“Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself.” -Plato

I’m not a FORTUNE TELLER, I AM A MYSTICAL PSYCHOLOGIST. I will NOT tickle your neurosis by predicting when you will die, whether you will marry your crush or whether you will get the job. My use of astrology is far deeper. I use the planetary archetypes to explain the human journey. Each planet works through certain types of energies and where it is placed on your chart decides the vibes or energies that will surround you during that time. I will indeptually look at and analyse these archetypes and give you an understanding of what kind of energies you have to deal with. I will work with you on how to address these energies and how to work WITH THESE ENERGIES, NOT AGAINST THEM.

By not taking the predictive approach, I seek to look deeper into your mental and psycho somatic makeup through the eyes of a psychologist, because the sky full of stars gives us such profound insights into humanity that it leaves me speechless.

How can predictive astrology help your soul growth? I am not interested in the mundane future, I am looking at bending your mind to multiple possibilities and the mystery of existence. There are many astrologers out there who do predictive astrology, go to them if you must.

But if you come to me, be prepared to go on a journey of self discovery. My friend, I am going with you on this journey for exploring your mind gives me invaluable insights into my own psyche. Helping you understand yourself better makes me UNDERSTAND MYSELF BETTER.

I invoke your LIGHT BODY with a spiritual approach to divination. When Mars goes direct and steps into Aries like it will do very soon, we must work through the ACTION ORIENTED MASCULINE ARCHETYPE who is all about ACTION and MOVEMENT! When this transit happens and where it falls in your chart will show what archetypes you need to understand. And it reveals what approach we can use. It is deep. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

The dance of the planets above are rhythmically enacted below, in the human body and the collective. Your physical body is a UNIVERSE. So I will explore your NEEDS, CORE BELIEFS and how you can work towards SOUL EVOLUTION. How can you tackle the Mercury Retrograde? I will tell you how you can work through it, depending on where it is taking place in your chart.

Every transit, aspect, progression provides opportunities to GROW. Sometimes we get a hold of the RESET BUTTON and we press it. A new vista dawns before us, but sometimes we remain clamped up in self limitations and fail to make use of the energies available.

I try to integrate the planetary archetypes to psychological ones, physical knowledge to metaphysics. I draw from esoteric and occult knowledge of various traditions to understand astrology and to synthesise it for practical usage.


The Primordial Substance had not yet passed out of its precosmic latency into differentiated objectivity, or even become the (to man, so far,) invisible Protyle of Science. But, as the hour strikes and it becomes receptive of the Fohatic impress of the Divine Thought (the Logos, or the male aspect of the Anima Mundi, Alaya) — its heart opens. It differentiates, and the three (Father, Mother, Son) are transformed into four. Herein lies the origin of the double mystery of the Trinity and the immaculate Conception. The first and Fundamental dogma of Occultism is Universal Unity (or Homogeneity) under three aspects. This led to a possible conception of Deity, which as an absolute unity must remain forever incomprehensible to finite intellects. “If thou wouldest believe in the Power which acts within the root of a plant, or imagine the root concealed under the soil, thou hast to think of its stalk or trunk and of its leaves and flowers. Thou canst not imagine that Power independently of these objects. Life can be known only by the Tree of Life. ..HPB

That ONE BE-NESS becomes MUKLTIPLE UNIVERSES and everything inside of them. So we humans, like the orbs above are all part of that UNITARY CONSCIOUSNESS or PARABHRAHM. Then everything is connected. We are made of STAR DUST! Can you grasp how fucking sublime this is! WE ARE THE STARS!

Our journey is to return to this SOURCE CODE! Astrology is a tool for just that.  It makes you aware of the symbiotic synchronicities between planetary positions and movement and how it affects us in this reality. It guides you to YOUR DEEPEST TRUTH! It facilitates an INNER MONOLOGUE! We all need that from time to time!

When you get your chart done by me, I will discuss with you the energies that typify that particular transit and it speaks volumes about yourself and your journey. My intention is to harmonise the above with the below and get you dancing to these energies. Shed your fears, shed your inhibitions…

Yes we make our own destiny but my friend no one can shield you from your KARMA and no karma is not a BITCH!(what a piece of misogynistic meme)! Karma is the ETERNAL FLOW OF CAUSATION. In simple terms, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

My interest here is to help you learn and assimilate these life lessons. Life gives you thesis and antithesis, I will give you SYNTHESIS!

No, no…do not force me to tell you if she is the one, or whether you should start a legal case, but I will tell you whether the planets are supporting that kind of endeavour. You know what I have seen every fucking single time while working on a chart- you cannot escape the nature of the transit. No matter how hard you try. Run as fast as you can, but if the planets above want you to learn something, you have to learn it. And all your lessons are BASED ON YOUR KARMA! Life is mysterious when it imparts a lesson and when you study the sky full of stars, you can know what lessons are on their way.

The “Son” of the immaculate Celestial Virgin (or the undifferentiated cosmic protyle, Matter in its infinitude) is born again on Earth as the Son of the terrestrial Eve — our mother Earth, and becomes Humanity as a total — past, present, and future — for Jehovah or Jod-he-vau-he is androgyne, or both male and female. Above, the Son is the whole Kosmos; below, he is Mankind. The triad or triangle becomes Tetraktis, the Sacred Pythagorean number, the perfect Square, and a 6-faced cube on Earth. The Macroprosopus (the Great Face) is now Microprosopus (the lesser face); or, as the Kabalists have it, the “Ancient of Days,” descending on Adam Kadmon whom he uses as his vehicle to manifest through, gets transformed into Tetragrammaton. It is now in the “Lap of Maya,” the Great Illusion, and between itself and the Reality has the Astral Light, the great Deceiver of man’s limited senses, unless Knowledge through Paramarthasatya comes to the rescue…HPB

The other day, I did a chart for a Pisces Moon, Aquarius Sun and Leo Ascendant!! So this person wanted to know her bad days and good days, whether this guys she likes is the one, whether her dad will leave everything to her brother, yada, yada, yada…What did I do? I hugged her and explained that if I tll her the bad day or whether this guy will cheat on her, then I BECOME A PART OF HER PROBLEM. For I don’t solve anything, but FEED HER FEARS. This can reinforce negativity and make her dependant on such mundane predictions.

But I am a solution, not the problem, which is why I use the PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH to astrology as these are the models that TRANSFORM and CREATE.

So remember, I will NOT FEED YOUR FEARS and go under the blanket when a fearful transit makes an appearance. I will hold your hands and FACE IT WITH YOU. I will let you bring FREE WILL in the dynamics.

Sartre claims that not only is there FREE WILL, but we are CONDEMNED TO IT, which ultimately places all responsibility in his hands not only for his life, but everyone else’s life also.

The choice is yours…will you look up at the sky and know that you are here for a greater purpose and no matter what comes your way, you are ready for it…in fact you will embrace it. You will DANCE to it. Dance to the DIVINE PLAY that is being orchestrated by the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

“Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge.”Lao Tzu


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