Spiritual Sexuality

Why is sex such taboo or embarrassment in our society? Why do we deny women the status of being sexual beings who need equal amounts of sex like men? Why does the sexually awakened women or the Lilith archetype scare society like fuck?

SEX CAN BE INTENSELY SPIRITUAL and EQUALLY INTENSE SEXUALLY! Yes it is possible. Sex is not a shameful experience, but a mystical tool for spiritual ascension.

The Jungian scholar Frieda Fordham explains that “the danger of repressing the shadow is that in the unconscious it seems to acquire strength and grow in vigour, so that when the moment comes…when it must appear, it is more dangerous and more likely to overwhelm the rest of the personality, which otherwise could have acted as a wholesome check. This is particularly true, of those collective aspects of the shadow which are displayed when a mob riots and apparently harmless people behave in the most appallingly savage and destructive manner.”

What happens when we repress our sexual desires and thoughts? What do you think happens then? Not only do they become a gargantuan juggernaut ready to topple the very framework of our existence.

There is a friend I am working with. A woman in her late thirties and she is not only going through extreme imbalance of her sacral chakra, also severe depression and borderline schizophrenia. This was wreaking havoc with her life and we met at the Bombay Gym one quiet lazy afternoon.

We began to work together and let the energies guide us. She was a divorcee and a mother of two boys who go to an eminent boarding school. Being from a very affluent family, she still felt like her life was going nowhere.

Looking at the Ketu positioning and transits, I began to work on her PAST LIFE KARMA CHART. Things began to clear up. Without going into detail, I will explain how an entity had made itself home on her right shoulder to the nape of the neck.

Often times while aura reading, if I sense some form of energy vampire or entity on the person, then I tend to address that energy and see if I get any response. Because more often than not, healers and clairvoyants are not always aware of what kind of entity makes contact.

This entity was eating through her aura and was becoming avaricious for more energy. This woman is no “low-energy” types. She’s fit and can still do thirty laps of the pool without breaking a sweat. I know that personally.

Her energy levels were being depleted and she was feeling it. That is when I began to work with her. Sage. Switchwords. Meditation. We began the journey. She began to feel a special affinity to Kali, the dark Goddess and knowing my connection to her, we began Kali sadhana together. Kali became our guide.

Through meditational journeys with her I sensed that this entity had entered into her through her last lover. Things started to go haywire after she started to see him.

I never met him personally. We tried to catch up together, but somehow we never managed to meet up. She told me that after hooking up with him, her sexual appetite had increased manifolds. And here is a woman with a very balanced and healthy approach to life and is not a sex addict.

And every woman with a healthy sexual appetite is anyway a sex addict or nymphomaniac for society. Isn’t she? Now I began to notice this insect like creatures all around her aura. They looked like a swarm of bees, but they were holograms and did not really resemble bees.

Then while researching I came across Shri Aurobindo’s writings on this same matter… You have perhaps read the books of Maurice Magre. He describes this; he had come here, Maurice Magre, and we spoke and he told me that he had always noticed – he was highly sensitive – he had always noticed that people who have [excessive/pathological] sexual desires are surrounded by a kind of small swarm of entities who are somewhat viscous and rather ugly and which torment them constantly, awakening desire in them.

He said he had seen this around certain people. It was like being surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes, yes! But it is more gross, and much uglier still, and it is viscous, it is horrible, and it turns round and round the person and gives him no peace, and it awakens in him the desire that has formed these entities and they batten on it. It is their food. This is absolutely true. His observation was quite correct. His vision was very true. It is like that. The sex-vampire eats up the other’s vital and gives nothing or very little.”

– from “The Hidden Forces of Life (Integral Yoga) – Selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

These sexual vampires were eating away at her vital force. Her work life was suffering, her relationships were suffering and to top it off she is at the peak of her Sade Sati.

Do you know your genitals and the sacral chakra create LIFE, DEATH, PAIN and PLEASURE…the main binaries that operate throughout our lives. Entities use these powers while you have sex to drain you from prana. Your genitals become pathways and when lower vibrational entities use this energy, they manifest as per as their wishes. That does not resonate with our higher purposes.

That is one of the esoteric reasons for abstaining from sex in various spiritual disciplines. Entities cannot enter you through your sexual organs if you are balanced. If you have deep seated sexual issues or acceptance of your gender issues, then they prey.

With a balance of the sexual energy you are actually changing your own frequency. Sex is a very important aspect of the human condition and we cannot ignore it. We cannot repress it for these feelings and longings will not go away. No matter in which convent you are locked up.

That is why Tantra, the most Scientific doctrine integrates sexuality as a spiritual practice. Yes sex can be meditation. Yes sex can be extremely rewarding on so many levels. Your orgasms are not CONFINED TO YOUR BODY. They lose the concept of space and time. Lots of creative energy can be channelled if we use the sexual energy to create.

