Timelessness of our Be-ness

I’m still alive,

So let me live.

But again I am forced to ask myself,

How on Earth am I alive?

The breath has ceased and the heart has stopped.

The moment you faded away in the sunset.

How do I call myself alive?

f you were my life.

How can I know of happiness?

If you are the cause of my smile.

You are my smile, not just the cause of it.

You are the unquenchable desire that cannot be quenched.

No matter in how many faces I search for you.

The search never ends.

Because none of those faces belong to you.

It is as futile as my love for you.

No culmination.

No absolution.

No solution.

Just a festering abscess of my bleeding heart.

The silvery moon teases me,

It mimics your smile.

The trees sing of rapture.

Of pure unbridled ecstasy of our sacred union.

The sky beckons to me as if it is your embrace.

The winds make love to my senses.

As if it were singing sonnets of your love.

There is no night.

There is no day.

Just timelessness.

Of our beness.

The timelessness of the sacred union.




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