Orgasmic Mermaid Meditation


Osho who has been a profound experience in my life once said,”The experience of orgasm itself is always nonsexual. Even though you have achieved it through sex, it itself has no sexuality in it, and my own understanding is that meditation has grown out of the experience of orgasm.”

Yes ORGASMS are as PROFOUND as that!!!  By combining erotic and ascetic techniques, states Brooks, a TANTRIC SCHOLAR, the Tantric broke down all social and internal assumptions, became Shiva-like! Combining our erotic yearnings with meditation, I have created a solid and effective tool and then NLP applications which help improve the experience.

Today I am going to delve into a special MERMAID SPIRIT ACTIVATION/ SEX MEDITATION. With the sexy vibe in the astro of these times, we’re collectively channelling loads of Piscean watery energy. Look at the astro of the eclipse. This was a PREDOMINANTLY WATER SIGN BASED ECLIPSE. We water folks will feel it.

Why should we do sex meditations you ask? SCIENTISTS HAVE PROVEN THAT ORGASM AND MEDITATION PRODUCE THE SAME EFFECT IN THE BRAIN!!! They both can drop this FAKE EGO STRUCTURE we have created. This bullshit nonsensical inner commentary of jargon is dropped and we experience otherworldly sensations.

Do you want to walk the path of self pleasure which will LEAD TO SELF ACCEPTANCE AND IMMENSE AMOUNTS OF SELF LOVE? Then creating sensual and erotic worlds with your imagination powered by your unconscious will help you work through sexual issues and often times abuse. Yes I have seen it.

Stress increases cortisol and adrenaline levels, and these increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline decrease sexual desire and performance.

Any form of meditation is an incredibly powerful stress-reducing tool. Meditation can increase sexual desire and performance by reducing cortisol and adrenaline levels. It releases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. All feel good chemicals!

Sexual electricity out there! This energy may be making you go all wonky. Frustration could be igniting within if the fires of your sexual appetite have not been fed. Even if you have been having loads of sex, you might be feeling weird, different. Lots of feelings, energies and scenarios that may have never surfaced before, surface now. And they leave you bewildered.

I have been sensing the MERMAID ARCHETYPE invade my consciousness during meditation. Throughout the eclipse portals, mermaids were riding the waves of my consciousness. I just let the visions come.

They began with songs and sounds…the crashing of the waves. An eloquent voice. Shots of mermaids swimming in the deep sea. Their tails swishing by. Mesmerising!

The mermaid archetype represents a woman who is at ease while she swims in the GREAT WATERS OF LIFE. The seas of emotions and sexuality, of feelings and fertility. This archetype reveals to us the complex sexual tapestry of our psyches to us if we can channel her during meditation.

Drawing on her energy can make a woman/man feel sexually active, sensual, desired, intense. You can easily tap into your instinctual sexual centre if you manage to invoke the mermaid energy. Instantly your pussy will feel awakened.

Okay I am saying mermaid and she/her, but this is in no way only for women. Men can also tap into this vibe and channel the mermaid. If you are uncomfortable with gender blurring, then for fuck’s sake become a merman, but don’t leave. Yes you may read the word PUSSY, but so what? You popped out of one!

We contemporary women are faced with so much responsibilities- being a mom, being a wife and then of course our professional lives and then our social lives! Phew! Some of us are victims of chronic fatigue and pain, insomnia, diabetes, pressures issues…we are like walking prescriptions.

All this has led to us being DISCONNECTED to our FEMININITY. This meditation uses NLP applications fused with a rich tapestry of imagination, created by the meditator. This can release creativity and make us feel desirable.

The MERMAID can make us feel sexy although she does not have a visible vagina! Her yoni is in the subtle ether. Her sexuality is not of this world. So this kind of sexual energy can be very gentle and subtle, but can arise heightened sensations.

Our bodies are wise old things. They know everything and the mermaid lets us tap into that wisdom and enhances it by mixing it with the fish! Gene splicing and mixing! No seriously, the fish energy is very etheric and its intimate connection to water symbolises the UNCONSCIOUS, emotions, healing and purification.

The mermaid makes me playful and I cannot stress enough that we have lost the IMPORTANCE OF LEISURE AND PLAY IN OUR LIVES. Such busy beavers are we! We have lost the enjoyment of life why? Because we have given up play. And no play does not mean getting wasted, clubbing all night, retail therapy or any of the things you are thinking of!

Play is a connection to the NOW. THIS MOMENT. The HERE AND RIGHT NOW.

She is half woman and half fish! She lets me explore my WILD SIDE, my untamed animalistic ID. I can easily access that part of my sexuality through the mermaid meditation, but although raw animalistic desires is what I am talking about, there still is a spiritual vibe to all this rawness and sexual urgency.

Maybe to make it clear, she will let you get into that raw desire space, but will bring her human element into the equation. Works? Her human impulses guide you to not give into total depravity!! Hahaha!

Your unconscious and conscious mind are being fused in the seas of sexual desires.

While channelling the mermaid you may want to look at certain things…

  1. Pay attention to subtle messages from your unconscious. Often the MERMAID SPIRIT can help you release ancient sexual pains and wounds. So be very careful as to what symbols enter your unconscious as they will have a story to tell.
  2. Keep a check on what you are feeling and for whom. If certain thoughts arise about someone you are not meant to feel sexual about, then let it come. Don’t judge it or don’t get swept away by it. Let the person come into full focus and just observe.
  3. Your motives for wanting to explore your sexual side will surface. Your motives for living and being will also.
  4. After successful sessions of working with this energy, you should be able to correct water based issues.
  5. You may get motivated to really research what type of water you are drinking.
  6. You may be motivated to get healthy.
  7. You may be able to get pregnant and resolve menstrual issues.
  8. Deeper awareness may seep in- about the whole of fucking existence!
  9. You may awaken the SACRED FEMININE within and you may get closer to the water element.
  10. ABUNDANCE can be created- the FISH is the Christian symbol of Christ’s charity and abundance!

This meditation is a direct invocation. To the GREAT GODDESS. You may choose any WATER GODDESS and look at her as the MERMAID SYMBOL or you may chose any mermaid image that works with you.

THIS IS IDEALLY DONE TO RELEASE SEXUAL TENSIONS. I know meditation and primal sex do not seem a match, but let me assure you they are twinflames!

Find a comfortable spot. Relax in Sabasana. REMEMBER TO BE MINDFUL AND AWARE…works better than any Viagra!

Take a few deep breaths and begin to relax in your body. On the count of three start to bring your awareness to your right toe. Concentrate fully there and then slowly start bringing your awareness upwards till it reaches your vagina.

While bringing this energy up, your body parts begin to feel cool, like water washing over them. And then begin from your right finger and then from your head. Bring all the awareness rushing in through your body to the pussy, begin to visualise that your legs have turned into a tail. Slowly see yourself transform into the mermaid.

