The Astrosignature of Today~~Daily Museletter~~1/12~~


Today is the first day of the last month of 2017 and the MOON is in 13 degrees of Taurus. The number thirteen has strong feminine vibrations, it is after all the number of the Goddess. It became evil under patriarchy and fear vibrations got attached to it in a mass scale. When the MOON(FEMININE) is in TAURUS(EARTH/FEMININE) in the 13th DEGREE(FEMININE), then there is a triple Goddess signature. A very deep day to invoke the Goddess which is what I have been doing all morning and then suddenly a mantra written by Guru Gobind Singh, which has changed my life came to me in a chanted version on Youtube randomly.

Since then I started chanting it and my 3d world melted away. I will make a video on the chant to introduce it to you. It changed my life and is one of my most effective tools for an…

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