Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, 7th August 2017: But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo~~


Water of life am I, poured forth for a thirsty world~~~~~

Once you have an innovation culture, even those who are not scientists or engineers – poets, actors, journalists – they, as communities, embrace the meaning of what it is to be scientifically literate. They embrace the concept of an innovation culture. They vote in ways that promote it. They don’t fight science and they don’t fight technology. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Nothing could explain the ethos of the sign of Aquarius as the quote above. A culture that constantly innovates and comes up with fantastic, eccentric, creative ideas will transform humanity. And let me tell you a secret! Humanity as a WHOLE is now functioning as an AQUARIUS ASCENDANT. The energy is fixed and definitive as Aquarius is a FIXED SIGN and no planet is EXALTED in this sign. In fact the SUN, the mighty SUN is debilitated in Aquarius.

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