The Last Mercury Retro of 2017~~Meditation on ANTAHKARANA~~


MERCURY is the PSYCHOPOMP of the ROMANS. What is a psychopomp?

A PSYCHOPOMP is a GOD or a spirit or a demon who does the job of helping the souls pass over from the 3D reality to the etheric Netherworld. The word is derived from the Greek word “psuchopompos”, meaning “guide of souls”. Reminds me of YAMA DEVA of Indian mythology.

MERCURY is a naughty little sprite and he uses many tricks from his arsenal to work his way through human consciousness. And to be a pain in the ass for us all, he keeps going retro three to sometimes four times a year. And our pathetic little lives fall apart! MERCURY does not really go retro, but from the earth-centric view, due to rotation, we view MERC as going backwards in the sky and presto, we have a recipe for disaster in our modern technocratic world.

MERCURY of the…

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