Astrology Notes from Astrotina: Mars enters Libra to meet his lover Venus


I know, I know, I had promised you regular astro updates, but believe me, it has been pretty challenging to deal with and work through all the energies. The ASCENSION PROCESS is zapping the life out of me, to rebirth the new me.

The FM in Aries triggered a longing I have been fostering for a while. A longing to travel across the seven seas(sounds more dramatic that just sea..hee hee) has escalated into my CONSCIOUSNESS and the ARCHETYPE OF THE QUEST has been triggered in my subconscious; hope I can survive the supreme ordeal and literally escape the belly of the whale. I think I am meant to. There is some karmic residue I have to dust off which is why I am embarking on this quest.

The Quest Archetype activation also has to do with the eclipses obviously, they have changed, not just for me, for everyone, the…

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