Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius, 17th June 2019: Today You were far away~

As I begin to write about this most striking FM in tropical Sagittarius, Decan 3, I cannot help but discuss the blackhole that has recently been discovered in the center of the Milky Way, in the region where we are having the lunation.

The black hole is located approximately 26,000 light years, or 7.9 Kiloparsecs (kpc), from Earth in a globular cluster called, NGC 6624. A globular cluster is a gravitationally bound swarm of millions of old stars occupying regions that are just a few light years across.

Instantly you understand how powerful this lunation can be and will be for most. Just think of the amount of energy that exists within this blackhole. quoting the specialists, The mass of black hole is so big, it is the equivalent to weight of 7,500 of our suns.

We have just one Sun, who sustains the entire solar system and he is in tropical Gemini standing opposite the Moon who is being bombarded with this photonic energy and is glowing with the power of 7500 versions of himself and what of us? Life on earth is being bombarded too, with this sacred energy. The Sun and Saturn are rulers of Sag Decan 3 which is Leo Triplicity. So there is drama, glamour and narcissism on display. Creativity and illumination too, if you’re wondering. The decans explain why people of the same sign act differently. Since the Sun/Saturn are your rulers here, your actions will be based on the energy of the Sun. Saturn too. There will be unalloyed excitement, boldness, spontaneity and generosity. Sometimes this can hurt you too. You absolutely hate being mocked or joked about. Even criticized. Definitely comfortable in the limelight and if this does not  happen, it can make them irate.

The FM releases and honestly if you ask me, Sag is probably the most flexible and adaptable of all the fire signs and the FM will facilitate some major release and compel you to seek a new direction. Be ready to ump ship. You do not have to sink with what has become redundant and toxic. Maybe your shift will propel a shift towards something grander. Jupiter who rules the lunation is in wide conjunction to the moon in his sign.

But for a moment think…what are blackholes? So mysterious, so surreal.

“It is generally thought that they could be formed by the direct collapse of very massive primordial stars or successive mergers of stellar-mass black holes and runaway collisions in dense young star clusters.”

They contain within them the wisdom of all the cycles of the primordial stars that have carried out their universes and galaxies and solar systems, then finally, the inevitable. Collapse. Matter collapses on itself to hibernate. To create something new.

I feel it in my heart, my soul and in my bones…blackholes spawn whole new universal cycles and they denerate energy more efficiently than the Sun! That makes them super creators and the best part about the blackhole at the center of the Milky Way, actually all blakholes is that they hold matter TOGETHER!

Scientists believe there is be a supermassive black hole at the centre of nearly every galaxy – including our own. These black holes actually anchor galaxies, holding them together in the space.

And Sag is not a sign we associate with anchoring, but maybe there is a deeper side to this mystery. The soul ruler of Sag is the Earth. Yes the only time earth comes into play in EA, it rules the Jupiterian sign of Sag. Sag and its connection to nature definitely supports the anchoring, also a lower vibration Sag can be fanatically anchored to her believe and her believe alone. There can be bigotry and fanaticism if this anchoring is taken to ridiculous levels. Sag also amplifies whatever it touches. Balance which is not one of the strong points of this sign needs to be developed at this lunation, if anything at all.

Energies now are so strong that they can zap you. Literally to the point of exhaustion and enervation. It can also electrify you as the Moon aligns with all of this electromagnetic energy. Expand your conscious awareness. Expand your understanding. Expand your horizons. But also remember to stop or else you will expand into nothingness!

Observations indicate that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. It will expand forever, getting emptier and darker. ~Stephen Hawking

How much can we grow and how quickly? Without becoming vacuous soulless zombies? How long can we peer at the abyss without the abyss drowning us? There is only the sense of change and believe me, this world has changed like never before in the last 31 years! Why 31? Why do I go back to February 1998? Saturn and Uranus met at the cusp of Capricorn, the last critical degree and the world experienced the horrors of the war in Kosovo. In terms of communication, it was the printed newsletter that showed up. The great daddy of the blog! The Sabian Symbol for that lunation was “The Pontiff…a bridge…blessing people.

This reminds me of the hierophant card. Who is this leader? The symbolic Pontiff? He is…a person, especially a priest, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles. On the flip side it could mean rigidity and is associated with Taurus. Uranus is now in Taurus and back in 1998 he was in the Cappy cusp area. Lessons are coming full circle.

