Equinox infused Psycho Babble~~ Feel the vibe, Feel the terror, Feel the pain, It’s driving me insane~


The veil between the world of spirit and the world of matter is now equal. There is now a balance with the Sun in Libra. Harmony, balance are the keywords. The equinox portends messages from the realm beyond 3d. If you listen, you can hear the whispers…the whispers of the Autumnal leaves as they convey whispers of the spirits.

Today and yesterday has been straight out of Alice in Wonderland for me. There have been so  many karmic connections, revelations and nostalgia that at times I have been incapacitated. Unable to move, unable to express myself…incessant tears flow ceaselessly…reminds me of a flowing river. You cannot touch the same water in a river twice. Because the water is never same. It always moves and stays in a state of flux. Like my tears…they flow…

Look today, I got lost in doing my makeup…it became a mess as I could not…

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