Venus in Scorpio~ 8th Oct to 1st Nov, 2019~


“Extinguish my eyes, I’ll go on seeing you.
Seal my ears, I’ll go on hearing you.
And without feet I can make my way to you,
without a mouth I can swear your name.

Break off my arms, I’ll take hold of you
with my heart as with a hand.
Stop my heart, and my brain will start to beat.
And if you consume my brain with fire,
I’ll feel you burn in every drop of my blood.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

The Plutonic vibe in the air is unmistakable and we got a real whiff of this energy as Mercury and Venus both entered Scorpio at the beginning of this month and since then there has been a sort of quickening. A passionate tempo and boy, are we swept away by it!

Everything feels intense. A slight touch can feel like a crunching weight and a look can literally kill…

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