Super- Blue- Blood Moon Eclipse, 31st January, 2018~~It’s always raining…But she keeps on praying…Oh, sunny days…


It’s SUNNY DAYS that we all want, especially as there is such an intense lunation in the sign of LEO which is RULED by the SUN, the very HEART OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. Sunny days are here, lifting the fog of lies, deceit and treachery…sunny days to frolic in the Sun with open hair…ah, for a beautiful sunny day…

LEO explores the CONSCIOUSNESS OF CREATION, all things fifth house and is the CORE of IDENTITY CONSTRUCTION. As LEO is known for her ATTACHMENT, her polar opposite AQUARIUS is known for DETACHMENT. And once again in 2018, the eclipses happen mostly in this axis, except for one in Cancer, so the focus is very much these two signs.

On Jan 31st, 2018, the Universe hands us a WILD CARD! This allows us to access some hardcore cosmic fairy-dust energies which can help birth a new us during the magic intuitiveness of…

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