Your insides should feel like water. You should feel like water.

You are swimming in the deep, deep sea. Looking to reconnect, to explore, to PLAY.

Slowly as you are swimming in the dark, you see a light. You hear music. Whatever works for you. You check through the plankton and the corals that it is a party.

Now look…who is there in that party. Remember you are watching from afar, but you can sort of see the other mermaids and mermen(;) of course)! Keep breathing and feel the cool water wash over you. But your pussy/cock remains warm.

Slowly float towards the home. What do you feel? Do you feel welcome? Do you think the mer-people will welcome you? Do you feel excited? Nervous?

If you feel excited, go ahead. If you feel nervous, then find the gorgeous shell by your side and take a seat. Breathe. Why do you feel this nervousness? Which is the face you attribute that feeling to as in who the fuck is making you nervous?

If you have a face, then while breathing, keep looking at that face. That face smiles and suddenly you realise that that mermaid/man is sitting right next to you. Offering you your favourite drink!

You take it. If you have TOXIC ISSUES you want to spew at this person, then just close your eyes. See that anger inside of you, like a little red cell. As you stare at the anger, it begins to lose its redness and then becomes tiny before disappearing in the black forever.

You breathe and then open your eyes. The person is still there, but this time everything is different as you open your eyes. That resentment or hurt has disappeared and you smile back. Genuinely you smile back at the person.

You sit together for a brief moment before he/she takes you into the house. Let him/her lead you. Swim slowly to the house. Who do you see? You may see familiar faces that are completely unrelated. You may see your folks also.

The whole room is smiling at you. You smile back. Let all the emotions flood into you. Watch how you feel as you go through the room greeting the mermaids and mermen present.

Take each character in individually first. Group interactions may not be fruitful unless personal one-on-one shit is not solved. What do you feel, think, experience? What colours, sounds, sights appear to you? Just try to connect with the heart chakra.

Each time you meet someone, visualise a BLUE RAY OF LIGHT EMANATING FROM YOUR HEART CHAKRA and GOING INTO THEIRS. Even if the person is angry, they relax as soon as your blue light enters their heart.

Smile, hug, kiss…whatever you need to do, do it and move on…

You are now integrated in the energy and the merfolk are dancing, celebrating and having fun. Positive energy radiates. Now visualise all those group scenes and see what happens. You can get a lot of answers on how to deal with certain people through this meditation.

You swim out to the garden full of shells and conches. You sit absorbing the beauty. What happens? Watch closely for any energy shifts.

You hear a soft swoosh! You know someone is watching you from the back. What do you do? You look back…who is it? It could be a stranger as well. Or the energy may not even have a face. You might just sense the energy. Invite that energy to come close.

Watch closely for what you feel…Now the person is standing in front of you. He reaches out and holds your hands. Your heart is beating. You are feeling so intense. You let that passionate feeling in the groin over power you as he draws you close.

He takes your breasts in his hands and caresses them. Watch for what you feel. Then slowly let the moment your mind has created guide you. Feel every moment, the touch, the kisses, the breathing.

You will see colours with each interaction. The kisses are red. The touches are pink. The bites are purple. You can come up with your own colours, but try to make the experience as audio visual as you can.

The lovemaking will not be the traditional penis in vag types…MERMAIDS remember. Experience this sexual feeling as a SPIRITUAL EXPRESSION OF THE SELF. You are twirling with your lover, in deep embrace.

Watch how you both pleasure each other. Observe all the tiny, minute details. As you both are in embrace, visualise your KUNDALINI, a serpent coiled at the base of the spine, rises up slowly.

Feel this KUNDALINI SHAKTI climb through your spine and his/hers too. It crosses all your chakras and goes out to the cosmos through your crown chakra. This happens to you both.

So much energy is being created while you join in union and twirl in the sea. YOU BOTH ARE BEING WASHED IN COSMIC LOVE WHAT JOY!! You both become a ball of light slowly.

You can see the merging of the two bodies and then they fuse into etheric bodies of light till the ball remains. You take that ball and slowly insert it in your vagina.

As you do it, feel the warmth enter you slowly…let the process happen…just let your UNCONSCIOUS GUIDE YOU.

You now touch your pussy. It is full of warmth and light. You softly caress it and say thank you. You can end the meditation by bringing yourself to climax after you touch yourself deeply and intimately.

Stay with yourself for a while after this meditation and drift off to sleep if possible to dreamy music.

If you keep creating such magical worlds of sexual intimacy, then the day you really get to make love to your dream lover, what will happen? You will be so VERY PRESENT IN THAT MOMENT. No distractions will waver your mind. You have lived through the experience and can really relive it in 3d reality.

Read the article in The Huffington Post, “Why Meditation and Orgasm Feel the Same to the Brain,” which confirms from the world of science the connection or similarity between sexual orgasm and meditation. Imagine what a diabolical mixture if you can integrate them both in a practise to enhance your spiritual self.

The main point is that ORGASM is not a end to itself, it is only the beginning, it is only a means through which you who research, embrace and understand the subject correctly can reach the final goal – the “super consciousness.”!!!

“In deep meditation, a sexual orgasm happens – not with someone outside you, but with your own polar opposite within. You meet there: your woman and your man meet. The meeting is spiritual, not bodily.” – Osho













ORBS!!! Interdimensional Beings!!!

Okay people! I am finally writing about ORBS as I had promised some of you, besides one visited me yesterday.

What are ORBS?

Pale, colourful, spherical, for some of us who have been visited by these INTERDIMENSIONAL BEINGS, we know what they are(at least we have felt some pretty intense moments with them). They appear out of nowhere with high speeds and may hover around before they zip off and disappear.

I have had some electrifying experiences with ORBS and I love them, but what are they? Who are they? Are they sentient? Are they a figment of our imagination?

Yes they are sentient and be called upon to bring healing and bliss. And no they are not a figment of our imaginations. No for if you can imagine it, it does exist. As scary as it sounds!

Worry not if you have seen them and people have labelled you off as a raving lunatic! Fuck them. ORBS appeared in my timeline many times and hopefully they will keep doing so and each time they have visited me, I have felt so many symptoms of ASCENSION!

Yes folks…now listen. Do you know we bring these ORBS into manifestation. How on Earth do we do that, you ask? My friends, the answer is simple…your DNA. Activated DNA can create tiny WORM HOLES. Let that sink in.

These super small WORM HOLES come into being and are maintained for the tiniest of fractions of a second. If certain conditions are presented, they organise into a stabilised unit can can then form distinctive vacuum domains which transforms one phenomenon into another. Like GRAVITY can be TRANSFORMED into ELECTRICITY!

