Animal Activism as a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE

Do you feel very close to animals? When you see images of hurt animals, do you feel their pain? Will you always answer to an animal in need? No matter what! Do you have companion animals you cherish and love as family? And hope you don’t just buy pedigree animals for social status then keep them chained in your lawns or cages?

See if you are an animal empath, then you cannot FACE ANIMAL CRUELTY. You physically, emotionally, spiritually feel pain. And I don’t mean superficial pain. DEEP HEART-WRENCHING, SOUL CRUSHING PAIN. You will be howling on the floor after you’ve even started documentaries like COWSPIRACY and others. I am one such ANIMAL EMPATH. The minute I make connection to an animals, its like I am locked into her eyes. I can sense her morphological field and FEEL ALL HER EMOTIONS.

You know ANIMALS have brought me CLOSER to my HIGHER TRUTH! Do you believe it? Or are you thinking that I am talking shit? Listen yes I have helped a few animals in my childhood, like regularly feed and pet them, give them blankets,  get them vaccinated…helped an injured crow once too. But essentially I was a selfish brat living in my own la-la land.

Then I met my SPIRIT GUIDE. My first cat- Moof. They say that when you no longer cry for the past and can speak about it without feelings, you have healed. I can proudly say that each memory of tragedy in my past only brings more empathy for that person(me) suffering it. I can see the events unfold and NO I DON’T CRY. I have stopped….many, many years ago. I have healed myself from a truly devastating relationship in my teens and today I feel nothing but empathy for all the people involved, included the person I was involved with. Just catharsis. All of my past is now neatly categorised into files in my mind palace. Hahahaha. Sounds too left brain? Trust me, I’m not. But I have learnt to get things ORGANISED over the years. Too many bloody mistakes. All except that one memory.

Moof’s death. He left me after being with me for only two years and four months. I lost everything that day…16th March, 2011. The hardest day of my life and what followed was torture. I cannot explain this to you. Maybe you think why all this fuss about a cat? But you see, he was not a cat to me. He was my baby. He was my EVERYTHING.

He was the first that opened my HEART CHAKRA and I can never thank him enough for this. After he came into my life, it felt like MAGICK! He activated my compassion like never before and he will always be my baby.

Anyway, this strong activation can happen to you if you let it. If you ask an ANIMAL RESCUER or CAREGIVER if they feel MAGICK every single time they can rescue an animal. When they can treat it and feed it and when finally, the animal is homed…they feel BLISS!!! True bliss.

I have met some very passionate animal rescuers and they have found this meditation, their piece of heaven. For when you rescue and home an animal, you have invited GOD into your life. For what else is that animal in front of you, but a piece of heaven?

You know I am afraid to use the word GOD. I mean whatever you might call it- SPIRIT, VIBE, CONNECTION…The animals are your connection to the Earth! And what better way to become an Earth protector?

ANIMAL RESCUE IS SEVA, it is SPIRITUAL WORK. It is as important as meditation, if not more. According to Vivekananda, SEVA IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIND GOD! So when you throw a stone at the dog, you throw a stone at nature. For when you drive over puppies, you drive over LIFE. No matter how much puja you do. If  you see a hungry animal and don’t feed it, you starve your soul.

I care for twenty animals, so I know how difficult it can be. My friend Sameer in Lonavla has a sanctuary of about a hundred animals and ask him, has he not found life? Has he not found meaning. Yes it is HARD. Animals get sick, they get injured. It is so difficult to watch, but ANIMAL RESCUERS DO IT DAILY.

ANIMAL RESCUERS are TRULY PLUTONIAN- touched by LIFE AND DEATH…BEING FOREVER TRANSFORMED. So will you visit a local shelter and see if you can make a connect? Especially if you are going through tragedy. They are the best healers.

In fact you can even connect to animal spirits through the internet. For instance you can call upon the spirit of the wolf, the eagle, the whale…anything. You can stare at the image of the animal whose energies you seek to channel and concentrate. It works better if you find the attributes you seek and then focus on them, say loyalty(dog), horse(majestic), hummingbird(rebirth)…you get the gist. It works very well for me. And if you look for signs, then see which animal pops up. You might need to invoke that particular ARCHETYPE to address and figure our issues of your own psyche.

If you wish to contribute to Sameer’s sanctuary, please get in touch with me. He even cares for Emus, donkeys, buffaloes…basically any animal that needs to be rescued in Lonavla and around.thumb_big_other_cfbf6f51f48cbfde71163865a8238cf3


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