Mindless Employement

Russell, writes philosopher Gary Gutting, argued “that immense harm is caused by the belief that work is virtuous.” Harm to our intellects, bodies, creativity, scientific curiosity, environment. Watts also suggests that our fixation on jobs is a relic of a pre-technological age. The whole purpose of machinery, after all, he says, is to make drudgery unnecessary.

I could not agree more with Russell on this. Having to wake up in the morning. Stuff your coffee down your throat, get to the loo, shit, shower and whatever…hurry all of those processes up, which is why piles and fishchulas appear.

They are physical wounds of the spiritual harm we are doing to ourselves but AIMLESSLY RUSHING NOWHERE.

Do you seriously fucking think that we are here on this gorgeousity of a planet to just eat, shit, pay our bills and taxes?? And of course SHOPPING…Good old retail therapy.

Yuck! Ok. We are not here for this shit.

This idea of working or being useful at the detriment of your psycho-spiritual development is not a good idea.

It will slap you so hard one day. It will catch you unaware.

Now with Uranus going direct and the yummy feeling of Venus and her gang in Pisces is making me feel open enough to discuss this with you.

You can say, but it always creates more jobs, there’ll always be more jobs. Yes, but lots of them will be futile jobs. They will be jobs making every kind of frippery and unnecessary contraption, and one will also at the same time beguile the public into feeling that they need and want these completely unnecessary things that aren’t even beautiful….ALAN WATTS

We have to move and we have to grow. Mindless employment just to pay bills and survive has got to be eradicated. We need a basic income for all. So we have the time and the headspace to create. Whatever the fuck we want to create.

I would suggest, go slow on the babies though…

One only is what Earth can handle. Actually no. Even one child for every couple will be too much- bi, lesbian, hetero…blah, blah…all types. And honestly, it is perfectly normal not to want kids. It’s absolutely A OK.

Instead adopt an animal or develop an interest. The fifth house is all your creativity, including children. Tada…who is sitting in your fifth house?

Why are you so scared of the machines? We are entering a technological, technocratic era…so accept it. Stop fearing it. These energies are making you work against URANUS.

Uranus is pretty nuts, the revolutionary. The fucking Che-Guevara of the planets. Hahaha.

How can you stop being fearful? Learn those goddamn things. Simple. Yes?

Now why were these computers created? To take humanity to the next level…how? By killing DRUDGERY off. By taking useless 9 to 5 off the table. Let us get the basics and then we can create. As an individual, as a society.

We need to create a new world. Desperately. We need to end hate, bigotry, racism…we need every animal, plant, bird, fish and other sentient beings to be safe and protected. Like water. We want clean, safe water. For all of us, for all of humanity. For our children.

You know my old saying, “Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colors.”.. Charles Bukowski

What are we but wage slaves? What life do we really have? We work the whole day and by the time we come home, we’ve missed so much of our child’s life.

We barely get to spend any quality time with our parents. We never help out because we don’t have the time to. Seriously. We are basically just DRONES. Running around, doing our useless 9 to 5 to earn profits for some unscrupulous corporation? Where is all this karma going?

In your physical body, in your mental body and in your spiritual body and the harm is irreparable. What can we do? How can we break away from this mundane loop?

Looks like the answers are coming…in the age of Aquarius we move on to a resource based community that thrives on respect, love and cooperation.


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