Isn’t this stuff just hair-raisingly mind-boggling? These VACUUM DOMAINS that were creating are the ORBS, which are ionised gas with considerable ENERGY! Compact balls of vibrant energy! They kind of have that lightning feel. Not so powerful of course.

People and places all over the world have seen and experienced ORBS. In my life, I have seen them quite a few times and shockingly mostly during the SOLAR ECLIPSES. Yes I realised that I had encountered my first ORB 19 years ago, during the last Pisces/Virgo axis Solar Eclipse in 1998 and I saw one YESTERDAY. Exhilarating experience!

These balls appear so frequently in Russia that they have finally managed to put together enough data to conclude that these VACUUM DOMAINS are the ORBS. And there is a WILD PHENOMENON associated with them.

Okay, when I had seen a group of ORBS in Goa in small Vagator, I had thought to myself, that ALIENS if that is you, send me a sign. Instantly I felt something so intense that when I looked up, the ORBS had formed some sort of SACRED GEOMETRY PATTERN. Like a spiral formation!

I can never forget that moment. The pattern dissolved to a bunch of clouds forming the most perfect STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. What an archetypal trope was invoked in me that night. It was full of surprises and wonderful experiences that night in Monkey Valley as I danced the whole night and let the energy of the ORBS engulf me and my being. I felt their warmth, their energy. It was so POWERFUL and PROFOUND! I am vibrating just writing about it!

The ORBS have often put on quite the performance when I have caught them up in the sky on rare occasions. How quickly they dart as if going from one Universe to another, carrying back all that information. Enriching us.

DNA can be activated for a multiple of reasons and you may begin to fell MAGIC overpower your life. I have started my DNA ACTIVATION COURSE and I am already feeling so MOTIVATED. The ORB yesterday was so perfect and timely, like a gesture form the Universe. “Hey what’s up! Good that you’re finally looking into DNA,” says the Universe. Lol!

I was in a NLP lecture(I am a getting into the space of Coaching and Mentoring) and as I stepped out of the cab, the ORB, one single BEING appeared. Neon green colour with fiery golden iridescence. It looked like it had holographic tentacles.

As I focused my attention into that glorious INTERDIMENSIONAL BEING it slowly faded away till a tiny drop remained. As I inhaled, that drop came floating by and entered through my nostril! I was not actively visualising this! It was a process and it was happening to me and I was just experiencing it.

I felt so charged all night that I could sit in meditation for over three hours and did not even feel it. By the time I crawled into bed, it was 3.30 and I went to sleep. I had intended to write, but no human words were coming from my mouth. There is a SILENCE in my inner being today, unlike anything I have experienced in a while and all I feel is GRATITUDE TO THAT BEING WHO IS IN ME. In a tiny drop, in the ocean of my consciousness.

I had heard that interacting with ORBS physically can blow the human body up. That thought came to me right now actually. It did not even pop up in my conscious mind, so I am not going to elaborate on it. Rest assured my body is intact.

My father told me that PARAMHAMSA VISHUDDHANANDA could create tiny balls of light. Actually many MAHATMAS have been known to do that. In fact when MAHAVATAR BABAJI appears, a number of ORBS appear before him.

All of us who have been doing ENERGY WORK will know how balls of light are visualised for so many modalities. Reiki, Distant Healing, Prayer….so these balls of light we create with our minds are also ORBS. They are our PERSONAL ENERGY ORBS. They heal and often have a deeply profound effect on us and the one we are healing.

Medicine Buddha also appeared in a LIGHT RAY of deep blue to heal and help. How did this Bodhissatva appear? Due to HYPER COMMUNICATION of our DNA to the COSMIC CODE! This evolved consciousness we call SANGYE MENLA answered to the hyper communication we send out to the DIVINE DNA of the Creator.

When our DNA sends out HEALING thoughts while we send healing, we can tap into many species of INTERDIMENSIONAL BEINGS who appear from our of our SPACE/TIME structure. Angels, light workers and other such beings appear from this energy arising out of hyper communication.

Listen if you see things no one understands, it is okay. Always remember humans see less than 1% of the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM and hear less than 1% of the ACOUSTIC SPECTRUM! Can you imagine that kind of stuff we are missing.

Know this, there are other people like you…

Do a tiny little ORB MEDITATION today during the SOLAR ECLIPSE. Remember that ball of light I inhaled. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, that I created this meditation to send back all the love I got from the ORBS manifold towards you guys. You can do it too and increase the flow of energy to bring the collective towards healing.

If you have a clear Quartz crystal ball, then sage it and set it aside. Collect incense, books, candles and oils, find a quiet spot. Keep your spine straight, head relaxed and begin breathing. Observe your breath.

Slowly visualise a ball of light in your HEART CENTRE. Understand the feeling it is generating. What colour is it? Is it changing colours? Does it feel warm?

This ball of light is activating your HEART CHAKRA. You are sitting in peace and bliss. Slowly begin to purge the negative emotions and thoughts. Delete them one by one. Take your time, do it slowly.

Once all what you can purge has been purged, sit watching your breath. Now what does the ball feel like? What are its colours? The warmth…has it increased?

Feel your heart swelling with love and feel the ball of light vibrate. Then in your mind, reach inside your heart, draw out that ball and stare at it. That ball is a manifestation of LOVE and PEACE. You sit with it as long as you need to, then slowly…blow it away….to the Universe as a gift of your LOVE!!!

Peace and bliss my friends…

Contact me if you want to discuss anything…58-7fc291235a634b1bbed60788e018f6f8



The Human: Channelled Poetry

Art by Alex Grey

Karma makes this world real, the experiences real and the separation evident.

Truth emphasises only on Unity where our experiences are as unreal as the world we inhabit.

Oneness where there is no scope for duality or separation.

Integrated and whole, where bliss or violence fail to express their meanings and action.

How can I reach this sublime expression of the Self?

Is there any way for an ordinary mortal like me to ever fathom the depths of existence for I am blind and deaf?

The waves of questioning that undulate in the turbulence of my mind,

They do not show themselves for they exist not. Their birth is to happen much later in karmic bondage.

The heart is not corrupt you see, it knows, the child like wonder and awe at everything, mundane or special.

It knows love and fear instinctually and has learnt to experience all the shades of grey that come with it.

But love is its natural expression. It is its nascent state.

The heart has acquired the knowledge of every experience, but love is its constant experience.

Even in hate there is love, even in anger, there is love and even in genocide there is love.

Love for the chosen people. Love of the hunger rumbling in the tummy ready to devour a baby animal.

There is love in every expression of existence, in every saga of life.

Soul finds its highest purpose in love and can only be aligned with the Universal Self through love.

This tireless journey will never cease where realities warp into each other, screaming and shouting in ignorance.

Consciousness needs to become aware of itself, its glorious self.

Whether through Ishta sadhana, namaz, masses or prayers you decide to call the Divine…

It doesn’t matter for the blood coursing through our veins will appear red no matter what you call it.

