Drowning in the Piscean Seas~~KARMIC LOVE takes shape~~~


It’s the 1st of March. Once again, there will be a DOUBLE FULL MOON on this month and we stress on VIRGO!

Two of my favorite signs are strong today and there is a gust of surcharged electricity coming from fiery yang Leo which is merging with the deep, blue, crystalline seas of intuitive Pisces. Yes I am biased. My Sun and Moon signs after all.

The energy is sensual. The energy bristles with the latest VENUS/PLUTO SEXTILE which is about a karmic love story of many incarnations.

But before the astro inputs, let me digress….

These words came pouring out of me…

Today has been a rather exceptional day. In so many ways. I was not sure of what to feel as this event was drawing near. I felt confused, troubled that an idea I had, had turned on its head and is now a chimeric cacophony of my…

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