Full Moon/ Cardinal Cross- 12th Jan,17


Esoteric philosophy explains that four is the symbol of the Universe in its potential state, or chaotic matter, and that it requires Spirit to permeate it actively, i.e., the primordial abstract triangle has to quit its one dimensional quality and spread across that matter, thus forming a manifested basis on the three dimensional space, in order that the Universe should manifest intelligibly. This is achieved by the cube unfolded. Hence the ansated cross as the symbol of man, generation and life. In Egypt ank signified soul, life and blood. It is the ensouled, living man, the Septenary…HPB

Why did I begin with the Cross symbology? Because there is a CARDINAL CROSS happening in the sky with a full moon in Cancer. Emotions, regret, a sense of nostalgia, a confession? There is a sense of guilt with this yoga in the skies. Cancer in the flip side does manage to channel oodles of guilt and shame. But there is a positive way in which you can use this confession energy. Journal or create something.

Meryl Streep says, TURN YOUR BROKEN HEART INTO ART…okay there is no better time than this full moon and cardinal crisis. We have broken hearts, all of us and we can make them art. They don’t have to be wasted, we can find atonement. Through creative expression and artistic passion, we can manage a slice of bliss.

Let’s look at all the celestials orbs who are sending us the major chunk of energy- SUN, MOON, JUPITER, URANUS, SATURN…They are the main players. This January Moon is also known as WOLF MOON by the Native Americans. They said that when the wolves howled outside, this moon arose out of the black sky. Full and magickal…vibrant and illuminating.

Remember that this moon is dipped in emotions and feelings…sometimes annoying, but Cancer energy can be very very volatile. Oh this falls in the constellation of GEMINI. Uhhh!! Yes watery Gemini and Cancer together. What a party!!! It can also bring about a kick in intuition. There are psychic messages out there. You can tap into them. There is a lot of turmoil in the air, so just be careful that nothing escalates.

There was a full moon in Cancer six months ago. Where were you during that time? If you managed to do soul work, abundance will come, in whatever area you might need it. This full moon yoga will also set the tonality for the next twelve months.

AMPLIFIED ENERGY! Crazy full moon vibes…and the cardinal cross!!! POLARITIES EXEMPLIFIED. CHAOS, THEOS, COSMOS!!!

Are we going to feel the oppression under such heightened energies? No I say. Calm down. There are very powerful karmic equations at work, it always is that way with a cardinal cross. You can shift your reality pretty quickly. This Grand Cross energy has been playing around for a while and will linger on for the next few months.

Uranus is speaking to all his buddies and trying to get them up for a revolution. I think they are buying into this new vibe. Let’s see what we can expect there. The eclipse season begins next month and I think a lot of these revolutionary energies will become super amplified and we may see restructuring and recreating in the world.

There are thoughts and ideas, pain and crushed dreams welling up inside and you want to let it out. My suggestion is wait and watch. Go with the flow. BE LIKE WATER. The Universe wants us to find authentic self expression. Just make it one of love.

There is no right and wrong…tragedy occurs when we all think we are right. We may be and right and wrong is actually all about perspectives. But still we must try to vibrate at higher frequencies…THE PATH TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS…Remember this and you will be A ok.

No need to force ideas, opinions on people. No need to insult them with memes on FB or other social media platforms. There is no need to stir up the cauldron of hatred and bigotry. Instead look the moon and ponder what this cardinal cross is trying to tell you. You must keep in mind the wellbeing of sentient creatures and thereby you can draw your own moral compass.

Morality is in good for all. Progress for all. Love and respect.

Saturn, the karma bringer is actually negotiating and calming the others down. Don’t dread Saturn or Shani! Sham Shanischaraya namaha is his mantra and youmay use it to invoke his energies. Anything black works well, so does tourmaline. Shani brings to us fated events(no escape), disease, perverse crap, oppression, calamity, psycho-somatic limitations, abuse, bad luck, pain and death. But there is NOTHING TO FEAR from this. Saturn is as necessary as Jupiter, the benefactor. So don’t oversimplify things like some do.

Think hard….HUMAN NATURE IS INFINITELY MORE COMPLEX. There are no enemies, for we create them. There are no evil people, again we label them. Sometimes so, because we cannot undertsand them! But that is no excuse to HATE and call others EVIL. NO WAY!

Sometimes life will appear ABSURD, RANDOM, BIZARRE.

“I want to leave, to go somewhere where I should be really in my place, where I would fit in… but my place is nowhere; I am unwanted.” says Jean Paul Sartre.

You might feel like this, but remember your soul tribe is somewhere. Find them. No matter how complicated your life is, you have to envisage a better future. For you and the future.

I know this is going to be hard. The intense astroyoga does not support us working like good little ants and getting things done. No you want to probably take a bat to your Boss’ office. Yet engage you must for it is all or nothing.

The Jungian scholar Frieda Fordham explains that “the danger of repressing the shadow is that in the unconscious it seems to acquire strength and grow in vigour, so that when the moment comes…when it must appear, it is more dangerous and more likely to overwhelm the rest of the personality, which otherwise could have acted as a wholesome check. This is particularly true, of those collective aspects of the shadow which are displayed when a mob riots and apparently harmless people behave in the most appallingly savage and destructive manner.”

Uncover that SHADOW SELF. Uncover motifs of the Unconscious. Do not rally for hatred. Do not rally for racism. Open the windows to metaphysical thoughts and make life about JOYOUS CELEBRATION.


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