Your heart will beat whether you notice each beat or not. Your eyes will see whether you think about seeing or not.

It is ceaseless, this infinite seas of creation and destruction.

We loathe the human body, we objectify, vilify it, degrade it and sexualise it,

But do we know how important the human body is?

The human body is the very vehicle to take you through your ascension.

This body is the reason you can accomplish certain human karmas to see Truth.

After eighty-four lakh births do you get a human body!

Is there any logical reason to humiliate and desecrate this body so?

Your soul has played and learnt endlessly through cycles of birth and death to be worthy of a human body!

Do you see how important it is- the body made of star dust?

Unconscious, we scurry around like zombies, seeking only gratification and pleasure.

We seek to devour existence, we seek to consume existence in our fetishistic points of views.

Even Devas and Angels seek the human vehicle, for a lot of karma can only be done through it.

Your consciousness can ride through and rise up the mires of illusion using the human body.

Equally you can degenerate to the level of a brute if you decide so.

The choice is yours, it has always been.

Free Will is not a choice, it is the TRUTH.

As KARMA is the truth, so is FREEWILL.

You create your reality as your are the Shiva/Shakti in reality.

You are the truth, you are the lie.

You are the very ocean in a droplet and the droplet in the ocean.

Infinite realities, multiple parallel Universes, your body can take you everywhere.

We seek to create time machines, but humans, your body is the time machine.

This time machine can take you to FULL AWARENESS OF THE ONE-NESS.

From the Cosmic Yoni arises creation as from the mother’s yoni arrives her child.

The child is not only the father of man but is an AWARE UNIVERSE in herself.

We are all Universes, but perception shifts as we lose our innocence.

Reality imprints our minds with pain and fear, we forget our true roots.

The man is a corrupt, perverted version of the SELF AWARE CHILD.

The body arises from the conscious and unconscious states of Awareness of Unity.

The Cosmic Yoni and lingam create friction, the electricity or Fohatic forces that awaken the laya layers to the call of Creation.

Man is built on the image of God, we are Gods and we create.

We create our Gods and we create us. We create the future and the past.

In waking, sleeping and dreaming states, we experience existence through different lenses.

Remember that this body is comprised of dualistic forces of both conscious and unconscious elements.

The Ego driven woman is a lower vibration and dropping this fake sense of importance is what brings her closer to Spirit.

Like a primal song, heard through eternities in the very heart centre of creation,

This desire to see more of what could be, leads to awareness.

Meditation is not thoughtlessness, meditation is being aware of what you are doing.

The Merkaba is the Chariot to “Heaven”, it opens up all the chakras.

The DNA has all the secrets of life but our perceptiveness has not quite got there yet.

We separate the husk and the grain to attain Self, the husk falls away.

Costumes are not worn by the actors after a performance, no matter how brilliant it might have been.

The Actor has stopped playing the part, but will that role ever disappear truly from his Essence?

For Essence precedes existence.10959765_941780839179917_6201144241326613304_n


Shiva, you are in me and I in You.

There is no separation my Beloved.

For if you do not exist, then how do I?

And if I don’t Observe, then how do you Play?

Who is this Shiva and who the Observer/Pilgrim?

Shiva, exhausted I wait for atonement!

Is there possibility of me merging in your third eye?

The fire of my Union with you smoulders in me.

Do not ridicule me for I am unworthy!

Do not keep me waiting forever!

My being is distraught without you.

No calm, no serenity, no peace.

The dark of the night is my companion.

As I wait for you to arrive today.

I waited yesterday and day before.

I waited through aeons and eternities.

I waited for you only to know…

You were never gone.

You were right beside me my Shiva.

Lost and bewildered in this illusory reality,

I hunt tireless for Truth.

Truth? What truth? The truth of existence?

But what is that concept?

Trust is not a concept, it is a state of being.

For if everything else fails,

It will guide me back to you.

For Truth is You.

The banlingam glistens in my hands,

As I twirl it in my hands, I can see the deep space.

The Universe and its galaxies visible.

I know that you can never be confined in a stone,

Or be depicted in an anthropomorphic form.

I know human words can never be adequate enough to express You.

For how can a word encompass all EXPERIENCE?

How can we describe everything that is and is not?

Everything that can be and has ever been?

Stuck in this human body, frustration and disappointments become key elements.

This body feels heavy Shiva and the pain of the world bogs me down.


In a moment things can change!

Great awareness seeps into my consciousness.

Awareness that You and I are ONE.

Awareness that everything living and non living is ONE.

Your narrative is this Manvantara Shiva,

Express yourself through your creations.

Us, animals, plants, galaxies, nebula and everything.

Shiva, you are the dance of death.

Shiva you are Krishna’s flute.

Shiva you are a true feminist and lover.

You are Kali’s active principle bringing existence into being through sacred sex.

Dualistic minds chatter, depression, anxiety and banter.

Shiva you still this disturbance.

Shiva you throw caution to the winds and dance.

Dance the tandav…

A saga of self expression and torment.

A saga of doing away with the old and let the new take shape.

Shiva you are the voice of revolution and the axe of oppression.

Shiva you are WHOLE and so am I.

I am whole…to love, to HEAL.

With your love, I feel charged.

My whole being vibrates as if I have ingested some psychedelic substance.

But it is your energy that brings me to this ecstatic awareness.

Of love and union. Of bliss and surrender.

You are the breath in me and I sense you the most by my breathing.

You caress me and soothe the pain away.

Karmic baggage that I have been carrying.

Scared to let go Shiva. But I lay them down at your feet.

You are the atonement. You are the punishment.

There is no end to this love and no answer to existence

BUT LOVE!baba-bhole-nath-shiv-sankar-mahadev-smoking-chillam-of-weeds-bhang-or-ganja-hd-wallpapers

Spiritual Sexuality

Why is sex such taboo or embarrassment in our society? Why do we deny women the status of being sexual beings who need equal amounts of sex like men? Why does the sexually awakened women or the Lilith archetype scare society like fuck?

SEX CAN BE INTENSELY SPIRITUAL and EQUALLY INTENSE SEXUALLY! Yes it is possible. Sex is not a shameful experience, but a mystical tool for spiritual ascension.

The Jungian scholar Frieda Fordham explains that “the danger of repressing the shadow is that in the unconscious it seems to acquire strength and grow in vigour, so that when the moment comes…when it must appear, it is more dangerous and more likely to overwhelm the rest of the personality, which otherwise could have acted as a wholesome check. This is particularly true, of those collective aspects of the shadow which are displayed when a mob riots and apparently harmless people behave in the most appallingly savage and destructive manner.”

What happens when we repress our sexual desires and thoughts? What do you think happens then? Not only do they become a gargantuan juggernaut ready to topple the very framework of our existence.

