Astro insights by #astrotina






Be still
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity”
― Lao Tzu

There is a certain stillness in the air. I don’t even know if such a word can even be used for this city.

The beautiful sunset on Marine Drive, the flocks of pigeons defecating on cars and heads at Chowpatty where the sea vomits up the garbage you try to feed her, decaying and rotting corpses of the dwindling population of Parsees in the Tower of Silence in Malabar Hills, flesh eating birds consuming the carcass and the elements reclaiming it, ah, the unsurpassable human condition in all its flawed beauty; ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the most literal example, the city of Bombay. It’s one of my favourites actually, such treacherous beauty, such soul-devouring minds, humans in glass cases, ready to be broken into smithereens, then super-glued back, bindaas Bombay! Everywhere sweaty armpits, pokey elbows, spit, boss-boss and chutiya.

Did I describe Bombay or Mumbai to you correctly?

I think this Venus yoga with the South node is making me write out all this descriptive prose. Really reaching out to people, breaking conventional patterns, rethinking oneself…all this energy manifests from this yoga.

Down below it is making me recite poetry. As I sip coffee, I remember that when I woke up today morning, there was a certain chill in the air. Shockingly I got onto Youtube staring at Bergman’s death playing chess. I can never ever get enough of the Seventh Seal.

So then I was thrust into facing life and death on screen. Pluto and Sun dancing away in the heavens and a stupid human animatedly watched death play chess. How Universal themes play out in smaller micro scales. The macro and the micro.

Intensity that could cut through a knife prevails in the air. Vibe of purging, extreme cathartic orgasms and powerful chemistry sizzles in the air.

Pluto in Greek mythology is Hades who was regarded as the oldest son of Cronus and Rhea.  He had three sisters, DemeterHestia, and Hera, as well as two brothers, Zeus, the youngest of the three, and Poseidon. Hades obtained his wife and queen, Persephone, through abduction at the behest of Zeus. Rings a bell? Sita abducted by Ravana. Here Hades plays the archetype of Ravana here. Myths have such shocking similarities that its really mind numbingly dumb how human kill and fight about differences.

Pluto like Hades is not evil. He is transformation. He is THE DEATH card in tarot. Sometimes also the JUDGEMENT card. Let’s not forget who Pluto rules. Sexy Scorpio. Yes all stuff occult, all stuff sexual…the UNCONSCIOUS.

Now remember there is sabotage, destruction, manipulation and pure evil if you mishandle these energies. Listen to that voice of silence and you will hear the answers. Masters are guiding humanity They are there with us…walking and silently holding our hands. TRANSFORMATION is in your hands and use this energy to break the cocoon once and for all. Become that butterfly. Yes there will be DEATH involved, but there will also be REBIRTH. Reeks of the TOWER.

Venus, sexy and gorgeous yin Venus makes everything luminescent. Soft. Silken. Tender. Ah yes…these energies are available in abundance. Bask in them. My intuition tells me that the strongest motif here is RELEASE…RELEASE. RELEASE…Can I write it enough.


8TH MERCURY STATIONS DIRECT. Uranus is also DIRECT. I think this whole comingling will lift the veil. These energies will shed light on hidden things. Political. Social. Sexual. Scandals.

But you know what I sense the most- CREATIVITY!!!

I have immersed myself in writing in spite of shit loads of work. Look at how much I’ve been posting. A new tomorrow is here. NOW. RIGHT NOW.

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