Daily Museletter from Astrotina~~6/11/2017~~


Although the Moon in Gemini is SESQUISQUARE Venus in Libra, which could make us feel conflicted, because our wants and desires do not correspond to what we have in front of us, I still need to get working on my three upcoming episodes for Airtel DTH.

Yes, on Thursday I shoot for the next three episodes and although they are topics I am pretty well versed with, there is still a certain nervousness I feel. I always feel this weird knot-in-the-stomach feeling before I speak to a huge crowd, even before I go live in front of thousands. It feels charged, it feels excitable and it feels like everything has come to a halt. If things move, they do so in SLOW MO. Also the Moon Quincunx the Sun could be adding to this feeling of desperate nothingness and dissatisfaction.

Too many conflicts happening. As Mercury entered Sag yesterday, setting…

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