Thoughts on existence

No longer can I believe in everything,

Only maybe trust the blackness of night.

But what if that blackness were to be obliterated by light.

All of a sudden…

What if the darkness ceases to exist at all and becomes the light?

Or does the light become darkness now that it merged with it?

Did the darkness bathe in the seven colour hue?

Did the light assume an impenetrable thickness to obscure itself?

There is a separation within this light and dark is there not?

How then can dark and light mix?

How can the proton, neutron and electron make matter?

After ages those memories come floating back.

Of the darkness in my mother’s womb.

There was no light.

It was night, always dark, black night.

Yet there was a light of the Cosmic Soul.

Burning through me and illuminating the darkness.

This light is Fohat or the first born.

This light is the reason shadow exists.

This is the light of our hearts.

This is the true human expression.15727053_1520683897961079_732060535739281783_n


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