Full Moon in Scorpio, 29th April, 2018; Come be the therapy for you and me tonight~~


“He looked at his own Soul with a Telescope. What seemed all irregular, he saw and showed to be beautiful Constellations; and he added to the Consciousness hidden worlds within worlds”. ~~Carl Jung

Is the life we live a dream for the dead? The SCORPIONIC FM makes you question- what is life and what is death? But how do you get to the crux of it all? ASTROLOGY has the answers…listen and read on…

Things have been intensifying lately, we feel out of whack and kinda crazy and all we need is some therapy. All we need is some healing and the Universe is serving this healing vibe in heavy doses during this SCORPIO FM coming up on the 29th of April, 2018. All the ACTION is in SCORPIO/TAURUS axis bringing the focus to GROUND deep within our bodies and GAIA , ENCAPSULATING our deep, penetrative, psychic emotions and feelings…

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