There is definitely an esoteric vibe going on. And what lies at the heart of this hierophant symbol? It is doctrine. When we look at the act of blessing, we are reminded that the Pontiff is here to heal us and act as a bridge between the worlds of spirit and matter. The act of blessing brings in an outpouring of divine energies.

A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. Chinese Proverb

It literally works that way and the Universe is somehow bringing this conversation to our tables, whether it happens in real life, in your mind, in your memories or in your imagination and fantasy realms; it does not matter. It is coming to you. Something that links you to 1998 and 2012. That is again when this Sag/Cap cusp was active and we had the “end of the world”. 2012! What an iconic moment in history and yet, here we are…about to go back in time and maybe, just maybe this time the world will come to an end. In another parallel world, everything ended that fateful night of Dec 21st 2012…An unknown journey and an even stranger destination! Have we arrived where we are meant to be? I don’t know, we will see.

Remember blackholes evaporate over time! Reminding us of the ever temporal nature of reality. It is there one moment and the next…poof! It is gone. Kind of like Sag if you ask me. What can we expect to grasp under this ephemeral strawberry moon? Today it is a lesson in impermanence! Today is a phantasmagoria! A vision needs to be birthed as today will become a ghost in the fabric of our minds. Disjointed memories will haunt us in our solitude. Today does not exist in its ephemeral composition. Or is it a day of unlocked potential…like the first strawberry moon that happened on earth. Do you know that story? Read the Old Farmer’s Almanac and you will see this lunation is known as Strawberry Moon, named by Algonquin tribes of the Eastern US. this is the time when strawberry ripens and since we all know it is an aphrodisiac, we can then connect the birth of strawberries to an amorous affair. And this is as old as time itself…

There is a Cherokee tale that I will tell you under the glow of this Sag FM.

The Great Spirit created the first man and the first woman. They began to appreciate each other and settled down to a domestic life as husband and wife. Now it cannot always be the 2 of Cups, can it? It has to shift. We spoke of all the temporality, so you know. It soon became 4 of Cups and 5 of Wands. P.S- they fought a lot. Then the first woman decided to leave. What is the point of living in a toxic relationship right? She was smart. Having packed some of her belongings, she left and her man did not pursue her. His ego was hurt. How can she be without me? She won’t leave, he thought. But no. She left and he was alone. Finally he began to understand his mistake as his heart ached without her. He meditated to reconnect with his Creator and begged the Great Spirit to return his woman to him. The Great Spirit saw how love had changed the first man and how unconditional love is ultimately the whole vibe of the Universe, so he decided to help him get back with his twinflame. There appeared tempting berries on the pathways she walked through, but she did not spare them a glance. She kept up her meandering. Finally he took some strawberry plants and placed them near her. The red strawberries pulsating with divine vibes caught  her attention immediately and she stooped down to taste them. As she bit into the pure lusciousness of the strawberry, the taste awakened a hunger inside of her. A hunger to unite with her man and she longed to be by his side. She began to collect the berries for her man forgetting her grievances and anger. Then she turned back to return to her man. As she walked back, she met him on the way as he was running to meet her. Hoping the strawberries have slowed her in her path which they did. Their reunion was sweet as they fed each other strawberries on the way back home. This is why they are such powerful aphrodisiacs.

This fleeting beauty is what makes you want to make her sit down and turn this FM into a painting. A couplet. A haiku. Blackholes can slow down time…just a thought!

So moments pass as though
they wished to stay.
We have not long to love.
A night. A day….”
― Tennessee Williams, The Collected Poems

Jupiter, the ruler of the FM squares Neptune in Pisces. Both planets are in their home sign. Jupiter is RX and Neptune will do so after the Cancer solstice on the 21st. Saturn is also sextile Neptune. These two are very key energy signatures of 2019.

Jupiter and Neptune just had this complex interaction yesterday, on the 16th and this can be about what is fantasy and what is reality. The energy of making your love an idolized version of itself. Something impossible. Something unreal. Like a moment that disappears in space. That short-lived moment is crystallized. That is this energy, of crystallization. The form of your love/lover may morph into new dimensions and create new experience, but it is the substance, the crystallization, not the form that matters. The square between these two luminaries crystallizes the fugacious so you can hold eternity in the palm of your hands. A frozen moment. A snapshot. But you looked at it once, a sort of ghost of it when Jupiter met Neptune in the 1st square of 2019. It was 13th Jan and one more time you will see this image play through 25 fps to create the simulation for your observation.

