Planchette and Paranormal Chanelling

Saw this Performance Art Piece where the artists had spend the night in a graveyard. It made me revisit the times I used to visit a kabaristhan(Muslim burial ground) with a friend in the dark of the night.

No I am not telling you the plot line of some hypothetical M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN film..

I was always into spirits, ghosts, energies and spooky shit. Pisces moon- intense obsession and love affair with the occult. 11 degrees of Pisces- Robin Williams had his at 9 degrees!(Had to add that) Very intensely involved with the human experience…what is observable and what is not.

Did you know we humans see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum! Okay if this does not BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND, I SERIOUSLY DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL…

That means you cannot hear and see everything…in fact it is less than 1% that you see and hear. So stop trusting your eyes and ears. There is so much out there and we cannot access it. Drives me nuts…because I sense these energies…

I hear things I know are not there and I see things that do not make sense. And those experiences at the graveyard left me changed forever and I cannot say that even till date…after a decade of those experiences have I still managed to assimilate and integrate all that I saw and heard on those trips.

I was going through some major relationship issues and was a wreck. Nothing made sense except this feeling of abject desolation and abandonment. I was becoming addicted to the pain. Chiron in Taurus. They seem to excel at taking suffering to a new level. But usually surface better and stronger. That Kanye West song probably applies best to this placement. So I was taking all this pain(more imaginary that actual because that man was like the last man I should have hooked up with and I was breaking my heart over it!!!) and the graveyard seemed to be a balm to my assaulting senses.

Because there the mundane fell away and the supramundane made itself felt. I have been super charged with ESP since I can remember. Those energies that I sensed and experienced….I need to talk about them…I need to RELEASE them…and HEAL THEM…HEAL..

I will not mention the name of the graveyard for a number of reasons…but I can tell you one thing that the main entity I met with is ANCIENT and powerful. How do I know that?

I found a stone. It did not look like the regular stones from the graves. In fact it was in a script which was intelligible to us. It looked like the Mesopotemian script. The Indus Valley script which has not been deciphered.

This graveyard is very near the sea. The stone looked slightly wet. As I went close to touch it, my friend flipped out. I almost slipped and broke my neck. Sitting down and facing the stone, I touched it…what happened next? A 404 ERROR!!

My consciousness was ripped from my body and I had a sensation of falling…falling into where I don’t know. I don’t think a ketamine overdose could compare to this sensation. I fell back and found myself floored. The caretaker thinking we were troublemakers came screaming and we ran for our lives. What a chase!

But we kept revisiting this place for over a month and then one day I just did not want to go back…

There were so many bodies, all lying so close together, I wondered if they touched each other! Freaky thought!

While walking past the graves, I could hear voices. So many languages and languages I did not understand. Speaking in different tones. That freaked me out because I was ill prepared the first day to step into such an atmosphere.

Now I am in a much better place to visit graveyards and not be totally overwhelmed. In fact I went to many crematoriums after that and met with many Aghori babas who do sadhana there. Talking about Aghori Babas, I cannot not mention DR. RAMNATH AGHORI BABA who was experienced in VETAL GYAN, the science of spirits.

There are stories of Yogis from India, Nepal and Tibet who would keep entities in their bodies. Shocking! Yes…in fact PARAMHAMSA VISHUDDHANANDA kept such an entity in his skull and he had told his disciples that till the very end of times he has to keep this entity with him. For now, he kept it in some part of his brain! Imagine that!

What disturbed me the most were the lost children…so many of them…it broke my heart…why do we fear spirits so? This binary that society has fed us- we are sane and ghosts perfectly insane. How long will we be victim to this polarisation?

We often attempted planchette and tried psychic journaling, meditation and for spell work. We were totally into Wiccan magic back then. Reading IPSITA ROY CHAKRAVERTI and understanding the NEO PAGAN WAYS. Anyway we often made spells there and I can tell you that we explored some intense experiences in our minds and in the spectrum we normally could not look or hear into.

Often times I was scared. I wanted to run away. But somewhere I clutched at the idea that I was a WITCH with great healing powers and even though I was going through this tumultuous times, I could still offer healing to the dead.

I know who I helped make the transition and why. That memory will be etched in my mind forever. But I have felt such a deep and profound connection to that person and it has changed the way I look at life. That person is DEAD and died may years ago. He was not even buried in that graveyard but was caught there.10958091_941308222560512_6323119970934063656_n

Those unfinished sagas which were left unsolved touches me till today. But I knew that my time was up. I had to stop going there.

Rabindranath Tagore was heavily involved with planchette. He became a medium very many times trying to contact his wife Mrinalinidevi. His experiences were nothing short of remarkable…but this article’s scope does not cover that.

My friends made fun of the fact that the planchette phenomenon was restricted to the urban bourgeoisie. Yes most Bengalis stopped the intense ridicule if you told them that their very own KOBIGURU or Tagore was into it. Take my word, planchette really works.

The entities you want to call may not always answer, but someone will. The fear that has been ingrained in us through horror films is that all spirits are here to harm us. In fact they are NOT HERE TO HARM US. They cohabit with us and we are not even aware of them.

Another experience. I was the medium and we were calling the spirit of SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE. Fuck knows why? Being Bengali makes one believe that Bose and Tagore are immortals that we need to aspire to. A planchette is all about interpreting the signs the spirit gives. And a lot of it is dependant on the psychology of the spirit as well as the medium. But the spirit we managed to bring forth was not Bose. He was in fact a small boy of four who had died. My planchette partners tell me that I mouthed off in Russian and said words they did not understand…Debolina, being the first girl had scribbled it down…moya mat’ ubila menya…

We later discovered that it meant My mother killed me…no amount of RAM RAM could take the creeps away…The baby boy’s cries still ring in my ears. What a piercing shriek.

In fact an English Gypsy woman was heard speaking in Bengali and she was channelling Tagore. He spoke of poetry, life, death and many things…there were a few Bengalis present and they vouch that this indeed was Tagore. The gypsy lady did not obviously know a word of Bengali.

You know I want to go back there again. This time to take with me high tech gadgets to document what I know is there. I want to visit many more such places, do a drumming and sage ceremony for healing if possible.

My friends and family do not necessarily approve…but what do you think?

Do you think that such places should be investigated so we can find some answers to life after death. Scientists are not openly saying that the consciousness travels to a different dimension after death. So we live on…forever…just not in this body…

JACQUES DERRIDA and HAUNTOLOGY…The French word hantise is the etymological root for Derrida’s hauntology. Deridda considers ghosts to be the memory of something which has never been present!!!

Ponder on that…much more coming up…

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