Daily Astro Museletter from Astrotina~~28/10/2017


How is the witching season treating you? Have you embraced the inner witch or are you still trying to burn her?

There is a lot of friction in the air and we are being pulled in two different directions with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio. These energies are extremely polarised and not in the Leo/Aquarius way, but in a destructive, painful and severe way.

Feelings of inadequacy can arise as the Moon conjuncts the SOUTH NODE in Aquarius and opposes the NORTH NODE in Leo. Do you feel all weird and angst-ridden? Unable to express what’s biting you? Right now you might feel like staying with what’s familiar, but we have to keep pushing ourselves to get out of our comfort zones. This antsy feeling too shall pass when the NEW MOON passes Leo and sets things to rest with the NORTH NODE positioned there.


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