Your heart will be shattered by sorrow if you force it to live in tomorrow’s ephemeral imagination – world instead of in today’s eternal reality – now. Sri Chinmoy

But it is imagination, is it not; that keeps us raw dogging it everyday. With our pain, our suffering. Ten of wands, the overburdened human. Like the child carrying that humongous schoolbag on his back. Can you imagine what happens to his spine? 21st September is the last Polaroid of this aspect. That moment frozen in time, yet as evanescent as the morning dew or like a myriad of emotions going through your face.

This aspect will bring disappointment to some people with regards to matters of their hearts. Yes in the relationship department. The fantasy can catch fire(Jupiter in Sag) or can drown(square Neptune in Pisces). Drugs and drinks are definitely not something to drown your sorrows in. If you don’t watch it, this hard aspect can have you go overboard. Be careful of who you call your guru now and do not try to get rich quick.

Venus is in Gemini and Mars is in Cancer, teaming up with the North Node and our action principle is ready to oppose Saturn/Pluto and Ketu. Saturn is the establishment, our father, our disciple which can be in conflict with the way we are doing things. The opposition of Mars/Pluto will surely keep the energy reeling. We want to move, move, move, but there are tasks to be done and miles of muck to clear before we even begin a single step. And as of now, there is no promise of sleep. You will never be able to harness the quintessential masculine Maritan energy when Mars is in Cancer, so this could be a bummer, but it all depends on what you think. What you perceive. Cancer is about honesty and are we ready to be honest with what we are doing in the world. Our dreams, our goals are getting a push with the North Node touching Mars. We are ready to embrace our North Node karma. It is the way forward…to unknown worlds. Cancer is psychic and here Mars(our actions) can be quite intuitive. Coming from a place of stone cold logic can work in your detriment. Cancer is about sustenance. Think of how the breasts contain milk even before the baby is born. That is the bounty of the Universe and Cancer shows us that through symbolism. Of course the house will tell much more…but this is the time to listen to your gut. Cancer also rules the gut, or the stomach. Mars is also conjunct Mercury who is on the 22nd degree. There is nothing more important than family right now. So it can be a source of trauma as well as therapy.

Everything seems to be fog ridden, unclear, murky and momentarily we are confused, but remember we had the Hierophant pop up in our musings. There is some secret knowledge coming to the forefront. Now let us discuss the Sabian symbol.

‘A Flag Bearer In A Battle.” The flag bearer resembles an exposed solider who is not armed with weapons, but he is not safe from the assault on the battlefield. It is about proclaiming sides some might say. Be truthful, but not critical. Watch what you say…Mercury in Cancer conjunct Mars. Maybe speak in the vibes of love and compassion. Both luminaries are trining Neptune. More of parallel realities bumping into ours.

Use the Jupiterian optimism and positive vibes. Go out there and connect…but over enthusiasm can be your downfall. Speaking brashly without consideration can also come to bite your bum, if you know what I mean.

Without really thinking about it, I spoke about the 10 of wands.

Yes what is keeping you up at night? Why are you taking all the blame? Why must you shoulder all responsibility? Have you had to take on some material or spiritual debt that does not belong to you? Do you remember the last time you relaxed? Does everything you touch feel like its turning to dust? Insurmountable obstacles always turn up?

Remember, this Leo ruled decan believes in changing the game, but can you do it without swinging to extremes? This FM is so perfect for torrid love affairs, and is also instinctive. Perfect to ask your intuition…hey what’s up? What’s going on?

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New Moon in Gemini, 3rd June 2019: Magic is in the air, There ain’t no science here~ <3


Everything is in constant motion. Arriving at stillness amidst chaotic cellular activity seems ridiculous, impossible, laughable. Yet in this lifetime and the next and the next, this is exactly our task, and Gemini’s greatest lesson. See yourself as an entity embodying this contradiction: stillness in motion. We are perpetually becoming and being. On the idea of becoming: “What would it mean to begin always from the middle? To experiment with renouncing that lure of mastery with which definitive beginnings and endings seduce thought?” – L.B. Higgins, Becoming through Multiplicity (2011)

“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.” ~~William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Especially if this moon happens to be in the airy, communicative sign of Gemini. Everything changes as suddenly as it begins. This is the time to buckle up and enjoy the ride, with a smile…

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