Daily Astro Museletter from Astrotina~~31/10/2017~~Samhain Special


Samhain blessings my love. ❤ ❤ ❤

Keep in mind, it is never pronounced SAM-HAYNE, it is pronounced as SOWEN, SOWEEN, SAW-WIN or SAHVEN. You may better know this day as Halloween. In many cultures, it is believed that today SOULS actually take part in our world. The veil between worlds is thin and diaphanous and information can slip in and out.

I have been so teary the whole time, since Jupiter went into Scorpio. I have been feeling so many feelings, because as an Empath I tend to become the emotional sponge absorbing the energies. It is tiring at times, but the experience is profound. I do not know why tears stream down my eyes as I type. The Moon in Pisces and Neptune on my natal Moon is bringing up emotions and feelings I do not work with. There is a sense of deep loss, but for what…

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Daily Astro Museletter from Astrotina~~30/10/2017


The energy is definitely chaotic, building to the final dance of Saturn and Chiron that will be exact on Nov 2. Saturn Square Chiron, I call it SOUL DANCE has been playing in the skies from Dec 2016. The first 2 Squares were exact on Dec 28, 2016 and Apr 30, 2017, but this energy lingers asking us to grow, evolve, address that pain, give structure to the healing that is occurring within and without.

The Moon is in her second quarter in Pisces, a Mutable Water sign and she is in her psychic best. She Trines Jupiter in Scorpio, activating the element. This translates to us being expansive with our emotional self. You are now finally ready to allow yourself grander and larger emotions. You do not want to be cooped up with little issues, restrictions and tiny details. You want to see the bigger picture. You want…

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Daily Astro Museletter from Astrotina~29/10/2017


I know, I know how some of you were expecting me live yesterday, but I was unable to make it. Had last minute sessions and it was so ethereal and surreal that I was convinced that it was a magick isle I had entered. The human energy field is just magnetic and when you enter someone’s etheric field with the intention of healing and loving, believe me, magick happens.

Then I realised that the Moon has now moved onto Pisces. My natal Moon is in Pisces at 11 degrees, in the 7th house. There you see what a dreamer/lover I am! When the Moon is in Pisces, my psychic antennae is most tuned into the cosmic alchemy. I become a bit more of myself when the Moon makes Pisces her home.

For most of you, this Moon will feel dreamy and dramatic. You have to turn on, tune in and…

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Daily Astro Museletter from Astrotina~~28/10/2017


How is the witching season treating you? Have you embraced the inner witch or are you still trying to burn her?

There is a lot of friction in the air and we are being pulled in two different directions with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio. These energies are extremely polarised and not in the Leo/Aquarius way, but in a destructive, painful and severe way.

Feelings of inadequacy can arise as the Moon conjuncts the SOUTH NODE in Aquarius and opposes the NORTH NODE in Leo. Do you feel all weird and angst-ridden? Unable to express what’s biting you? Right now you might feel like staying with what’s familiar, but we have to keep pushing ourselves to get out of our comfort zones. This antsy feeling too shall pass when the NEW MOON passes Leo and sets things to rest with the NORTH NODE positioned there.


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Daily Astro Museletter from Astrotina~~


Today is one of those OBSESSIVE days with Venus in Libra SQUARING Pluto in Cap. Today you will not be happy with small talk and shallow intimacy. Even if you are in a relationship, you might want to go really deep. You are CRAVING for something/someone and you cannot quite put a finger to it. For all you guys who are already obsessed with a particular person, this aspect can take your obsession to new depths, so be cautious of what you desire. Fated soulmates/twinflames might interact in some way, even if it is through telepathy. I have seen this happening a lot recently. People are tuning into each other’s energy fields and that is lit AF!

The signs that are centre-stage are LIBRA, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS, a crazy water/air blend; the fire energy is weak and so is earth. Intellectual energy is vibing everywhere, use it.

The Moon is…

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Full Moon in Taurus: 3rd/4th November, 2017~Let me make your body talk~~


Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks

Within his bending sickle’s compass come;

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,

But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error and upon me proved,

I never writ, not no man ever loved…” ~~WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

As I sit down to write this, transiting Mercury in Scorpio conjuncts my natal Uranus, which is firing me to communicate all the new ideas brewing in my psyche. You see with this transit, there is deep, intuitive clarity and the ability to innovate and surprise with communication. A perfect day to contemplate on the upcoming FM in TAURUS which is focused on harmony, beauty, creativity, security.

The earthy sign of Taurus is the second sign and this FM is happening in the third decan. The ARCHETYPE of this sign is THE BUILDER. They like to build things…

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