No regret

I don’t regret having loved for loving was all I could have done.

I don’t regret not killing myself at times for living was all I could have done.

There is hope, there is pain.

There is loss, not much gain.

Unless you look at the spirit world.

Unless you try to seek occult pearls.

There is no way you will see

That life and death will always be.

Like light and darkness,

Pain and pleasure.

Like sanity and insanity I confess.

I am lost looking for spiritual leisure.

For when all thought is suspended.

Can I find the diamond.

When my intellectual mind has surrendered.

To a more intuitive feedback loop.

When worlds of dreams collide,

When there is nothing else to hide.

You know you are the causation.

The cause and the effect.

The doer and the watcher- attention!

I am aware.

Guided by the actions

of my own self.15541587_1497933810236088_6207114547302263714_n

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