There is a friend I am working with. A woman in her late thirties and she is not only going through extreme imbalance of her sacral chakra, also severe depression and borderline schizophrenia. This was wreaking havoc with her life and we met at the Bombay Gym one quiet lazy afternoon.

We began to work together and let the energies guide us. She was a divorcee and a mother of two boys who go to an eminent boarding school. Being from a very affluent family, she still felt like her life was going nowhere.

Looking at the Ketu positioning and transits, I began to work on her PAST LIFE KARMA CHART. Things began to clear up. Without going into detail, I will explain how an entity had made itself home on her right shoulder to the nape of the neck.

Often times while aura reading, if I sense some form of energy vampire or entity on the person, then I tend to address that energy and see if I get any response. Because more often than not, healers and clairvoyants are not always aware of what kind of entity makes contact.

This entity was eating through her aura and was becoming avaricious for more energy. This woman is no “low-energy” types. She’s fit and can still do thirty laps of the pool without breaking a sweat. I know that personally.

Her energy levels were being depleted and she was feeling it. That is when I began to work with her. Sage. Switchwords. Meditation. We began the journey. She began to feel a special affinity to Kali, the dark Goddess and knowing my connection to her, we began Kali sadhana together. Kali became our guide.

Through meditational journeys with her I sensed that this entity had entered into her through her last lover. Things started to go haywire after she started to see him.

I never met him personally. We tried to catch up together, but somehow we never managed to meet up. She told me that after hooking up with him, her sexual appetite had increased manifolds. And here is a woman with a very balanced and healthy approach to life and is not a sex addict.

And every woman with a healthy sexual appetite is anyway a sex addict or nymphomaniac for society. Isn’t she? Now I began to notice this insect like creatures all around her aura. They looked like a swarm of bees, but they were holograms and did not really resemble bees.

Then while researching I came across Shri Aurobindo’s writings on this same matter… You have perhaps read the books of Maurice Magre. He describes this; he had come here, Maurice Magre, and we spoke and he told me that he had always noticed – he was highly sensitive – he had always noticed that people who have [excessive/pathological] sexual desires are surrounded by a kind of small swarm of entities who are somewhat viscous and rather ugly and which torment them constantly, awakening desire in them.

He said he had seen this around certain people. It was like being surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes, yes! But it is more gross, and much uglier still, and it is viscous, it is horrible, and it turns round and round the person and gives him no peace, and it awakens in him the desire that has formed these entities and they batten on it. It is their food. This is absolutely true. His observation was quite correct. His vision was very true. It is like that. The sex-vampire eats up the other’s vital and gives nothing or very little.”

– from “The Hidden Forces of Life (Integral Yoga) – Selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

These sexual vampires were eating away at her vital force. Her work life was suffering, her relationships were suffering and to top it off she is at the peak of her Sade Sati.

Do you know your genitals and the sacral chakra create LIFE, DEATH, PAIN and PLEASURE…the main binaries that operate throughout our lives. Entities use these powers while you have sex to drain you from prana. Your genitals become pathways and when lower vibrational entities use this energy, they manifest as per as their wishes. That does not resonate with our higher purposes.

That is one of the esoteric reasons for abstaining from sex in various spiritual disciplines. Entities cannot enter you through your sexual organs if you are balanced. If you have deep seated sexual issues or acceptance of your gender issues, then they prey.

With a balance of the sexual energy you are actually changing your own frequency. Sex is a very important aspect of the human condition and we cannot ignore it. We cannot repress it for these feelings and longings will not go away. No matter in which convent you are locked up.

That is why Tantra, the most Scientific doctrine integrates sexuality as a spiritual practice. Yes sex can be meditation. Yes sex can be extremely rewarding on so many levels. Your orgasms are not CONFINED TO YOUR BODY. They lose the concept of space and time. Lots of creative energy can be channelled if we use the sexual energy to create.

Often times desires lose carnality and take greater expression. These sexual urges can be harnessed and used for meditation which leads to OJAS, the Sanskrit word for LIFE FORCE.

My task was to establish a holistic connection between herself and her sexuality. She told me that she hardly masturbated and instead waited to have some sexual encounter and suppressed her sexual feelings. It was not every day that a divorcee in our society gets to have sex. It is actually quite a rare phenomenon. Because women like that hardly meet any one other than their usual crowd. She is never alone usually…but due to sexual hunger, she began to find time. She hooked up on numerous occasions with random strangers and experienced nothing but humiliation. In fact she did not orgasm in most cases. In none actually. Guilt began to built up.

Sexually losing energy with random strangers does us no good and neither does suppressing our sexual thoughts. If we ignore the fact that we are sexual beings, then that approach will just make us more sex hungry and desperate. What are we to do when we have no partner? We have to understand SELF LOVE and SELF PLEASURE. Open to the idea of VAGINAL CRYSTAL EGGS, she bought a handful online. (If you want to know more google it and if you still have questions, ping me)

Each egg was to be used for specific meditations with the YONI. We are working together over the last two months, on a pretty regular basis and one thing has surely changed. The entity on her right shoulder is not being fed her FEAR BASED SEXUAL STIMULI. Now instead, she has turned this vibe and has seen the spiritual side of sex and sexuality.

We create fields of energy with  our sexual acts and intentions. And entities and beings from other dimensions and astral planes often eat away our PRANA or CHI. They know how important human sexuality is and what is ever more important- is the way it is USED. How do humans use their sexuality?

How does it find expression? Are you caught in the lower vibrations or do you feel invigorated after the sexual act? Does it satisfy you MIND, BODY and SOUL? If not, then you are probably being depleted by a sexual vampire, like this woman.

The YONI or the VAGINA is the core of our being, as women. That is the seat of our feminine power. The SACRAL CHAKRA is right on top of the vagina and controls our sexual feelings and stimuli. This CHAKRA holds many of our deepest darkest secrets. Our guilt, our shame is buried there, in the womb.

In fact sterility and other complications of the female reproductive systems arise due to IMBALANCE. When women try to be the man, there is an imbalance. You see women are women…they are unique, just like men. There is no comparison, there is no strife.

We are HUMANS. All of us. With sexual desires and fantasies. But how can we explore these sides of ourselves without guilt or shame?

I suggest become friends with your GENITALIA! As preposterous as it sounds people…go do it. Become friends with your cock and vag. Speak to her or him. Tap them lightly to establish contact.

After this, I suggest you bring awareness to your vagina/cock and let it remain there. This is the two step path to begin. Focus on the MULADHARA and see the light. Bring that light to the sacral chakra and let it LIGHT UP YOUR SEXUALITY.

Lots of thoughts will surface, feelings, emotions. Just be aware and feel everything. No labels please. After about a month of this AWARENESS GROWING, then you will see how your vagina is actually talking back to you. You will not be bothered to go out and get laid uselessly and lose respect, because you will begin to value the sexual act. You will see it as SPIRITUAL.

