Sun in Aquarius

Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be. Khalil Gibran

That is the very essence of SUN IN AQUARIUS. Bringing to light our SENSE OF SELF. I AM. ME-NESS, CORE INDIVIDUALITY.

Aquarius: Fixed Air      Ruler: Saturn

Keywords: Humanity, Idealism, Pragmatism, Community, Liberty, Equality, Science

Do you feel a shift? A shift of energy from mystical Pisces to intellectual Aquarius. The Sun(SELF) enters AQUARIUS(Intellect). Now is the time to use your MIND TO CREATE. Oh we are ENTERING THE ECLIPSE PORTALS!!! DIMENSIONAL VORTEXES!

Depending on which vibration you are tuning into for Mars, you might feel aggressive or you might feel very focused. Saturn is discipline and hard work. This square can create tension.

The moon in Libra is keeping balance.

This astro is giving me a lot of fuel to write. Why don’t you give it a go? Do whatever tickles your fancy. Use your mind.

This astroyoga will bring the collective consciousness back to community.

Higher mojo of Aquarius is PURE HUMANITARIANISM. Philanthropy. Aquarian energy is IMPARTIAL. Maybe COLD, especially in personal relationships. Truth, beauty, freedom- all such higher ideas will appeal to us now. We will seek brilliance.

But the lower frequency mojo may make you extra critical, cold, detached, unmoved, apathetic, unemotional, have a superiority complex, impracticality.

We will all try to make sense of our existence through some community bond. Individuality may be sacrificed due to integration.

My mind is HYPER ACTIVE! In fact I can barely sleep yet I am not completely enervated. The Sun moving in Aquarius does set my mind on fire. How was Sun in Capricorn for you? Did you get all structure and institution stuff sorted out? Legal issues?

Now come out of hibernation. Yes it might be winter still, but a new life will be infused in the cosmic energy field. Think more intellectually, it might work better. Be intuitive of course, but do the Aquarian thing. RESEARCH! Do your homework.

Aquarius is very much into THINKING, even OVER THINKING. The energy of the collective may focus more on the intellectual and less on the emotional. Which may be a good thing. Who knows? I like feelings…

Original thought and original ideas as well as an original person will be in DEMAND. Eccentricity may be rewarded. Be prepared to have off beat, serendipitous conversations with complete strangers in cafes. It is the new normal. In fact initiate that convo. BE FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS. Sun in Aquarius demands you do so.

Dream on baby….and dream RIDICULOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS.



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