Sun in Sagittarius~~Neptune Stations Direct Special~~21/11/2017~~


The Moon is still in Sagittarius before she slides into the earthy and hardworking Capricorn. There is a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn in Sag. Remember, Conjunction being the celestial conversation where two planets are almost on top of one another, give and take a few degrees.

This brings the serious energy of Saturn to the light and happy explorer Sag. We may be suddenly faced with the truth of some matter and this may make us feel serious. This seriousness is heightened as the Moon moves into Capricorn.

This means that the cold Saturnian vibes will not penetrate our inner emotional universe. What happens then? We become cold, detached and SERIOUS. This energy could be seriously efficient if you want to bring back some seriousness into your life and routine. Saturn is also structure, so if there is an aspect of your emotional life that needs structure, then…

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