The Astrology of Rahul Gandhi, the President of the Congress Party, India


Do you want to know what makes Rahul Gandhi the man he is? What narrative is laid out when you study the stars above at the moment of his birth? What karma has he come to fulfill? What is his destiny?

With Sun in the 9th house, this man is an idealist.

With Moon in the 3rd, he is very close to his sibling. In fact Priyanka is very close to him and a mother figure.

His parents have always had ideological difference…Sonia did not want Rajiv Gandhi to get into active politics. In fact, it all happened pretty suddenly and this Sun/Moon opposition that plays out in his natal chart is symbolic of the clashes between his mother and father which has had a deep influence in his psyche and probably created wounding.

His planets are now mature, so let us see what the future holds.

Will he become…

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