New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio~7.10.2018~ All my dreams and all the lights mean nothing without you~~


A new Moon is a very fertile time for any kind of magick! It is the time when the Sun and the Moon fuse together in union and kiss each other in the skies. Everything is dark, like the very darkness from which all of life springs. It is Scorpionic after all.

The Sun is our will and the Moon is our deep psyche. The rest button if I may say so. And this is happening on the 15th degree of Scorpio which falls bang in the middle. Reminds me of Buddha’s Majhim Path or the path to moderation. Can we be moderate and balanced as 15 wants us to be or are we going to be swayed by the Scorpionic tempest wetting our deep, deep unconscious and fueling untold taboo desires and wants. 

“Both formerly and now, it is only suffering that I describe, and the cessation of suffering.”~~The…

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