Venus RX in Scorpio/Libra, 2018~ Doomed from the start, We met with a goodbye kiss~~


“Observation: there was absolutely nothing to see on Venus. Conclusion: it must be covered with life.” ~~ Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Venus is in fact teeming with life, not just the kind we might expect….”equalled by none other…” Esoteric knowledge tells us that it is the root causation of earth’s consciousness. It is our source frequency. The stars and planets, they teach us and not just shine! There is a lesson in the five pointed star that Venus draws as she dances in the heavens above…the question is, have you deciphered the code yet? It is never obvious with Venus retro lessons. It is deep, simmering and has to do with shadow work.

As stated by H. P. Blavatsky: “According to the Occult Doctrine, this planet is our Earth’s primary, and its spiritual prototype. . . . Every sin committed on Earth is felt by Usanas-Sukra [Venus]. . . . Every…

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