The Human: Channelled Poetry

Art by Alex Grey

Karma makes this world real, the experiences real and the separation evident.

Truth emphasises only on Unity where our experiences are as unreal as the world we inhabit.

Oneness where there is no scope for duality or separation.

Integrated and whole, where bliss or violence fail to express their meanings and action.

How can I reach this sublime expression of the Self?

Is there any way for an ordinary mortal like me to ever fathom the depths of existence for I am blind and deaf?

The waves of questioning that undulate in the turbulence of my mind,

They do not show themselves for they exist not. Their birth is to happen much later in karmic bondage.

The heart is not corrupt you see, it knows, the child like wonder and awe at everything, mundane or special.

It knows love and fear instinctually and has learnt to experience all the shades of grey that come with it.

But love is its natural expression. It is its nascent state.

The heart has acquired the knowledge of every experience, but love is its constant experience.

Even in hate there is love, even in anger, there is love and even in genocide there is love.

Love for the chosen people. Love of the hunger rumbling in the tummy ready to devour a baby animal.

There is love in every expression of existence, in every saga of life.

Soul finds its highest purpose in love and can only be aligned with the Universal Self through love.

This tireless journey will never cease where realities warp into each other, screaming and shouting in ignorance.

Consciousness needs to become aware of itself, its glorious self.

Whether through Ishta sadhana, namaz, masses or prayers you decide to call the Divine…

It doesn’t matter for the blood coursing through our veins will appear red no matter what you call it.

Your heart will beat whether you notice each beat or not. Your eyes will see whether you think about seeing or not.

It is ceaseless, this infinite seas of creation and destruction.

We loathe the human body, we objectify, vilify it, degrade it and sexualise it,

But do we know how important the human body is?

The human body is the very vehicle to take you through your ascension.

This body is the reason you can accomplish certain human karmas to see Truth.

After eighty-four lakh births do you get a human body!

Is there any logical reason to humiliate and desecrate this body so?

Your soul has played and learnt endlessly through cycles of birth and death to be worthy of a human body!

Do you see how important it is- the body made of star dust?

Unconscious, we scurry around like zombies, seeking only gratification and pleasure.

We seek to devour existence, we seek to consume existence in our fetishistic points of views.

Even Devas and Angels seek the human vehicle, for a lot of karma can only be done through it.

Your consciousness can ride through and rise up the mires of illusion using the human body.

Equally you can degenerate to the level of a brute if you decide so.

The choice is yours, it has always been.

Free Will is not a choice, it is the TRUTH.

As KARMA is the truth, so is FREEWILL.

You create your reality as your are the Shiva/Shakti in reality.

You are the truth, you are the lie.

You are the very ocean in a droplet and the droplet in the ocean.

Infinite realities, multiple parallel Universes, your body can take you everywhere.

We seek to create time machines, but humans, your body is the time machine.

This time machine can take you to FULL AWARENESS OF THE ONE-NESS.

From the Cosmic Yoni arises creation as from the mother’s yoni arrives her child.

The child is not only the father of man but is an AWARE UNIVERSE in herself.

We are all Universes, but perception shifts as we lose our innocence.

Reality imprints our minds with pain and fear, we forget our true roots.

The man is a corrupt, perverted version of the SELF AWARE CHILD.

The body arises from the conscious and unconscious states of Awareness of Unity.

The Cosmic Yoni and lingam create friction, the electricity or Fohatic forces that awaken the laya layers to the call of Creation.

Man is built on the image of God, we are Gods and we create.

We create our Gods and we create us. We create the future and the past.

In waking, sleeping and dreaming states, we experience existence through different lenses.

Remember that this body is comprised of dualistic forces of both conscious and unconscious elements.

The Ego driven woman is a lower vibration and dropping this fake sense of importance is what brings her closer to Spirit.

Like a primal song, heard through eternities in the very heart centre of creation,

This desire to see more of what could be, leads to awareness.

Meditation is not thoughtlessness, meditation is being aware of what you are doing.

The Merkaba is the Chariot to “Heaven”, it opens up all the chakras.

The DNA has all the secrets of life but our perceptiveness has not quite got there yet.

We separate the husk and the grain to attain Self, the husk falls away.

Costumes are not worn by the actors after a performance, no matter how brilliant it might have been.

The Actor has stopped playing the part, but will that role ever disappear truly from his Essence?

For Essence precedes existence.10959765_941780839179917_6201144241326613304_n


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