New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, 5/6th January, 2019: I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side~~~


“But,instead of what our imagination makes us suppose and which we worthless try to discover,life gives us something that we could hardly imagine.”  ~~Marcel Proust

I’m a time traveler and you? What are you? A slave to the clock! Constantly staring at that dastardly contraption on your wrist. There is a narrative playing out, coalescing into the very fabric of consciousness. Do you dare to step aside and be a witness? It is not easy to be objective. It is not easy to discard the shackles of time from our tired bones and flesh. It is not easy to stand in self sovereignty, so hold onto your core and journey with me as I take you through the astro-poetry of the first new moon of 2019. A lunation rife with magick, glamour and poetry…and HARD WORK! Lol, had to add that one. It’s in Cappy baby!

We have arrived…

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A Cold Solstice Full Moon and Eclipse in Cancer, 21/22nd December 2018: I thought my demons were almost defeated But you took their side And you pulled them to freedom~~


A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” —George Bernard Shaw

And I could not agree more as we welcome a FM in the 4th Cardinal sign of watery Cancer which is all about family and foundation and can be overemotional and stifling if we don’t watch it. The 4th house. There could be all kinds of crises and activities. But that is what Cancer does best. It feels its way through things.

Family, land, home, houses/real estate, inner emotional security, roots, subconscious, parents, early home life, early conditioning, instincts, protection, habits, nostalgia are all dealt with by the sign Cancer and its ruler, the Moon. And nostalgic we shall be…as the Moon shimmers down at us…

Today as we close in on a eclipse energized FM in Cancer, I am left wondering what it means to be family. Oh this FM happening with the winter Solstice will happen…

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New Moon in Sagittarius, 6th/7th November, 2018: He laughed at my sins, in his arms I must stay~


Animators have to live life 24 times as long as we do – every 24 frames of a second. Darren Aronofsky

With this NM in Sag, Jupiter in domicile squaring Mars and Neptune…I think this quote pretty much sums up how this lunation will play out…nothing will contain the vibe and I mean nothing!

Can you be aware of 24 frames per second. What will happen then? Everything slows down and a super penetrative awareness seeps in…ready to live 24 fps? I know I am…

As I sat down to talk about this grandiose lunation, what struck me was that this is the last NM of 2018!! Like WTF! Where did these twelve months ago? Although while the seasons shifted, I felt the retrogrades acutely. But it was not all a disaster show. These retrogrades actually made a lot of sense and in a way drew me closer to my…

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Full Moon in Gemini, 22/23 November 2018: Oh what can I do… Life is beautiful… But you don’t have a clue~~


Before anything, I want to tell you that this lunation on the 0 degree of Gemini, Decan1, is the first of five which all happen on this degree in the months ahead. The prophetic, psychic and mystical 0 degrees! It is also known as the miracle degree and loads of people with planets on this degree will feel it. Just like I will.

The Moon has just ingressed into Gemini which is an air, masculine, mutable sign and the Moon is not comfortable in this sign. And this has been a huge change considering she was in Taurus which is water, feminine and fixed. So the elements change. The modes change. It is an absolute fresh energy, but it has just embarked on the process of learning that karma of that particular sign and must now master it. People with planets at 0 degrees are often indulgent about what energies…

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Rahu/Ketu in Cancer/Capricorn, 2018 to 2020~


“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

The Nodes have been perplexing to say the least when understanding how they work. Yes, you can read a definition or two, but their complexity is truly remarkable. Today, we shall seek to do just that. Unravel some of the mysteries of the Nodes we call Rahu and Ketu for they are the pathkeepers to Evolutionary Astrology. They keep a tab on your karma here in 3D. They have magnetic energies and attract us to their tug and pull.

Rahu or the North Node is what leads us to our greatest accomplishments in this reality. It is not familiar and can leave us…

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Mars in Pisces, 16th Nov 2018; Coz I’m pretty when I cry~


Let me start off straight without any useless preambles for this is a transit, I have waited for. The last time it happened, was way back in Dec 2016 and I was in Goa as this happened. That very night and I remember thinking….shit Mars in Pisces, a conscious cock penetrates the cosmic vagina! Yes sensual thoughts were cascading within me, creating a strange discomfort. But this discomfort felt good.

It was the 19th of December and I remember that night. 2016 yes. We’re all waiting for that year to pass. Just 11 more days and it is 2017. I remember that night…the stars were screaming to me. Write it down. There I was in wonderland and the stars wouldn’t stop communicating. Write about astrology, they said. Yes, set down that novel. Put down the screenplays for now. You have a new path to tread. Embrace your journey. Now I…

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Jupiter in Sagittarius~ Nov 2018 to Dec 2019~ I got so scared, I thought no one could save me… You came along scooped me up like a baby~~


We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality. ~~Iris Murdoch

Mutable, masculine and fiery Sagittarius points its arrow at us now while Jupiter, the gas giant and the root of the word “jovial” beams to us saying, Hello, here comes the light of intuitive perception? Are you ready for it bitches?…Are we ready? Are we ever ready? Now let us run and discover where have we dislodged our arrows? Let us learn where we’re headed?

Arrows are also signifiers in time and space…the arrow is not just a sign…it is a concept…”the signifier is interpreted as the material form (something which can be seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted) and the signified as the mental concept.”

But do signs always tell the truth? There can be a struggle to ascertain truth? One of Sag’s karmic lessons to overcome is…

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