Pisces Full Moon, 6th September, 2017: Sorry NOT sorry~~


“I am living permanently in my dream, from which I make brief forays into reality”~~ Ingmar Bergman

That my Beloved is the energy of Pisces in short for easy elucidation and I speak from experience. My Moon is in Pisces at 11 degrees 38 seconds and this FM is happening about two degrees away. It is at 13 degrees and 53 seconds.

I did mention that any personal planets within five degrees in the natal chart get activated by the NM, FM and other astro alignments.

Again, the Moon is your EMOTIONAL SELF and if that is in Pisces, you surely have what I call the FRACTURED SOUL. Like me. You and me have been hurt. We have trusted with open hearts and every single time our hearts have been broken. But we still find it within to love, or we turn to INTOXICATION, SELF BLAME, SELF LOATHING AND WHAT…

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