Venus in Gemini, 24th APRIL, 2018~~I wasn’t looking where I was going, I fell into your eyes~~


Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it. ~~Hermann Hesse

GEMINI is all about COMMUNICATION and here VENUS is flirty, talkative and cute, but she has no staying power. She is all over the place, all in one go. If you have you natal VENUS in GEMINI, then you are truly lady-like, sweet, polite, genteel and happy to travel, write and express. Yet, conventional education might not be your thing. Local communities and siblings is important to GEMINI. THIRD HOUSE issues.

VENUS rules TAURUS and she loves it there, but TAURUS is so earthy, that VENUS cannot find the lighter and more fun side of her. She is responsible, steadfast and dependable in TAURUS. The homemaker, but now she becomes the flirt.

In GEMINI, she takes on a more fun…

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