Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio, March 8th to July 10th~~ I put a spell on you~~


Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss. ~~~John Keats

JUPITER applies a SEXTILE to PLUTO on the 24th degree of the intense watery sign of Scorpio and this aspect is perfect for all kinds of occult and esoteric studies. Very symbolic as I sit to write this retrograde article and dig deep, like Scorpio does to discover little pearls of wisdom about JUPITER, the great benefic!

The RETROGRADE begins on MARCH 8th officially on the 23rd degree, but we can already feel the bitterness of the Scorpionic sting of Jupiter as plans fall through, people deceive you and everything you have created threatens to fall apart. What do you do then? Do you scream and shout or do you take a step back, reflect and try to understand the lessons that are coming to you from the time JUPITER went into SCORPIO.


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