astroinsight by #astrotina

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. George Bernard Shaw11800374_10154506987778521_200168973410942639_n

Are you having a hard time believing that the year is actually over. 2016, I mean. Hello there, 2017 is on us. Eight days into it actually. This upcoming full moon in Cancer on the 12th will actually bring the dawn of the feeling that a new year is upon us. It will slowly begin to crawl into our consciousness.

The Merc going retro may be one of the reasons…a smell of unfinished business, a whisper of things unsaid, a gasp for sanity. Merc in Cap in going to be refreshing and practical. We need a bit of practical?! Yes, no, nada…This sanity is what we need to return to. Back to life, back to reality. The job, the wife. Maybe the holiday is over.

I have in a way created this life which feels like a perpetual vacation. Yes if you love what you do, time just flies. You forget everything. I have been blessed by so many things I love and cherish, like creativity, spiritual awareness, empathy that I can truly embrace everything that is being played out. I may cry or scream for a moment or two, but I have learnt to let go. LET FUCKING GO…So necessary!

Home. Family. emotions. This full moon try to introspect about these themes. What does home mean to you? A place? A feeling? A person? No reference? Whatever it is, try to understand in greater depth the messages they bring. There is superb psychic energy available to whomsoever wants to tap into it. I have explained in my twinflame post, the kind of dreamy love portals that will be opening. It will be accessible to us.

You know about the asteroid Vesta yes? So sweet sexual Vesta enters Cancer on the 10th and then bam, the full moon shines light on it and then of course the whole Venus, Neptune dance going on…my, my…where are we to go? What are we to do? We’re helpless marionettes to romantic feelings and hormone surges.

Yes even if you are married, even if you are not…these vibes will hit all of us. So you could totally even have a celebrity crush, but I’d suggest, don’t do that. Get the fuck out and have a crush on a real person. Even if its a woman. Have a girl crush. Just bond. Just love. Be attracted, even if it never translates to sex. For there is so much more available in this energy.

The home will be a central theme. I think a lot of you could be doing the hooking up at home. Be safe. Go with the flow…yes, but also be grounded. It might feel like you are flying…but no…

Shouldn’t be too mad though because although Vesta is connected to sexuality, it is not the same like Mars or Pluto, crazy and wild…it is more reasonable. In Cancer, Vesta is good for any project requiring intuition and for focusing on the emotional or feeling side of any situation. SO STAY ALERT TO PSYCHIC MESSAGES FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD.

Now when Merc pushes forward by the 12th, you will be raring to do. Lift off. Wait already. Just hang on. Let the shadow period pass. And try to work out the shadow or unprocessed thoughts. Those thoughts are not necessarily evil or fucked up. They could be radiant light. But you have no access to the, You’re not even in conscious possession of them. So just invite them to make themselves known to you.

Ask them to reveal themselves and they shall do so.

Another interesting yoga this week, the full moon forms a Grand Cross with the powerful Jup-Uranus opposition. Whoa! What a burst of energy. So go out and get a funky hair do, colour, whatever. Get your nails done…although stay away from hardcore toxic shit like gel nailpaints. Figure out something you like that is not YOU. Try it and you won’t be disappointed. You can even delve into astrology or tarot.

The Full Moon this week forms a Grand Cross with the powerful Jupiter-Uranus opposition, which is still active in the sky. Be bold, be brave and believe in yourself this week. What was once only fanciful can now be realised.

You have infinite potential…so don’t stay LIMITED…by anything. This is your party, go hit the dance floor. If your party had not started as in you are unable to break out of destructive patterns and habits, then it is time for you to realise that the cosmos is conspiring to send them energy. As the Sun aligns with Pluto and Mercury turns direct, the astro is bringing you the insight, determination, focus and willpower you need to get the party started!

Let’s all put energy into creating a balanced, sustainable, kind world…

I wish you all the very best for this year and always. Thank you for being with me…I value you..


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