There the shift has begun. This is how she changed her life. The entity on her shoulder grows weak by the day. She no longer needs to have sex compulsively and feed her addiction. Now she knows how absolutely SACRED it is.

She is willing to wait…for the right person. The right person is someone who is as involved in the moment as you. That person sees the sacredness as you do too. No such encounter can ever be cheap or humiliating. There is only TRUE CONNECTION. When we have sex we share electromagnetic fields that join us forever and there is scope for much spiritual activity from that. Spiritual sex will change the individual and the society forever.

Spiritual sex brings awareness to the body, soul and mind and then integrates it. This trinity is then activated and we lose time/space sense. We become fused with the ONE during the orgasm and even later or even without orgasm. Maithuna is the name for tantric sex. It is the spiritual sex with the GODHEAD on the macro level, but on the micro level, it is TOTAL CONNECTION to your partner.

From such a space, sexuality can really be looked upon as a spiritual tool. But this article does not cover all that. Some other time…

Our ego, boasting of freedom, is at every moment the slave, toy and puppet of countless beings, powers, forces, influences in universal Nature. All life is the play of universal forces. The individual gives a personal form to these universal forces….SRI AUROBINDOab600d01dacf4c336e6b82562e0beeea


Altered states of CONSCIOUSNESS/ Swimming in the Unconscious and Intuitive Seas of mutable Pisces-New Moon and Solar Eclipse in mutable Pisces, 26th February, 2017

“Properly speaking, the unconscious is the real psychic; its inner nature is just as unknown to us as the reality of the external world, and it is just as imperfectly reported to us through the data of consciousness as is the external world through the indications of our sensory organs.”
― Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams


This eclipse is the last one of the Pisces/Virgo axis that is culminating a whole plethora of energies and bringing to the forefront everything Piscean. Pisces being a mutable sign is all about CHANGE, flexibility, adaptability, ruled by NEPTUNE, the GOD OF THE SEAS(UNCONSCIOUS). This energy will culminate(sort of) in the next one on 21st August.

This New Year, 2017, the year of the Rooster has started off way slowly than what we wanted. Lingering energies from last year and the eclipse season is surfacing over and over again, in the individual as well as the collective. But this SOLAR ECLIPSE will wipe out those old residual energies to make way for the NEW. 2017 has officially started.

Mysticism and occult is the Piscean space. Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments are ruled by Pisces. Things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others(DELUSION, often bipolarism and schizophrenia) lurk in this astro. Elusive, clandestine, secretive is Piscean lower frequencies. Retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice, MEDITATION are supportive endeavours. Unconscious/subconscious is highlighted. Unknown enemies can surface.

Two fishes- ambiguity in the lower vibration and the dance of duality which leads to ONE REALISATION in the higher. This eclipse is happening after nineteen years. Is your inner cauldron all stirred up? Do you feel like you are drowning in this chaos?

Flashback- what was going on in your life nineteen years ago? Do you remember? Similar motifs will be at work in your psyche. I for one am a 11 degrees Pisces Moon! Boy, I feel this energy very acutely. It is kind of a dual energy and I am learning to work with it. Plutonian themes of DEATH and REBIRTH are being felt very strongly. Pluto in Capricorn is teaching us a lot of how to work through these motifs. Keep at it and you will be lighter for it. A sense of RELIEF will wash over you as you let go.

February 26th 1998 was a very important year for me. It led to a lot of heartache and pain. But it grew me up. My pain did not define me, I defined my pain and made it my companion. I took time to understand the pain and the path to healing opened up.

See the SEED is buried. Who knows what kind of paranoia the seed feels? Maybe she feels that her life is over, but we know she is to blossom into something great. A huge tree. But her identity as a seed is over, kaput. That chapter is over and now there is no going back there.

That eclipse actually brought to the forefront the kind of delusion I was living and feeding myself. Toxic people and energy vampires were draining the life out of me. My whole world as I knew it was crashing down.

However, this eclipse and other aspects are harmonious and is happening at 8 degrees of Pisces…the last sign. The most mystical sign. The one sign that is directly connected to the GODHEAD.

This particular New Moon also initiates the first month of the Vedic lunar calendar, Chaitra, hence it is like the first day of the new year in this calendar.

Now if we know anything, we know that the NEW MOON is the best time to MANIFEST. Many magick schools, round the world believe this new moon funda and why not? The new moon and the new idea or intention get amplified after being wedded together in meditation or ritual. If you can invoke the new moon energies, you can create pretty much any Universe of your choice.

My life is undergoing some massive changes. I am leaving my whole media life behind to put time into healing, astrology, tarot and other modalities like NLP and Merkaba activation. Such profound has been the change, that I am yet to sit down and assimilate and integrate all this MAJOR TRANSFORMATIONS.

I have been changed forever by the astro of the last two years, actually since 2012. Like everything has changed, all binaries that I have grown up with have been questioned, scrutinised and studied. I smile as I write…that if anything, I have managed to integrate the dark and the light inside.

The dualities..expresses itself perfectly through Pisces. 1998 motifs and themes will surface. Ask yourself…have you cleared that level? Have you managed to work through what was surfacing in your life. Have you worked through the thesis and the antithesis and managed to find synthesis?

Have you taken your act to the next level? Solar cycles represent a SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS. Tell me you feel it? Six months or so these energies will play hide and seek in our psyches. So we have to figure them out now, integrate them and learn to engage in play.

The South Node or Ketu is an important member of this eclipse. This is all about KARMIC SCENARIOS AND BAGGAGE. The most crucial push that this astro can give you is to RELEASE ALL THOSE TOXIC STUFF YOU ARE CLINGING ON TO. Drop the baggage. Maybe you are not even meant to carry it. Think of all the lower vibration energy of this Pis/Vir axis. Insecurity, nitpicking, delusion and what not. Enough to drive the collective crazy.

So release all this toxicity. Turn all of it into tiny balls of light or a rainbow and release it to the Universe. There is a deep spiritual vibe that is strong during this time. Pisces is our INNER SPIRITUAL WARRIOR.

The macrocosm is the microcosm. The Universe is YOU. YOU-NIVERSE! This eclipse can definitely help you tap into that energy. I have been been practising this PURE ENERGY ACTIVATION meditation which is a Merkaba ascension tool. This eclipse is a stargate and the MERKABA can gain ascension or self actualisation!

“The merkaba is perhaps one of the most accurate representations humanity has of divine energy. It spins, it flows, it grows in all directions at all times. It balances and harmonizes, and takes you where you want to be, into the life you are wanting. It does this both in the physical and the spiritual dimensions: yes, you can actually travel with the merkaba. Or you can use it to become who you want to be. The merkaba is the infinite circulating flow of the divine trinity and the four directions, the four elements. It is all, all at once.” ~ Eden

Learning to work with this energy is so profound and intense that I feel all my karmic bullshit is melting away and finally I am coming into my own. All the knots and ties to this dense reality are fading away. The delusion is laughing right at me and there is nowhere to run. I face it.

