Full Moon in Cancer, 1/2nd January, 2018~ She’s just tryna find love out there, And she cries…I NEED YOU~~~


A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories. ~~Honore de Balzac

January 2018 begins with a CARDINAL FULL MOON at 11 Cancer 37 / 11 Capricorn 37 axis and ends with a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 31st, at 11 degrees and what an ILLUMINATING way to begin the new year!!! The energies are reflective that open up spaces for deeper awareness and intuition. With this WATER ACTIVATION we can now swim in compassionate, nostalgic, emotional seas of Cancer.

According to Bailey, Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce, the first human incarnations occurred in the sign of Cancer— the sign that represents the Cosmic Mother. ~~Lynn Koiner

The FIRST MOON of a year is always known as the WOLF MOON, the WOLF is a very powerful spiritual totem and symbolizes INTUITIVE AWARENESS.

The wolf offers some…

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