Healing with Tinaheals~~ Daily Museletter~~10/11/2017~~


It is the day before the 11/11 portal my love and the energies are reverberating everywhere. Some of you might be feeling tired and enervated, so take rest. Your body is preparing for the 11.11 frequency download. Oh thanks for all the messages. Yes I have gone quiet, but it is what I need to do. Retreat to work behind the scenes during the Scorpio season. Yes, a witch has got to do her work and then, some homework.

And I want to thank all of you for reading these ASTRO Museletters. This is my way to explore astrology, archetypes and bring this knowledge to your very doorstep(SCREEN..hehe) and why you ask? It is so you can learn all about astrology. Why? To heal yourself, just like I did. Astrology gave me life and it can do so for you too. Allow it to…if you read my Museletters, you will…

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