This Pisces fluctuations. Vacillation. Never sure, never fixed. This diaphanous nature of Pisces can drive people nuts, but this ambiguity and chaos is a fertile breeding ground for demons of creativity and change. I thrive in this energy as I have learnt to let go. Once you realise NOTHING IS UNDER YOUR CONTROL…You learn to let go.

That happened to me….hit me in the face actually…and I learnt this lesson of letting go and going with the flow…so Piscean in nature. This eclipse will definitely bring out a lot of issues that have been brewing in society. These are not new, just that right now, they have to explode. Violence, xenophobia and all lower vibration Pisces energy will be swimming around in mass consciousness.

Fear will motivate a lot of us. But if we manage to RELEASE what we are meant to, we will get a special gift from the Universe. Something NEW AND FANTASTIC will walk right into our lives….I can feel it, with every part of my body.

Learning HYPNOSIS for me at this time has been such a mind bending experience. Dropping the conscious mind can be such a rewarding experience as our UNCONSCIOUS is the true storehouse of our wealth.

Working with people who have addiction problems can be specially rewarding if you take the time and the effort. Fear and Love- for fuck’s sake…those are the primary determinants of our actions and thoughts. Even the Bible says so. What frequency are you tuning into? FEAR OR LOVE?

If you operate from a fear based perspective, then you are dooming us all- the whole freaking collective. Yes hns…you have the PERSONAL FREEDOM to choose how reality shapes up. And your decision affects the collective. We are all responsible for one another. This is an important Piscean message.

This caring, this sharing and feeling—the speciality of the water signs.

Mercury is supporting us in a very positive aspect this whole week, so whatever bumps you may come across, can be solved by the BRAIN- aka Mercurial alchemy. Mars and Uranus are in Aries. Venus is about to retrograde when personal worth issues and romantic hassles may rear their ugly heads. But there are tools to work through this if you need to.

I know this article is getting long, but I want to continue…

Merkabas are believed to be the same divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. It is thought by many that the “chariots of fire” mentioned in the bible are these same vehicles. Mer-Ka-Ba literally means light-spirit-body in Hebrew, denoting the harmonious activation of the three fields. When your Merkaba is active you are tapped in to all Source energy and locked into the Earth’s living matrix. Once your DNA is fully turned on and the potential for immortality and time travel are there. Your body heals itself and you have the potential for limitless creation.

TAT TVAM ASI- We are Gods…infinity creators, languishing in this human form. Thinking of ourselves to be drops of water when in fact we are the OCEAN.

The Merkaba activation has boosted my psychic energy and anyway, the astro is rife for psychic activity. Intuition will be HIGH amongst the WATER SIGNS. AIR SIGNS are also shaken up. Through this turmoil, we can channel peace.

Have you noticed how many new lightworkers have surfaced to do their thing. There is a lot of energy manipulations happening on all levels- positive and negative. The white and black magicians are all out. Even if you don’t believe in MAGICK, you could be feeling a lot more than usual with this energy. Whether you are facing up to all these revelations is something else and only you know about that.

The need of the hour is now FOCUSED CONCENTRATION to awaken POWERS WITHIN. The infinite abundance that is inside can manifest in whatever ways we want them to. WE CAN BE SUPERHEROES because inside we are all superheroes. Telepathy, clairvoyance, pyrokinesis…all these are now becoming known to researches and man documented cases exist. There is a TRANSFORMATION in the SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT of humanity.

Trump is his own downfall. Like the snake eating its own tail- in the lower vibration, it is the EGO EATING THE INDIVIDUAL, but spiritually it signals the HIGHER SELF eating up the EGO. That is what fascism is doing- the ego energies eating the EMPEROR and his subjects. He will create such a shift in consciousness just by  being who he is. You can never be too greedy, he says. Right there is the answer.

Humans can never be too greedy- for materialism or spiritual gains. We want more. Pisces can help you shed this GREED in its nebulous oceans of dreams, delusions and nightmares. Catharsis can be yours if you know how to channel it. The UNIVERSAL YONI is open and the COSMIC MOTHER is sending us her love. Inclusion can be learnt right now.

Massive downloads will happen. Whether you know it or not. You will be changed forever. Just OPEN UP NOW to this magic. Open up to the energy and let the Piscean ocean wash away the last songs of duality. The sun of clarity and SELF is coming to the LEO/AQUARIUS axis where the next set of eclipses will be and bring to light those energies.

Instinctively I have begun to feel receptive. I do something called the WOMB MEDITATION during these times when I am ready to become RECEPTIVE and get pregnant with thoughts and ideas from the Universe. I wait, I am fertile. My womb is ready to accept the seed of knowledge from the SOLAR ECLIPSE. Something is hidden now from your conscious mind, but the UNCONSCIOUS knows it. This could be bothering you on many levels and could manifest as DIS-EASE.

Become a healer, a storyteller, a lover, a dancer…let nothing hinder your spiritual evolution. You are not this BODY…You are not the thoughts that swim by incessantly. You are not the pain that experience has left on your soul. You are not the senses that suffer the constant assault of stimuli supplied by the external world.

You are the ETERNAL OBSERVER. You are watching this show and that is why this channel is one. Accept this fact…for it is a direct channel from the MYSTICAL PISCES herself. Embrace this NOW MOMENT. This feeling of the breath. Watch how you watch that breath play through your nostrils.

Ketu, Neptune, Sun, Moon, Mercury…all are sitting in Pisces around the degree of the eclipse. So all these archetypes will be in the spotlight. Lights, camera, action and my life is changed forever. Ketu is the karmic component from work done in the pat or past lives. It is Ketu who teaches us to grow and mature with those karmas we come with. Sometimes we must atone for them to clear our Operating system. Ketu is especially important for PAST LIFE ASTROLOGY and pat life regression therapies. Chiron, the wounded healer is sitting in the South Node of Pisces helping you with coming to terms with ancient and recent wounds. SELF LOVE AND COMPASSION are the answers…apply as needed.

If you are Pisces or Virgo, this eclipse will rock your life. I am a Virgo Asc, my Mars and Venus both sit there as well and so does my true node! Voila! Pisces Moon to top it off! Double Voila(can you even say that?)

I want to hear from you about NEW BEGINNINGS…what newness are you bringing13754528_1140004412712307_3099900221563954618_n into your life? How can you engage more in play? These are some serious questions that need to be pondered over. Do your journaling and meditation and if you have anything from the last 19 years that you are holding on that needs release and closure…NOW IS THE TIME.

