I am absolutely okay with the fact that she has decided to take this stance and protest in her own way. Actually what made me want to write this post were all the comments, calling her a lesbian, commenting on her tits and that she is ugly. This is what disappoints me.

This woman is here, DARING TO BARE HER REAL BREASTS IN THE AGE OF BREAST AUGMENTATION and all people can do is call her names.

Look at the men in the scene. How DISGUSTED they are by her as if her breasts are some sort of biological weapon. Didn’t these men suckle?

Abuse, taunting remarks…where is the logical discussion. If a woman feels the need to protest like this, then why are we prepared not to listen? We are okay with fake, sexualised breasts on Victoria Secret’s angels, but we cannot see a real flesh and blood woman appear naked in society.

Kali is also naked, so are the Dakini and most enlightened feminine forms. Why do you feel such reprehension. They are just breasts. You have them too. So why the fuss?







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