Twinflame stuff

Special twin flame portal opening on the 12th of Jan Full moon in 14 degrees of Cancer.

Venus and Neptune in a harmonious aspect. Venus remains a stunning object that dominates the early evening western sky throughout the month. The brightest of all planets begins January in Aquarius at mag. -4.4. By the month’s end it has moved into Pisces and increased in brightness to a near maximum of mag. -4.7. It still sets over 3 hours after the Sun from mid-latitude northern locations, although considerably less for those located further south.

On January 2nd, the thin waxing crescent Moon passes 2 degrees north of Venus and does so again on the last day of the month but this time with a separation of 4 degrees. On January 12th, Venus reaches greatest elongation east when it’s situated 47 degrees from the Sun. The following day the brilliant planet passes 0.4 degrees north of Neptune (mag. +8.0). The difference in brightness between the two objects is extreme with Venus over 100,000 times brighter than Neptune!

Venus is all about love, money, beauty.

Venus and Neptune dancing away to glory.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. So this day you can get engaged or married and if you find someone, he or she will be the stuff legends are made of.

On the flip side, you might get obsessed with someone online and think that person is it. But maybe not. Or you may have met someone and things get so hot and horny that you decide that you are getting married. There might be a rude wakeup call coming along.

You can have a really special love story. You can meet your TWINFLAME!

So ready for this?

Oh, oh! Mercury saunters into Capricorn in direct motion that very day and fuck, does that bring clarity to this soulmate, twinflame stuff!!!

And a very HAPPY FULL MOON…chartwheel-1-php-html_orig


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