Why not try this? Write the names of ten people you hate, ok? Then BURN IT. That is some serious purging sista. Tell the Universe…look dude, I release x to make place for y. Watch how quickly this manifests. Release and COLLECT from the Universe. Try it.

“In the face of pain there are no heroes.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Planchette and Paranormal Chanelling

Saw this Performance Art Piece where the artists had spend the night in a graveyard. It made me revisit the times I used to visit a kabaristhan(Muslim burial ground) with a friend in the dark of the night.

No I am not telling you the plot line of some hypothetical M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN film..

I was always into spirits, ghosts, energies and spooky shit. Pisces moon- intense obsession and love affair with the occult. 11 degrees of Pisces- Robin Williams had his at 9 degrees!(Had to add that) Very intensely involved with the human experience…what is observable and what is not.

Did you know we humans see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum! Okay if this does not BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND, I SERIOUSLY DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL…

That means you cannot hear and see everything…in fact it is less than 1% that you see and hear. So stop trusting your eyes and ears. There is so much out there and we cannot access it. Drives me nuts…because I sense these energies…

I hear things I know are not there and I see things that do not make sense. And those experiences at the graveyard left me changed forever and I cannot say that even till date…after a decade of those experiences have I still managed to assimilate and integrate all that I saw and heard on those trips.

I was going through some major relationship issues and was a wreck. Nothing made sense except this feeling of abject desolation and abandonment. I was becoming addicted to the pain. Chiron in Taurus. They seem to excel at taking suffering to a new level. But usually surface better and stronger. That Kanye West song probably applies best to this placement. So I was taking all this pain(more imaginary that actual because that man was like the last man I should have hooked up with and I was breaking my heart over it!!!) and the graveyard seemed to be a balm to my assaulting senses.

Because there the mundane fell away and the supramundane made itself felt. I have been super charged with ESP since I can remember. Those energies that I sensed and experienced….I need to talk about them…I need to RELEASE them…and HEAL THEM…HEAL..

I will not mention the name of the graveyard for a number of reasons…but I can tell you one thing that the main entity I met with is ANCIENT and powerful. How do I know that?

I found a stone. It did not look like the regular stones from the graves. In fact it was in a script which was intelligible to us. It looked like the Mesopotemian script. The Indus Valley script which has not been deciphered.

This graveyard is very near the sea. The stone looked slightly wet. As I went close to touch it, my friend flipped out. I almost slipped and broke my neck. Sitting down and facing the stone, I touched it…what happened next? A 404 ERROR!!

My consciousness was ripped from my body and I had a sensation of falling…falling into where I don’t know. I don’t think a ketamine overdose could compare to this sensation. I fell back and found myself floored. The caretaker thinking we were troublemakers came screaming and we ran for our lives. What a chase!

But we kept revisiting this place for over a month and then one day I just did not want to go back…

There were so many bodies, all lying so close together, I wondered if they touched each other! Freaky thought!

While walking past the graves, I could hear voices. So many languages and languages I did not understand. Speaking in different tones. That freaked me out because I was ill prepared the first day to step into such an atmosphere.

Now I am in a much better place to visit graveyards and not be totally overwhelmed. In fact I went to many crematoriums after that and met with many Aghori babas who do sadhana there. Talking about Aghori Babas, I cannot not mention DR. RAMNATH AGHORI BABA who was experienced in VETAL GYAN, the science of spirits.

There are stories of Yogis from India, Nepal and Tibet who would keep entities in their bodies. Shocking! Yes…in fact PARAMHAMSA VISHUDDHANANDA kept such an entity in his skull and he had told his disciples that till the very end of times he has to keep this entity with him. For now, he kept it in some part of his brain! Imagine that!

What disturbed me the most were the lost children…so many of them…it broke my heart…why do we fear spirits so? This binary that society has fed us- we are sane and ghosts perfectly insane. How long will we be victim to this polarisation?

We often attempted planchette and tried psychic journaling, meditation and for spell work. We were totally into Wiccan magic back then. Reading IPSITA ROY CHAKRAVERTI and understanding the NEO PAGAN WAYS. Anyway we often made spells there and I can tell you that we explored some intense experiences in our minds and in the spectrum we normally could not look or hear into.

Often times I was scared. I wanted to run away. But somewhere I clutched at the idea that I was a WITCH with great healing powers and even though I was going through this tumultuous times, I could still offer healing to the dead.

I know who I helped make the transition and why. That memory will be etched in my mind forever. But I have felt such a deep and profound connection to that person and it has changed the way I look at life. That person is DEAD and died may years ago. He was not even buried in that graveyard but was caught there.10958091_941308222560512_6323119970934063656_n

Those unfinished sagas which were left unsolved touches me till today. But I knew that my time was up. I had to stop going there.

Rabindranath Tagore was heavily involved with planchette. He became a medium very many times trying to contact his wife Mrinalinidevi. His experiences were nothing short of remarkable…but this article’s scope does not cover that.

My friends made fun of the fact that the planchette phenomenon was restricted to the urban bourgeoisie. Yes most Bengalis stopped the intense ridicule if you told them that their very own KOBIGURU or Tagore was into it. Take my word, planchette really works.

The entities you want to call may not always answer, but someone will. The fear that has been ingrained in us through horror films is that all spirits are here to harm us. In fact they are NOT HERE TO HARM US. They cohabit with us and we are not even aware of them.

Another experience. I was the medium and we were calling the spirit of SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE. Fuck knows why? Being Bengali makes one believe that Bose and Tagore are immortals that we need to aspire to. A planchette is all about interpreting the signs the spirit gives. And a lot of it is dependant on the psychology of the spirit as well as the medium. But the spirit we managed to bring forth was not Bose. He was in fact a small boy of four who had died. My planchette partners tell me that I mouthed off in Russian and said words they did not understand…Debolina, being the first girl had scribbled it down…moya mat’ ubila menya…

We later discovered that it meant My mother killed me…no amount of RAM RAM could take the creeps away…The baby boy’s cries still ring in my ears. What a piercing shriek.

In fact an English Gypsy woman was heard speaking in Bengali and she was channelling Tagore. He spoke of poetry, life, death and many things…there were a few Bengalis present and they vouch that this indeed was Tagore. The gypsy lady did not obviously know a word of Bengali.

You know I want to go back there again. This time to take with me high tech gadgets to document what I know is there. I want to visit many more such places, do a drumming and sage ceremony for healing if possible.

My friends and family do not necessarily approve…but what do you think?

Do you think that such places should be investigated so we can find some answers to life after death. Scientists are not openly saying that the consciousness travels to a different dimension after death. So we live on…forever…just not in this body…

JACQUES DERRIDA and HAUNTOLOGY…The French word hantise is the etymological root for Derrida’s hauntology. Deridda considers ghosts to be the memory of something which has never been present!!!

Ponder on that…much more coming up…