

Tell me what is Capricorn’s message now. Think hard. PRACTICALITY. Capricorn teaches us how to concretise things from the abstract. Capricorn is NECESSITY. Capricorn is UTILITY. What is our lesson here? Our soul lesson with regards to suffering?

Capricorn teaches us that pain is as practical and necessary as pleasure. They are in fact two sides of the same coin. The ultimate dance of duality. Death and birth. Laughter and sadness…all parts of the ULTIMATE WHOLE.

Somehow I can intuit that we as a collective are not taking these lessons Capricorn is teaching us. We are running the fuck away. As usual.

My lovelies WINTER IS COMING. The winter of our SOUL. It will inevitably be replaced by SPRING. This is a cycle and there is no evading it. Wait it out and grow with it. Use the darkness to still your mind. Use the darkness to develop your other senses. AWARENESS…

Personally I feel that this New Moon is challenging us to stand proud and tall. It is asking us to CELEBRATE OUR TRUE SELVES. Be aware of our true identity and to love ourselves.

I feel my message this new moon after channelling higher entities is SELF ACCEPTANCE.

The Capricorn has the burden of the Ancestors attached with it. The father figure is the archetype of this sign. Now sometimes we are literally CRUSHED under the burden of where and to whom we are born. Some issues with ancestors may come up. Some of them may need to be released. Some may need to find peace in themselves no matter what has happened in the past. You have to release and purge on my lovelies. Be kind to yourself.

Not to scare you guys, but I have this weird premonition that 2017 will be super fucking WEIRD. So buckle up…the wobbly ride is about to begin. Hope you have come prepared doing your soul work to aid you in these tumultuous times.

I suggest keep a journal. A kind of spiritual journal that will be a tool for you during this time. Write out your day. List your angers. Your sorrows and your victories. Be aware of the people you are meeting. Love may hit you in the face. But be careful as these times are kind of STRANGE.

If you’ve not been doing soul work you may find yourself lost and confused. Similar issues that plagued you in 2016 might return to haunt you again. You have to clear all these levels to become a pro. Just keep trying. But use  your brain. Don’t let it be on holiday for too long.

I don’t know why I can smell REVOLUTION in the air.

We can see many such motifs playing out in the world…but I cannot shake off the idea that a huge revolution is on its way…URANUS and JUPITER might be responsible- their opposition managed to bring about woodstock, Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, Moon landing…so you can imagine what interesting times we’re living in…

Don’t panic or run away. Stand firm and dance with your demons. Embrace life in its duality. Celebrate life.