Often times desires lose carnality and take greater expression. These sexual urges can be harnessed and used for meditation which leads to OJAS, the Sanskrit word for LIFE FORCE.

My task was to establish a holistic connection between herself and her sexuality. She told me that she hardly masturbated and instead waited to have some sexual encounter and suppressed her sexual feelings. It was not every day that a divorcee in our society gets to have sex. It is actually quite a rare phenomenon. Because women like that hardly meet any one other than their usual crowd. She is never alone usually…but due to sexual hunger, she began to find time. She hooked up on numerous occasions with random strangers and experienced nothing but humiliation. In fact she did not orgasm in most cases. In none actually. Guilt began to built up.

Sexually losing energy with random strangers does us no good and neither does suppressing our sexual thoughts. If we ignore the fact that we are sexual beings, then that approach will just make us more sex hungry and desperate. What are we to do when we have no partner? We have to understand SELF LOVE and SELF PLEASURE. Open to the idea of VAGINAL CRYSTAL EGGS, she bought a handful online. (If you want to know more google it and if you still have questions, ping me)

Each egg was to be used for specific meditations with the YONI. We are working together over the last two months, on a pretty regular basis and one thing has surely changed. The entity on her right shoulder is not being fed her FEAR BASED SEXUAL STIMULI. Now instead, she has turned this vibe and has seen the spiritual side of sex and sexuality.

We create fields of energy with  our sexual acts and intentions. And entities and beings from other dimensions and astral planes often eat away our PRANA or CHI. They know how important human sexuality is and what is ever more important- is the way it is USED. How do humans use their sexuality?

How does it find expression? Are you caught in the lower vibrations or do you feel invigorated after the sexual act? Does it satisfy you MIND, BODY and SOUL? If not, then you are probably being depleted by a sexual vampire, like this woman.

The YONI or the VAGINA is the core of our being, as women. That is the seat of our feminine power. The SACRAL CHAKRA is right on top of the vagina and controls our sexual feelings and stimuli. This CHAKRA holds many of our deepest darkest secrets. Our guilt, our shame is buried there, in the womb.

In fact sterility and other complications of the female reproductive systems arise due to IMBALANCE. When women try to be the man, there is an imbalance. You see women are women…they are unique, just like men. There is no comparison, there is no strife.

We are HUMANS. All of us. With sexual desires and fantasies. But how can we explore these sides of ourselves without guilt or shame?

I suggest become friends with your GENITALIA! As preposterous as it sounds people…go do it. Become friends with your cock and vag. Speak to her or him. Tap them lightly to establish contact.

After this, I suggest you bring awareness to your vagina/cock and let it remain there. This is the two step path to begin. Focus on the MULADHARA and see the light. Bring that light to the sacral chakra and let it LIGHT UP YOUR SEXUALITY.

Lots of thoughts will surface, feelings, emotions. Just be aware and feel everything. No labels please. After about a month of this AWARENESS GROWING, then you will see how your vagina is actually talking back to you. You will not be bothered to go out and get laid uselessly and lose respect, because you will begin to value the sexual act. You will see it as SPIRITUAL.

There the shift has begun. This is how she changed her life. The entity on her shoulder grows weak by the day. She no longer needs to have sex compulsively and feed her addiction. Now she knows how absolutely SACRED it is.

She is willing to wait…for the right person. The right person is someone who is as involved in the moment as you. That person sees the sacredness as you do too. No such encounter can ever be cheap or humiliating. There is only TRUE CONNECTION. When we have sex we share electromagnetic fields that join us forever and there is scope for much spiritual activity from that. Spiritual sex will change the individual and the society forever.

Spiritual sex brings awareness to the body, soul and mind and then integrates it. This trinity is then activated and we lose time/space sense. We become fused with the ONE during the orgasm and even later or even without orgasm. Maithuna is the name for tantric sex. It is the spiritual sex with the GODHEAD on the macro level, but on the micro level, it is TOTAL CONNECTION to your partner.

From such a space, sexuality can really be looked upon as a spiritual tool. But this article does not cover all that. Some other time…

Our ego, boasting of freedom, is at every moment the slave, toy and puppet of countless beings, powers, forces, influences in universal Nature. All life is the play of universal forces. The individual gives a personal form to these universal forces….SRI AUROBINDOab600d01dacf4c336e6b82562e0beeea


One thought on “Spiritual Sexuality

  1. I was visited by the Great Dark Buffalo when I was an infant in the Midwest plains and the Indians said that he was searching for his herd. His shaggy head was over my crib and I could feel his hot breath imparting the Dharma of lost American Bison and the essence of the lost herd was conveyed to me as probably many other infants were similarly visited after the hunters killed off almost all of the millions of buffalo in the nineteenth century. I am a symbolic herd member and I sleep with a dream catcher over my head to ward off further visitations because this is a downer and mostly nightmares. Still I call back his image in times of stress so he can impart his spirit to cope with the many troubles that can beset me. I can tell these stories if it is your wont. Rendi


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