Uranus Ingresses into Taurus, 15th May, 2018~ See the light from above, we’re born to love~~


Time passes, and little by little everything that we have spoken in falsehood becomes true. ~~Marcel Proust

DRUM ROLLS~~Here’s the IT UPDATE on the most talked about CELESTIAL EVENT OF THIS SEASON!! Truth and Falsehoods will come into play and what of the FALSEHOOD that has cemented itself as TRUTH?

Don’t worry, coming up this 15th of APRIL, as the NM becomes exact in TAURUS, URANUS, the planet of revolution and disruption enters that very sign, beginning a new era of us claiming our power and if necessary, revolting with all our might against establishment. You can REVOLT with love…REVOLUTION becomes EVOLUTION.

Earthy TAURUS is not a sign URANUS particularly likes. Why? Because URANUS is ULTIMATE CHANGE and disruption and TAURUS, dear old, feminine, earth TAURUS, ruled by VENUS is not happy with CHANGE. She is not happy with adapting the new. She likes to hold on.

Uranus is electrical…

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