Chiron Direct, 5th December, 2017~ Truly, Madly, Deeply~~


In reality both are always present: the supremacy of the self and the hubris of consciousness. ~Carl Jung

The Jungian concept of the SELF lies occulted, whereas we use the EGO as a vehicle of that UNCONSCIOUS. The self IS UNCHANGING and TIMELESS, it an a priori existent to the EGO. Therefore we do not CREATE ourselves. We HAPPEN to ourselves. Sublime? Confusing?

The reality around you and your experiences happen to you; there is no active creation from your side? WTF? Where is FREE WILL?

Chiron, the INNER TEACHER/GURU shows you the path of using the FREE WILL in the way he embarks on the healing journey, but the result of that action he sort of has to leave to the substratum of the Unconscious. And do not for one minute think CHIRON, the asteroid is dead. Chiron is very much alive and breathing.

While most centaurs are thought to…

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