New Moon in Sagittarius, 18th December, 2017~ P.S, I LOVE YOU~~


“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” ~~Henry David Thoreau

The Galactic Center is abuzz with electric activity with a whiff of REVOLUTION. We are confronted with themes of understanding the healing journey, both individual and collective, and with how we view expansion and at what costs do we want to expand?

Much has been spoken of Saturn in Capricorn, so for now let me quote from one of my previous MUSELETTERS~~

“The GALACTIC CENTER is a ginormous BLACK HOLE and the INFRARED energy released by this celestial giant is known to affect human mind and all life and beings on earth. The GC helps you PURGE, it helps you to subtract yourself from negative patterns. This is connected to the MULADHARA CHAKRA and helps the turnaround of the kundalini. This infrared energy releases turbulence in the mind, past life memories and destructive patterns which must be…

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