I am that woman

I am that woman you strung up and stoned to death!

I am that woman you beat up black and blue.

I am the commodity you traded in!

I am the menstrual blood of the virgin!

I am the Goddess Kali in full bloom.

I am the beggar girl, no food, clothes or home.

I am sometimes bartered as the wife or the mother,

I am also exchanged as a sister with a dowry.

I am burnt in the fire of your gas,

I am abused and raped by my father when he drinks.

I am the woman on the billboard,

I am the naked porno star and also a WHORE,

I am the mother and the slut,

I am the dirty beggar in my hut.

I am a child bride’s stifled scream,

I am an unwanted mother’s pain and shame.

I am the Devi Durga slaying Mahisasura.

I am Panchali too, in the courtroom being called a slut with five husbands.

I am Hecate, Diana and Innana,

I am a rag picker, tired and dirty on the road.

I am ONE. I am ALL.

I am a woman…a woman, the woman…14729183_1131722546881297_6928179524365019344_n


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